Squash fingers

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Squash fingers


Young zucchini 1 PC.
Raw egg white 1 PC.
Corn flour 2 tbsp. l.
Grated cheese 50 g
Salt pepper taste

Cooking method

  • Cut the washed and peeled zucchini into long thin cubes. If it is watery, pat dry with a paper towel. Beat the protein with salt and pepper until firm. Mix finely grated cheese with corn flour. Alternately dip the zucchini slices into the protein, roll in the flour and cheese mixture, put them on a baking sheet and place in an oven preheated to 180 degrees for about half an hour. A light, healthy and tasty snack ready to eat!
  • Squash fingers

Larissa, Thank you! Just in time, the zucchini are lying, and all of them are already tired, I went to do it.
How lucky, Natasha!
Larissa, well, you will not have time, for you ... !!!
Class, what wonderful fingers! There is one zucchini, you need to do it.
I've been looking at this recipe for a long time. Now I will definitely cook. Larisa, thank you)
With your light hand, dear, I just cooked zucchini in corn flour, but not with my fingers, but in circles. And no cheese. And the whole egg. That is a completely different dish. BUT!!! In corn flour. Here.
Now I'll try this option as well, since there are free zucchini.
Thank you girls, dear, for your attention! Angela, I can already imagine what beauty you can cook, but I think you still looked at a different recipe for a long time. There are many similar ones in batter and breadcrumbs, but I have never met such a one anywhere.
Quote: dopleta
have looked at a different recipe for a long time. There are many similar ones in batter and breadcrumbs, but I have never met such a one anywhere.
Maybe. Many different, do you remember everything? There was a similar one, but not with protein, but completely egg and breading with spices. But it doesn't matter. Any option will be delicious)
Delicious again, thank you very much. I drag it to bookmarks.
It will be delicious! Thank you!
Lorik, what a delight!
And for me the most important thing is that it’s not in the pan, but in the oven!
Thank you, took it!
Ksyusha, I like that too. Due to the splendor of the protein - it seems like in batter, but fat - and not!
Lorik, the recipe is perfect, tomorrow morning I'm running for zucchini! Thank you dear!
Quote: dopleta
I like it
Larochka, sorry for the zucchini lover left, but I'll throw off the recipe for him. Maybe you can do it in a cartoon. Dragged away to bookmarks 🔗
And I have already cooked and ate ...
Because it's indecent Fancy and simple!
Thanks for the taste !!!

Squash fingers
Larissa, I liked it very much! I want to act as the heat subsides a little. Although it can only turn out to shave without heating the entire cabinet. Zucchini and aldente will be rolled.
Flour like polenta or fine flour?
Ay yeah Trishechka, oh, well done! Thank you, sun, for the beauty!
Nata, I have fine flour. Crunchy while hot. After lying down, of course, moisture is squeezed out. But if you wish, you can dry it up to crackers.
Thank you! I'll try in ground flakes instead of flour
* Anyuta *
Well, how many times I come across this recipe, so every time I read "crab fingers" ..
Lorik, thanks for the recipe, I will definitely try to implement it in the near future .. intelligence reported that a couple of zucchini are on the way on the garden bed ... .. it can be seen that they are ripening specially for this recipe ...
Oh, Anechka, from our own it will be much tastier! Listen, but it's right - to cut a little longer, and outwardly it looks a little like crab phalanxes!
This is what I entered successfully! I love zucchini very much. And in this design they are 100% tasty, tasty. I will definitely do it. Larochka, I never cease to be amazed at your recipes. And simple, and fast, and tasty, and beautiful! As always with you! I took it to the bookmarks.
dopleta, thanks for the wonderful and simple recipe!
To your health, Ira!

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