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A question for the real owners.
When I checked all the modes after the purchase, I found the following feature on my copy. When the fermentation temperature is set below 30 degrees, the stove does not maintain the temperature at all (the heating element does not turn on). Starting at 30, the stove starts to maintain the temperature, but the real temperature of the air in the container is lower by 5 degrees. The higher you set the temperature, the less the difference.
Nobody has encountered this?
How to make the stove maintain the temperature starting at 20 degrees?

Thank you.
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I have empirically come to a temperature of 32C. Why do you need 20? Just interested. I understand that the ambient temperature should be 15 degrees.
Quote: Omela
I have empirically come to a temperature of 32C. Why do you need 20?

1. The instructions say that it should support from 20, so it should.
2. A couple of weeks ago, my room temperature just ranged from 16 to 18. It was relevant. I love a long dough, about 10 hours. I need a temperature within 21-23.
Write your question on Sana's office site, you will be answered. I spoke with their representative.

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