Fish croquettes

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Fish croquettes


fish 500 g
potatoes 300 g
yolk 1 PC.
onion 1 PC.
salt, seasoning taste
dill and parsley taste
breadcrumbs 50g
butter 1 tsp
vegetable oil for frying 100-150 g

Cooking method

  • Boil fish and potatoes until tender, fry the onion in butter, cool and mince with a fine wire rack.
  • Fish croquettes
  • Knead the minced meat well, add the yolk, salt, seasoning and finely chopped herbs (I didn't have any greens).
  • Fish croquettes
  • Form small croquetted balls and refrigerate for 10-15 minutes.
  • Fish croquettes
  • Dip each croquette in bread crumbs. I have dry bread crumbs shorter than a loaf and wheat bran.
  • Fish croquettes
  • Fry croquettes in hot vegetable oil in a deep frying pan or deep fryer. Oil took half sunflower half grape. Fried in a deep frying pan with a narrow bottom, so the oil is deeper.
  • Fish croquettes
  • The recipe is taken from the book "Russian Cuisine" by Oksana Uzun.

The dish is designed for

4 servings (20 pcs.)

Time for preparing:

50-70 minutes

Cooking program:

meat grinder, deep frying pan, stove


Leafing through the book "Russian Cuisine" with friends, I liked the recipe for its simplicity and decided to cook it. I myself and my family liked this dish, so I decided to share it with you. I have a hake fish, I boiled it (it can be steamed) and took off the skin, it seemed to me that minced meat with gray specks would not look very beautiful. I boiled the potatoes like on mashed potatoes (the book does not say how to cook it, just boiled). In the original recipe from the seasoning, only herbs are not even salt, maybe the author missed it, or maybe it should be, but I'm not a fan of unleavened food, so I added fried onions in butter for flavor. The result is delicious. I liked to eat with pickled ginger, my son and husband dipped in soy sauce.
I will be glad if you like this simple recipe and come in handy for diversifying your menu.

Took away ...
Irishk @
Tatyan, I know that this is very tasty, although I did not eat it. Fish and potatoes - dumb !!!! My mother once made cutlets from small fish, so it would be easier to remove the meat from her for minced meat, she always boiled the fish, and then she took off the meat and twisted the minced meat, so they were a hundred times tastier than fresh fish, completely different taste , and then there's my favorite potato! I take it to bookmarks and do it !!!! Thanks for the wonderful recipe !!!
Helen3097, Elena,Irishk @, Irina, thanks for stopping by, mine gave me the go-ahead to cook this recipe, it turns out deliciously, I think you will like it too.
Tatyana, looks very appetizing! Can any fish be available or is some still more suitable?
V-tina, Tina, in the original recipe, just boiled fish, I think that any, I had a hake at home and cooked it with it.
Tatyana, yeah, I realized, you need to try to cook somehow
Shyrshunchik, Tan, what tender!
Tina, cooks very quickly, while the fish is boiling, then the potatoes have time to boil, and then they are fried for beauty and taste. I read that the hake needs to be boiled for 30 minutes until tender.

Added Thursday, April 21, 2016 9:37 PM

Sonadora, Manya, try it, it turns out very tasty, though I didn't have greens which is recommended for the recipe, but it turned out so well.
Tanyush, how delicious it should be! Salad or sauce is still there. Yum!
Tatyana, an interesting recipe 🔗 So far, bookmark.
Delicate, straight to glow)
ang-kay, Albina, please, girls are lovely, thanks for looking at the recipe, the croquettes are delicious. Angela, I thought the same about the sauce, but there was no time, in the tabs there is a sauce "Hazelnut sauce for spaghetti" I have already tried it, I think that it will be delicious with croquettes. And so they ate mine with soy sauce.
TatyanaThank you very much for the recipe, I cooked it today, make it quickly, it tastes - judging by how quickly the batch of croquettes disappeared - very tasty
Katerina, thanks for trying to cook. I'm glad I liked the croquettes.

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