Oat-banana pancakes with cottage cheese

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Oat-banana pancakes, with cottage cheese


Oat flour 120-150 grams
Ripe banana 1 PC.
Cottage cheese 150 grams
Fresh eggs 2 pcs.
Coconut milk 100 ml. (can be replaced with cow, almond, rice, oatmeal)
White sugar 3-4 tsp taste
Salt taste
Baking powder 1 tsp
Vegetable oil for frying pancakes

Cooking method

  • I used my own cottage cheese, homemade

  • Homemade cottage cheese (multicooker Redmond RMC-01 + oven) (Admin)

    Oat-banana pancakes, with cottage cheese
  • Put in a bowl flour, banana, salt, sugar, eggs, milk, cottage cheese, and beat with a blender until smooth, with the consistency of “pancakes, thick sour cream).
  • I didn't just put a banana in the dough. Oatmeal is gluten-free, and as a binder, fresh banana was added, which will give the pancakes softness and viscosity to the dough.
  • Curd will also give the dough a viscosity and creamy taste.
  • Advice: it is better to make the dough with oatmeal thicker, there is no gluten in it and therefore there is no connecting link, the pancakes will turn over badly when frying, and blur.
  • Oat-banana pancakes, with cottage cheese Oat-banana pancakes, with cottage cheese Oat-banana pancakes, with cottage cheese
  • Beat the dough until smooth with a BAMIKS-200 mixer, literally 10-15 seconds, and beat the dough until foamy and airy.
  • Oat-banana pancakes, with cottage cheese Oat-banana pancakes, with cottage cheese
  • We put to heat a frying pan with oil. You don't need a lot of vegetable oil, just enough for frying pancakes.
  • Before frying, pour 1 tsp into the dough. baking powder, mix until smooth. The dough is now ready for baking pancakes.
  • We spread art. spoon the dough into a hot pan, wait for the dough to "bubble", cover with holes on the surface, and turn the pancakes over to the other side. I turn the pancakes with a thin spatula (so that it crawls freely under the dough), and an ordinary fork, helping the pancake not to fall off the shoulder blade, not to break.
  • Advice: I recommend baking pancakes for not very hot skillet, the oatmeal "tans" very strongly when frying, the pancakes turn brown. And put the dough in the pan in the amount of 1 tbsp. spoons, I do not recommend it anymore - the pancakes will turn over badly and break, the dough is still gluten-free)))
  • Oat-banana pancakes, with cottage cheese Oat-banana pancakes, with cottage cheese
  • Put the finished pancakes on a plate.
  • Serve hot, with sour cream, with jam, and for a butter week with caviar!
  • Oat-banana pancakes, with cottage cheese
  • Oat-banana pancakes, with cottage cheese

The dish is designed for

2-3 servings

Time for preparing:

30 minutes

Cooking program:



Delicious pancakes! Delicate, creamy, not greasy!
Unlike wheat, after eating pancakes, no heaviness is felt.
I recommend to cook for everyone who is interested in healthy eating (and not only them), or those who cannot stand the "delights" of wheat flour-gluten
If necessary, you can replace the curd from cow's milk, bean curd, or from almond and other milk.
The recipe is taken from the site of D. Oliver.
Bon appetit, everyone!

Especially good for making "quick bread" like tortillas and biscuits. It makes baked goods more crumbly, albeit damp. However, oats have a small percentage of starch and have an excess of fat. Oats are perfectly processed into oatmeal, and then into flour and can serve as a substitute for wheat flour, but remember that the content of oatmeal should not exceed one third of the total flour. To make such flour on your own, it is enough to grind oatmeal in a blender. It takes 1 1/4 cups of cereal to make 1 cup flour. Due to the low gluten content for baking, oat flour must be mixed with wheat flour.
Oats have easily digestible carbohydrates and help the body produce a hormone called serotonin, which is responsible for positive emotions.
it Pancake week goes, damn it and honey.
Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes, like wheels in spring.
Ride on the mountains, roll in pancakes.
Damn not a wedge, the belly will not split.

On Shrovetide it was impossible to swear and eat meat. In the church calendar, this week was called meat-eating. The main, even respected "sin" on Shrovetide is gluttony. Since Shrovetide is a celebration of gluttony.

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Oat-banana pancakes, with cottage cheese

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Oat-banana pancakes, with cottage cheese

Admin, delicious pancakes: rose: I will definitely cook it. Thank you, happy holiday
And I'll prepare it like I'll buy bananas ...
Happy Holidays !!!


WITH OIL YOU - bake pancakes and overeat for health, sin

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