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Sterlet 1 piece (about 1300 g)
The juice 1 lemon
Dry white wine 1 \ 2 st
Dried parsley 1 tbsp. l.
Salt taste
Freshly ground black pepper taste
Vegetable oil
Parsley, cherry tomatoes, lemon for serving

Cooking method

  • The sterlet historically bears the title of "royal fish", which is understandable: Russian monarchs invited her to them with pleasure! Ivan the Terrible demanded daily deliveries of sterlet to the table, for Peter the Great, so as not to depend on transport logistics of the 18th century model, sterlet was specially bred in Peterhof, and the modern menus of official Russian lunches and dinners given for the first persons of foreign states were awarded the proud lines “Sterlet Imperial in champagne sauce ”and“ Sterlet roll stuffed with crayfish tails ”.
  • The streak itself is self-sufficient. When cooking the main thing is not to "hammer" the taste of the fish itself. Therefore, I will use a minimum of spices. Therefore, the recipe is very simple, although there are three difficult points.
  • So let's get started ...
  • Scrape the sterlet well with a knife, removing black mucus. This is the first difficult moment. Because the fish constantly slips out of the hands.)))
  • Remove gills, entrails. Rinse well.
  • Fold the foil in half. If the size is not enough, fasten the two sheets together, twisting the ends well. This is the second tricky part of this recipe. If the foil is not tightly sealed, juice will leak out during cooking. And we really need it.) Grease the foil with oil.
  • Mix parsley, salt and pepper in a plate.
  • Place fish on prepared foil. Pour lemon juice on top and inside. Grate (top and inside) with the spice mixture. Pour out the wine, fix the foil.
  • Bake the fish in an oven preheated to 200C for about 10 minutes. Then carefully open the foil, reduce the temperature to 180C and brown the fish for another 20 minutes.
  • Putting the fish on the dish is the third unpleasant moment, because the fish tends to fall off. During the transplant, I even shook my nose!) It is convenient to shift with the help of two shoulder blades. Pour the released juice over the fish, add lemon and tomatoes.
  • It's just unbecoming tasty !!!!
  • Sterlet

Quote: Omela
It's just unbecoming tasty !!!!

It is simply unseemly to have and cook such fish
Mistletoe, happy New Year!
Choi, then ... once a year you can!

Galina, similarly! Best wishes!
Oh, the fish of my childhood, how delicious it is !!!!
Very well done !!
Quote: Lerele
Eh, the fish of my childhood,
Lerele, Thank you! You’re not the first to say this, but as a child I didn’t manage to eat. ... to be honest, I cooked for the first time.
Ksyusha, did you take out the vizigu? but I read that this is an obligatory moment, otherwise the fish cracks during heat treatment.
I studied the theory, but I never got ready to cook it, I didn't buy something ...
and you are clever, you have prepared such a magnificent dish!
really the old one? or a new one?
Irina Dolars
This is a fish! The dish is served royally!
Eh ... some are lucky

Tatyana, Thank you! I cooked on NG.

Quote: ok
and took out the vizig?
No, I didn't. I have a small baking sheet, therefore, I laid out the fish in this bent position, nothing was twisted.

Quote: Irina Dolars
Eh ... some are lucky
Irina, every whim for your money. I bought it in Auchan, a week before NG it cost 550 rubles / kg. But in two days already 700 rubles.
Quote: Omela
a week before NG cost 550 rubles
and how did you store it?
So the fact of the matter is that I didn't buy ... I bought it before NG.
do not cry, but fresh, tasteful !!!
By the way, yes, the gills were red.
A truly royal dish! (swallowed saliva, as in "Ivan Vasilievich" when looking at eggplant caviar))))

I will definitely prepare for a worthy occasion!
lemusik, I too have now rewrote myself the recipe for worthy cases.
girls, this sounds like a toast, especially on the eve of the CIS!
let there be joyful occasions in our life and the opportunity to set a luxurious table, there will be people with whom and for whom we will do it !!!
Quote: ok
let there be joyful occasions in our life and the opportunity to set a luxurious table, there will be people with whom and for whom we will do it !!!

Ksyusha, I love this movie!
Quote: Omela
It's just unbecoming tasty !!!!
Uh-huh, simple. And the fact that it is indecently tasty, I do not even doubt It is sooo tasty! And so beautiful!
Come at least a tail, sniff
Yeah, Tan. Today the news showed that a performance was staged in China, the director was ordered from Russia by a specialist ... such funny ... types are not at all in the box office, in my opinion.

Quote: vernisag
Come at least a tail, sniff
Take our word for it! Itself would have sniffed !!
Amazing! At eleven o'clock in the morning, I salivate! Unfortunately, we do not have such a fish or there is frozen somewhere
The recipe is gorgeous! I'd love to try it!
Girls, most of you have such an opportunity - don't miss it!
prona, Natasha, thank you and don't cry, you have a lot of other good fish!
shl. there was no time to photograph the incision ... as if salivating !!

Omela, and you also breed it?
Great recipe. Dragged away. In December, TV Perekrestok had shares on it, looking for a new recipe for a thread.
And now, at the request of the viewers, maybe you will show a master class on twisting-rolling foil ?!
Quote: Omela
I bought in Auchan
I just wanted to ask a question, where is this fishing? And you, it turns out, bought ... Okay, do not eat - so at least look at this king-fish. Thank you, Ksyusha!
So sterlet is now cheaper than salmon, in my opinion. I also buy it from time to time for holiday cooking, but I just bake it in pieces in AF.
Well .... maybe according to this recipe mine will eat Sterlet .... I don't know how to cook it anymore ... I did everything ... they eat it badly (stuck), maybe it will go with wine !!! .. ..
Omela, thanks for the recipe !!!
For me, the most unpleasant thing about sterlet is to get rid of the piercing-cutting bugs-dorsal growths, since it does not seem convenient to me to serve with them. And there is also a rule that it is imperative to remove the vizig, although although there are no cases, in the old days it was believed that you can fatally poison yourself with sterlet meat baked together with viziga. You can remove the bugs by pouring boiling water over the fish, but do not overdo it, otherwise the skin can peel off, and the dorsal ones can only be with a knife.

I usually just bake without wrapping in foil, but try with steam. And we usually have it as a cold appetizer, for me it tastes better cold.
Omela, your beauty fish!
That's what it means - sterlet in Auchan for 550 rubles, everyone cooks it for the holidays!
I also cooked, for the first time in my life, with a spanchet in front of my nose - I learned to cut it correctly. Tricky fishing ...
And I was so sorry to throw my head out !!! I think that next time I will bake a sterlet without a head, tail and tail. And these jewels - in the soup ... The ear will turn out to be noble, and nothing will be lost.

PySy. What is the difference between sterlet and sturgeon? In Ashan there was both, with a difference of several rubles in price. And outwardly - one and the same ...
Sturgeon and sterlet belong to the sturgeon family, but sterlet is a separate species, and sturgeon is a genus of fish of this family. In general terms, they are quite similar. But there are also many differences between them. Among sturgeons, sterlet is distinguished by the smallest size (on average 60 cm and 6 kg). Record holders among other sturgeon can reach up to 6 m and 100 kg.

The sterlet is recognizable by its narrow head and long pointed nose and the fringe of the antennae. The sturgeon is larger, more massive, with a large head and a slightly elongated nose.

Sturgeons have a distinctive feature - bone shields (bugs) located on the back and on the sides. Sterlet has ten more lateral beetles than sturgeon (about 70), and spines emerge from dorsal beetles. In sturgeon, the dorsal beetles are large, radially striated, and in the pectoral fin there is a strong bony ray.

Usually, the sterlet leads a sedentary way of life in the rivers, but the sturgeon goes into the sea before spawning.

Sterlet meat is very tasty and tender, its fat content reaches 30%, and sturgeon is rather dry, its fat content is only 15%. Therefore sterlet is suitable for all fish dishes.
Omelawhat a royal fish! Sumptuously! Bravo!
Ksyusha! : rose: Delicious! (y) The fish is just super! And very beautiful!
I also cook it so often, only, I pre-cut it to the ridge, indicating portions, so that it is easier to cut it into portions later. And I agree with Irina, in a cold form it is also even tastier for us. You can boil it and part in the ear, part in the refrigerator as a cut. We often sell it at the intersection at normal prices, so today I bought it at a price of 367 rubles per kg. (carp costs 249 rubles, chilled pike 190 rubles)
Happy New Year!
Abaldet fish! I wanted Mistletoe, of course, to bite you for bourgeois and extravagance, but changed my mind, estimated yours, appreciating ours and received a mycardic infarction ooootak scar Even if at New Year's prices, not to mention
Quote: Jouravl
We often sell it at the intersection at normal prices, so today I bought it at a price of 367 rubles per kg. (carp costs 249 rubles, chilled pike 190 rubles)
In terms of ours, a little more than a hundred per kilo. We have frozen type red for almost 500
Wow, how many shooting fans have gathered! Girls, thank you all! Happy Holidays everyone! Before cooking, I searched the Internet. Information about poisoning did not come across. You can scald with boiling water for better cleaning.

To hold the foil together, you need to fold two sheets and wrap them several times, forming a roller. Then the juice released from under the fish + lemon + wine will not flow out. And it is very tasty to dip fish into the resulting sauce. By the way, my juice was partially poured out. because I just put one sheet on top of another and did not creak.
(y) how delicious! Usually I bake it, smearing it lightly with sour cream, it also turns out mentally. I remove the Vizig from sin. I have not finally decided whether it is harmful or not harmful. Although pies with vizigoy are Russian folk classics.
Oksana, I will definitely try your recipe. We love this fish very much :)
Anna, Thank you! Try it for a change.
Luxurious fish! Thanks for the recipe! I will look for a fresh one!
Olya, Girls say that they often have shares on her, and now I will also pay attention.

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