Potatoes baked in a pan, whole, in their uniform

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Potatoes baked in a pan, whole, in their uniform


salt pepper
frying pan oil

Cooking method

  • It all started with young potato trivia, of which there are quite a few in the fall.
  • You need a thick-bottomed frying pan with not low sides. I pick up the potatoes of the same size. Mine, I don't clean it, as the peel is washed off, so it is washed off. I don’t cut it.
  • Pour vegetable oil into the pan with a thin layer.
  • I put the potatoes tightly, closely, until the whole pan is full.
  • Under a lid, preferably heavy, over a low fire, fry and simmer for 20 minutes, then turn over all the potatoes, salt and pepper on top and another 10 minutes, it already depends on the size of the potatoes. The potato turns out to be fried from the bottom and top and is so tasty on the inside that you can persuade the potato pan and not notice. Especially if the potatoes are of a crumbly, perfumed variety.
  • When all the small potatoes were over, they went on an increase. The larger the potatoes, the longer the cooking time. Up to 40 minutes before the coup.
  • So even very large potatoes were fried. If the native lid did not close, although with a dome, it covered with a cauldron, the diameters coincide.
  • The method is good for a gas stove, when you can turn down the light, or an electric stove with t control of the burners.
  • The potatoes are delicious and hot and cold. But hot is still tastier. And nothing is needed to her. Here are just potatoes.


I didn't peel the autumn potatoes. And so, of course, a thick peel is useless. All the relish in this way is the potatoes are not cut, all in themselves. Preparing it for cooking is minimal. The cooking process goes by itself. It turns out a whole frying pan of delicious potatoes.

In a pizza maker, it is unlikely to bake like that - t high. In a slow cooker, you can go to * high * even without a coup.

Ilmirushka Photos

Irishk @
Once I was treated to such potatoes, only peeled, just fly away. It should be repeated. Very tasty.
Irishk @, one minus in such a potato is that you don't eat a little of it Yes, potatoes are loose if
If anyone does not have pizza ovens and pizza makers - we didn’t have them before, but we cooked sweets, be healthy! what all sorts, there would be thick pans and a cauldron, we will not build a high temperature.
Irina, the potatoes are delicious, it is a pity that now there is no such small-autumn, so as not to peel. And then when you collect it, you so want to pile something tasty out of it.Thanks for the recipe, I would still have a photo, so that drool will flow
Winter potatoes are also good in their own way - they are already fully ripe, starched, such a solid lady has become. And to undress this lady neatly, she will be grateful to the very lid of the frying pan

And from a small only harvested potato, it is very tasty quick soup - not fatty beef broth, even without meat, such unpeeled, well-washed small potatoes, not chopped, but cook, sprinkle with fresh onion and garlic, and sprinkle with allspice, and with croutons or flat bread - Muschinsky soup, potato peel helps, they say, and
Fine, fine ... just there is a double frying pan - thick and you can turn it back and forth without opening ... thank you very much ...
My aunt makes such potatoes all the time. Delicious. But, my aunt is blind (she had the flu at 35 and went blind), disabled and I thought it was purely her notion, well, you don't need to clean, but the bigger one, she cleans half or all, if not huge. And just in a skillet under a heavy lid. + salt. For a long time, but the plus is that she does not burn her.
Quote: Bast1nda
Long, but the plus is that she does not burn with her
truly true. a little longer, but delicious
And if such potatoes are sprinkled with garlic and dill at the end of cooking, then they will not come off at all!
Interesting. All ingenious is simple!
small potatoes, as it turned out, cook well in the princess

I apply the same tightly full silicone mold (with high sides, which is 3 cm) of small young potatoes, 4 cm in diameter, grease on top with melted butter, salt, pepper, cover with a Teflon circle

20 min on - 20 min off

no need to turn over, the potatoes are browned on all sides

the most delicious potatoes, in any cut, in the Princess there is
in Travola, as a more delicate one, it bakes well without a silicone mold, but the Teflon mat does not interfere with placing the pan, the frying pan will remain clean, and the Teflon circle covering the potatoes from above is also not a hindrance, at first the potatoes rest against the lid

Quote: telez

And if such potatoes are sprinkled with garlic and dill at the end of cooking, then they will not come off at all!
And to this also add fresh or frozen sweet peppers, onion in half rings, slightly stir. And then add dill, garlic, parsley and pour eggs .. and then mix everything gently ... I think
I always choose potatoes with a thin skin and if they are medium in size or more, then I also cut them into 4 or 8 pieces. Fine can be cut into 2 parts. I am writing and potatoes in front of my eyes, yesterday they ate just such. Her husband is doing just fine
Quote: Borkovna
I write and potatoes in front of my eyes,
now the potatoes are not yet old, and pulls it every day to cook
Irina, thank you for the delicious recipe, wait a little longer until the young potatoes, and you can cook and enjoy the yummy every day!
Irina, but can you cook in a slow one? Boiled / fried bored. Hee hee. I ate 5 potatoes in a year ... I want something new
Quote: OlgaGera
can you cook in a slow dish?

In a slow cooker, potatoes turn out awesomely tasty = whole or coarsely chopped potatoes, a little oil, salt, pepper to taste, you can put potatoes in a couple of layers, for 3-4 hours, but you need to focus on your slow, the thicker the bowl, the longer it heats up, but it keeps the heat longer.

Add water do not. The potato languishes in itself. It turns out fragrant, especially if it is yellowish inside.

Quote: Irsha
especially if the yellow one is inside
I love white. I avoid yellow. I have a blue eye)))
Thanks, Irin
Irochka, thank you for the wonderful recipe for small potatoes!
I just ran out of baby, bought a big-oooh huge one for baking and soups, 20 pounds in a bag, so we'll gobble up and again for a baby for your recipe. Thanks again!
Luda, potatoes are difficult to cook not tasty
Irsha, Irina, I devoted almost a week to your recipes. Frying potatoes on the stove in such a stuffy place is to die! But (!) We had rainlook forhic, and I turned on the clever Kuzinka. You yourself understand that we are still far from the young potato, and the old, but well preserved, sometimes appears in the house. Here is my version, called "village style", one to one yours! I know that it itself is deliciously baked, but due to the rainy weather and the type of cool weather, I asked for it with meat, meatballs from the freezer will always save an unforeseen situation!

Potatoes baked in a pan, whole, in their uniform

Ilmirushka, Thank you
I am very glad that the recipe comes in handy, it is really lazy and always tasty, and even with our kitchen bells and whistles - any potato turns into a delicacy.
Thanks for the photo
Irina, thanks, a very tasty dinner came out. Today I was looking for this recipe for a long time and stubbornly, I saw it somehow, sunk into the soul)) I did it in an ordinary frying pan, it's good that it ended quickly, otherwise it wouldn't be good))
Yuliya K
Irina, thanks for the delicious potatoes! I noticed the recipe for a long time, but I wanted to try the small one entirely, but I still could not - and then as I saw the small one, I immediately remembered your method. At first I thought to cook it in a frying pan, but then I went a lazier way, decided to bake it in a pizza maker, so as not to follow and turn it over! I baked in the GF at the maximum, in a silicone form, with a grid - 25 minutes and 20 minutes off. It turned out great, now, on occasion, I'll try it in a frying pan!
Potatoes baked in a pan, whole, in their uniform
Quote: Yuliya K
Baked in GF
what a roasted, baked - the peel is gone.
in summer, it is just convenient in such electric pans, it is not hot.
And in a large frying pan it is good to bake a large potato.
Until September, a young potato will delight.
Quote: Irsha
Thank you.)
Irsha, IrinaThanks for the recipe and the girls for bringing the topic up. Yesterday we dug potatoes, and how delicious it is to bake them in Pizza Maker, and Yulia, Yuliya K, thanks, for the specified baking mode for such an oven:
Potatoes baked in a pan, whole, in their uniform
Elena, young potatoes - oh, yummy, especially if the variety is crumbly.
Girls, I realized that in the fall and winter - I will do it on gas in my fat Kukmara under the lid + and even on the divider - that will be warm and cozy!
And now at the Princess!
Today I made it according to a different recipe. But like Ira's - without boiling it first. And right away ...
Cut it in half right with the peel.
Now I'll try to cook it entirely.

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