Sunberry Jam, Sunberry (Blueberry Forte)

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Sunberry Jam, Sunberry (Blueberry Forte)


sunberry berries 1 kg
sugar 1 kg
lemon 1 piece
zhelfix 2: 1 1 sachet

Cooking method

  • I was taking apart the freezer and came across a bag of sunberries, aka blueberry forte, aka sun berry.
  • I have never heard of this, and last year the neighbors shared their seedlings.
  • I read it, it turns out she's terribly useful.
  • The berries are similar to nightshade, neutral, that is, odorless and tasteless.
  • It is recommended to make blanks with some additives, for example with gooseberries or currants.
  • Hold it in the freezer before cooking.
  • But since I happily forgot about it, and the seasonal berries have long passed, I found a recipe with lemon.
  • According to this very recipe, you need to grind the berries and lemon with a submersible blender.
  • Never do this !!!
  • Spattered ink stains all over the kitchen !!!
  • I went the other way.
  • I covered it with sugar, put it on a small fire and boiled it a little.
  • And only then I finished it off with a blender. But since there are pieces of skin left, and it is tough,
  • wiped the entire mass first through a colander, and then through a sieve.
  • Then I put it back into the pan, added jellix and boiled it for 3 minutes according to the instructions.
  • Poured into a jar, screwed on the lid and turned it over for 5 minutes.
  • All.

The dish is designed for


Time for preparing:

30 minutes + cooling

Cooking program:

cooking on the stove


The whole process took about 30 minutes and another hour to wash the kitchen, bowls, saucepan, colander and sieve, blender

The result is a marmalade with a lemon flavor.
General taste for an amateur, I found one.

We will eat a teaspoon a day, improve our health

Elena, I see that the recipe is fresh)) I only have frozen blueberries)) Will it fit?
Podmosvichka, I was treated to such a jam, really not for everybody. In Belarus, they began to grow the same berry in their dachas.
celfh, Tanya, of course you can from blueberries.
Cover with sugar and let it melt.
Then, according to the instructions of the zhelfix.

Shyrshunchik, we are unlikely to plant it yet, as it turned out, these berries are very fond of eating aphids and the Colorado potato beetle
I love blueberries, it's a pity that we don't have them ((very tasty, just sure!
please, I also have blueberries.
Sunberry is not blueberry, it is the nightshade family, berries with small cherry tomatoes
ehh ..)) and this is not, but so delicious, you can see it!
So they can be grown, unlike blueberries.
Asya Klyachina
The first time I hear about such berries, it was interesting to know. And the Colorado potato beetle is understandable why it is grumpy, the potatoes are also from the nightshade family.
The funny thing is that we did not plant potatoes
I cooked it! There were 1700 grams of berries. I cooked 1X1 with sugar. Chopped 1 lemon whole. She took off the zest from the second and squeezed out the juice. I wanted to leave the berries whole, but I didn't like it. I punched it with a blender, but didn't wipe it. Added 25 g of pectin. It turned out not very strong jelly, but, it seems to me, it will cool down and become stronger. The taste is not delightful, but unusual. I think it will be delicious with ice cream.
Quote: Tashenka
Doesn't taste like delight
Well I wrote, taste for an amateur
Feed the boys, the berry is very useful
Lenusikas expected, tastes much better today.So funny the grains crunch in the mouth. In the city purchase I ordered 3 varieties of garden nightshade seeds. One even with red berries! They write that it is sweet. Let's try.
Come on, plant it, once was enough for me, no one eats any jam
I cut all landings by 80 percent
Buying seeds does not mean planting.
Well, half the battle is already there

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