Wild quince and lamb

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Wild quince and lamb


wild quince 10 pieces
Mutton 1 kg
Carrot 3 pcs
sugar 3 tbsp. l.
spices, seasonings

Cooking method

  • These are probably the most correct words to say, the fruits I got here "on the occasion." They were treated, in general.
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  • I cut these fruits in half. I was a little surprised by the internal structure. In fact - a box for seeds. And then he calculated it, cleaned out all the internal partitions and seeds.
  • Don't forget to try it. In addition to the muscle-binding properties of quince, it is also quite sour. Even more than ... enough. Therefore, when calculating the amount of these very fruits that you will lay in the cauldron, correlate to your tastes and preferences.
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  • First we cut the carrots as for pilaf, and then we need to crumble these pieces. Small kuyikami.
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  • It's easier with lamb.
  • I had these ribs and a shoulder blade from a very small lamb. Then I cut the ribs so that they could enter the cauldron, and cut off the meat from the shoulder blade and cut such pieces.
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  • Pour some vegetable oil into the bottom of the pan. Better than some heat-resistant one, for example from grape seeds.
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  • After heating the oil, pour in the carrots. And not for very long, constantly stirring, we let this carrot. Ideally, the carrots will juice and soften slightly.
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  • In the process of this very softening, I poured a couple of teaspoons of cumin. For the scent!
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  • And then a couple of tablespoons of sugar. And, having reduced the heat, we bring the carrots to almost soft readiness.
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  • Put the lamb on top of the carrots. Salt it. And add water. About a couple of fingers on top of the meat.
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  • Dip a couple of garlic heads into the meat. Entirely. And herbs, spices, condiments. I put in thyme, thyme, a couple of lavrushkas. Peppers from the mill are also not harmful to add. In general, here, as always, there is room for imagination and satisfaction of personal preferences.
  • Cover and simmer over low heat.
  • Until that moment, until the liquid is equal to the level, so to speak, of meat.
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  • And put the quince on top of the meat.
  • If you have an ordinary quince, then you can have more, if ... in general, then adjust yourself depending on the acid that "tastes" of this fruit. To, therefore, observe the measure.
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  • And in the oven for the cauldrons.
  • For half an hour at a temperature of 220.
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  • Then drop the temperature. Until the quince is ready, in general. Something like this it will look like.
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  • And here's the result. Very aromatic.
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  • I will only note one thing. Wild quince is sour than garden quince. But, as it seemed to me, more aromatic. Therefore, be careful with the quantity. Otherwise, it turned out very well.
  • Angela for you at your meal!
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Time for preparing:

120 - 180 minutes

Good recipe! Thank you! And this quince is Japanese, so garden, decorative, I also use it with lamb - it is very sour, but fragrant!

Yes, Japanese quince - Henomeles, that's a thing! And how it blooms beautifully in spring. I collected a kilogram and a half and just twisted it with sugar. I eat with peels and seeds. Very aromatic. It's a pity I didn't leave a little for this recipe. But you can still add another spoon to the lamb for flavor. Thanks for the recipe.
Quote: Florichka
... you can add another spoon to the lamb for flavor ...

It won't get any worse - that's for sure!
Quote: Rada-dms
... this quince is Japanese, such a garden, decorative ...

as it turned out - quite edible. But sour is for sure.

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