Home-baked pork shoulder in the Stadler Form multicooker

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Home-baked pork shoulder in the Stadler Form multicooker


pork shoulder 1 kg.
salt taste
sugar taste
mayonnaise 2-3 st. l.
mustard ready 2 tbsp. l.
pepper, other spices taste

Cooking method

  • It's extremely simple. We clean a piece of meat from "ugliness", rub it with salt and sugar (I take in the same proportion somewhere only 0.5 tsp for the whole piece of meat), then grease the meat with mayonnaise and mustard, last of all - seasonings. Place the piece in a multi bowl on the default "Baking" program (45 min.), At the signal - turn the meat over and turn on the program again.
  • At the end of the program, we slap ourselves on the hands, so as not to grab pieces, cut our meat and serve with love.
  • Bon Appetit!
  • Home-baked pork shoulder in the Stadler Form multicooker
  • This is with Tumanchikovaya cabbage

The dish is designed for

5-6 servings

Time for preparing:

1,5 hour

Cooking program:

bakery products


I bake pork neck, brisket and even chicken carcasses in the same way. The meat is very tasty, tender and juicy, my family's favorite meat recipe

I love these simple recipes! Moreover, in order to feed the whole family with the guests satisfyingly and tasty. Thank you, Tina!
Galina, yes, yes, when guests, I make this meat all the time, my friends even remind my husband, so that they do not inadvertently leave them without a treat. Prepare with pleasure!
Wow!!! How delicious! And with loose cabbage, fried meat is

give a piece under

Tumanchik, Irishenka, for these purposes we take a neck, a shoulder blade, a brisket on the bone, it comes out very budgetary, you can cook in a slow cooker and in an oven, and my men (both younger and older) can eat plenty of meat, and of course, too, where without of this

Catch a piece under a glass and a cucumber to it Home-baked pork shoulder in the Stadler Form multicooker

And I keep the ham or neck before baking in salt-garlic brine for 3-4 days. I take out, let drain the marinade and coat with mustard. Then with a mixture of seasonings for meat and bake in the oven in foil or in a sleeve. My meat is golden brown on top, but juicy inside. You can eat both hot and cold. Cold meat resembles boiled pork and is cut into thin slices with a slicer. You should try to make meat according to your recipe in a multicooker on Pastry. Very beautiful kusmanchik, well, very !!!
valentine, For 3-4 days no one will wait for me .. all the preparations for breakfast-lunch-dinner are spontaneous, so my recipes are mostly quick, not requiring lengthy preparation Try to make my recipe, maybe you will like it
V-tina, thanks, cooked today, delicious. And it is very convenient to cook, a minimum of body movements)) I will repeat unambiguously
ikom, I am very glad that I liked the recipe Thank you for your feedback
It's a pity you can't say thank you for two recipes in a row. Will definitely come back later. And the recipe is bookmarked. Thank you!
anatolichopefully the recipe doesn't disappoint

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