Pancakes "hearty" from zucchini

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Nourishing zucchini pancakes


zucchini 700g
carrots (medium) 1 PC
bulb onions 2 pcs
boiled-smoked brisket 100g
cheese 100g
eggs 2 pcs
semolina 150ml
flour about 1 glass
salt 1h l.

Cooking method

  • Zucchini, carrots and one onion are passed through a meat grinder. Three cheese on a coarse grater, cut the brisket and the second onion into cubes. Of course, you can skip all the onions through a meat grinder, but it seems to me that this is tastier and more beautiful. We mix everything, add semolina and flour, mix and let stand for 15-20 minutes, so that the semolina swells. After breaking the eggs into a mass, add salt and mix again. The consistency dough turns out like sour cream, that is, it is thick, but pours. Fry in vegetable oil over medium heat.

The dish is designed for

many (at least 30)

Time for preparing:

1 hour

Cooking program:

meat grinder, grater, handles and frying pan


It turns out quite a lot of pancakes (at least 30 pieces in a special frying pan with grooves for pancakes), but they fly away very quickly, in the photo there are no more than a third, I did not have time to take a picture of the backward ones ... my husband passed by ...
A very satisfying and high-calorie dish, you can eat it with sour cream, or you can just like that.

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Nourishing zucchini pancakes

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Nourishing zucchini pancakes

What pretty pancakes are obtained! Bookmark the recipe! Thank you so much!
Yeah ... you can't walk past such! : nyam: And obviously satisfying: yes: Already in the bookmarks. Thanks for the recipe!
Mandraik Ludmilawhat a wonderful recipe!
And zucchini, and brisket, mnyamka, maybe even it will turn out to feed a small one, otherwise he does not eat vegetables on pain of being shot, but here it will smell like meat, and even brisket.
Thank you, took it in!
Mandraik Ludmila
Please, the pancakes are very simple, really hearty. And as fillers: you can replace the brisket with sausage, sausages, etc. that was lying in the refrigerator. And you can use dried cheese. In general, I clean up the refrigerator with these pancakes.
Recipe for universal cleaner ny ...
Mandraik Ludmila
That's for sure, "universal cleaner ny ", I even have a frosty zucchini, in the Leningrad region the day before yesterday the frost hit, the zucchini and pumpkins suffered, so I urgently disposed of it.
Yes, you can also squeeze a clove of garlic through a press for flavor, but this is not for everybody.
Thanks for the recipe!
I have pancakes "based on", but sooooo delicious! I have no doubt that strict adherence to the recipe will give excellent results.
So, about the "motives":
- squash, carrots and onions were chopped not with a meat grinder, but with the smallest grater of a food processor (this one, not with holes, but with "thorns"). Diced onions are not for us. God forbid a little thing would smell the onion - she would go on strike and would have remained hungry after training. So the whole onion is fine
- there was no brisket in the house, smoked sausage was used. And maybe more than a recipe. And quite good, very vulgar
- the dough seemed too thick to me, so at first I didn't add flour, only semolina. However, when the dough stood, the vegetables gave juice and the flour had to be added - exactly according to the recipe. Next time I will not organize an amateur performance and I will add flour right away.
The semolina and onions are not felt in the pancakes, which is an indisputable advantage for mothers with capricious children. The dish is prepared quickly (in the presence of electric assistants - very quickly). So the recipe goes into the cherished notebook and will be used regularly during the season.
Mandraik Ludmila
Irina, you are great! I myself did not immediately get to this recipe. At first I only added onions for taste, I don't really like the taste of the zucchini themselves. Then, for good, I began to add carrots, and then everything that needed to be disposed of came out of the refrigerator.
A very interesting flavor is obtained if you use smoked sausage cheese. If there is no cheese, you can put mayonnaise or sour cream, just more flour. Any greens can be used: dill, celery, parsley. The pancakes turn out to be cute - motley.
Well, soon the season of zucchini will begin and here is a wonderful recipe. Bookmarks!
the recipe is very necessary and tasty! I will cook) thanks!
Mandraik Ludmila
I am very glad, kavmins, kolobok123that the result of my experiments will be useful to you
Mandraik Ludmila, Lyudok, and I stole your pancakes !!!)))
Mandraik Ludmila
Margarita, to your health! Soon the zucchini will go with you, so you will do it!

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