Stuffed aromatic peppers in a slow cooker

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Stuffed aromatic peppers in a slow cooker


Bulgarian pepper how many will come in
onions, carrots, rice taste
minced meat taste
tomatoes are very ripe how many will come in

Cooking method

  • I thought, thought, to spread it or not. Because this is not even a recipe, but way preparation of the simplest stuffed pepper.In a slow cooker.I stuffed the peppers as usual - minced meat, rice (boil almost until cooked), onions. Minced meat should be good with water, about like dumplings. I take a multicooker bowl, it is not thick on the bottom, 2-3 cm, I pour thinly chopped (or coarsely grated) carrots and start setting the peppers upright jack, how many will enter, stuffing tightly. Between them I put finely chopped garden tomatoes, they will give taste later, and the liquid is not superfluous. I choose peppers according to the height of the maximum mark on the bowl. I put a piece of butter on top and that's it - I put it on extinguishing for 1.5-2 hours. When ready, the peppers are drowned in a fragrant, transparent broth. The taste differs slightly from those boiled in water, somehow more peppery, or something. The peppers themselves are not overcooked, with an elastic skin.

The dish is designed for

depends on the multicooker bowl

Time for preparing:

1.5-2 hours

Cooking program:



Now this is my favorite recipe, while the fall is on the market and peppers and tomatoes are ripening. You can stuff tomatoes and stew together with peppers in the same way. Once I bought short peppers, it turned out to be half a bowl in height, then I put stuffed small tomatoes on top of the peppers, the selected tomato centers are also in the bowl. So I think that in a slow cooker on the HI mode, for 4 hours, it will also be very tasty.

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Quote: Irsha
So I think that in a slow cooker on the HI mode, for 4 hours, it will also be very tasty.
Now I only make peppers and cabbage rolls slowly. Delicious. First high, then low.
Quote: kirch
Now I only make peppers and cabbage rolls slowly.
Also without adding water? It's not very good to cook vegetables in a slow cooker - if they don't have enough water with water. But in their own juice, they are just awesomely tasty.
Yes, I add a little water
Irina, thanks for the cooking method! I can imagine what a rich taste I will cook in Redik02 today.
Quote: Lagri
in Redik02.
the peppers are not big in it, which is very good = more peppery taste
I understood, thank you. We will dine with peppers.

Added Sunday 21 Aug 2016 02:21 PM

Irin, I'm reporting! The smell of pepper is very intense! The juice from everything that I put, as in the recipe, is almost a full bowl, sorry I can't see it in the photo, but I can't take a picture closer, it hovers for another 8 minutes. until the end of cooking.
Stuffed aromatic peppers in a slow cooker
Minced meat is only pork, but it will still be delicious, even if you shifted the rice a little, didn't want to leave it and put it all. Irina, thank you again for this method of cooking, I myself would not have finished it without water, but I always mixed rice not boiled into minced meat
Masha, awesome photo

yeah, baby Redusha also well done in our skillful hands

Yesterday I natomila cabbage rolls, in Panasik I tormented = I did exactly the same as peppers
only stuffed cabbage, when ready, this time made a thick filling, as befits cabbage rolls -, covered the ready cabbage rolls with a double boiler and carefully poured the melted broth, pressing the double boiler, silicone mitts to help

fried flour in a dry frying pan, at this time the broth cooled down a little
I stirred the fried flour in the broth, added sour cream, a little salt for the flour and poured the stuffed cabbage, which all this time, for a short time - about 15 minutes, stood on the heating, and put it on the baking, after 20 minutes turned it off, when the sauce gurgled a little

it turned out fragrant and not boiled


once - the first time, when I was still mastering Parenka, I started making peppers with water, well, as we used to, we didn't like it, the peppers remained a little * rubber * and the carrots and onions were not impressed
I tried to tire the peppers without water - like potatoes - here everything fell into place - it was tastier and faster to cook
Irina, thanks for the recipe! Yesterday I made such peppers slowly, without water. It boiled longer, but it turned out very tasty
I need to conduct an experiment ...
Irina, a very interesting idea, I want to try to do so.
Only in my Shtebochka it is necessary to set the temperature. How much to put, 90-95 degrees?
girls, I'm very glad that I liked the recipe

yes, for a multicooker the mode is * stewing * and keeps about 100 *, slightly boils and below
Quote: Jiri
but it turned out very tasty
tell me what a transparent and fragrant broth
In my opinion, I found the recipe that I was looking for

.Irsha, Ira! so if it is completely without water, then the resulting broth will be fresh .. or should it be salted in the process?
Quote: Mirabel
then the resulting broth will be fresh
Vika, I did not write salt in the recipe, as if by default, to taste

minced meat is salted, vegetables without water are obtained with a bright taste, especially if there are tomatoes - well, a little if you add salt at the beginning of cooking on top of vegetables, then you can correct

and the broth from vegetables also has a bright taste
Irina, yeah, understandable! and how lazy! lovely!
Irina, I cooked peppers according to your recipe all last summer and didn’t thank you. Thank you for this way of cooking. True, I cooked on the stove, so I added a little water. It turns out very tasty and rich.
Yaroslavna, the main thing is that it is delicious
Irina, please tell me. Spread and cook pepper only in one layer? I mean that with this method, you can't cook pepper in 2 layers? Or am I missing something?
Taya, but of course it is possible and in 2 floors, if short peppers
Quote: Irsha
Once I bought short peppers, it turned out to be half a bowl in height, then I put stuffed small tomatoes on top of the peppers,

large peppers in 2 floors never brewed slowly, neither slowly, nor in a cartoon when without water
I'm just planning to stuff the pepper. I wanted your way to try, otherwise the amount of liquid during traditional cooking strains me. But the cartoon is small, how many of them are there at the bottom, it will turn out from heels of pieces.
Do you know how the pepper from the freezer will behave with this method? As with conventional cooking?
Quote: Taia
little cartoon,
Panasik 10? just in it I usually do - the peppers are not so big, they are not small

I also cook from frozen ones (with filling already), only pour half a glass of water so that the frozen food thaws more evenly, or not frozen vegetables to the bottom - they will give juice

Quote: Taia
pepper from the freezer
if without filling, then it will thaw out quickly
Thanks for the consultation.
Irsha, Ira! And that 2 layers of peppers can not be brewed slowly according to this recipe?

I didn't get the answer and decided to splash some water a little, because there were 2 floors of peppers. Well, it turned out indecently tasty! stunned, how delicious!
no more fries, the only way I will cook.
Irina, Ira! Thank you so much !!!
Irsha, and I did that too. Only at first I did fry from vegetables in a multicooker more often. And your way of cooking is even easier. I will try.
Marina, I have not done frying for a long time - because I have been cooking at low temperatures for a long time - I have been slow-brewing - and all meat and vegetable juices are not overcooked, very rich, of pure taste

I love stuffed peppers, but I never cooked without adding some water, so tomorrow I will cook in this way.
Irsha, Irina, again I want to thank you for the way of cooking the peppers, they are so delicious! Soon the pepper will go away, but you can still enjoy such a fragrant dish. Thank you!
P.S. Whoever hasn't cooked like that has lost a lot)))
Yaroslavna, , glad you liked.
And again I))) on the eve of the season of peppers I want to raise the recipe. Today I cooked peppers, well, it's very tasty, very, very straightforward, not to come off. Irsha, another thanks

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