Plum jam "Lenivka"

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Plum jam Lenivka


Plum (I have a thorn) 1000gr.
Sugar 800-1000gr.
Gelatin as needed 1-2 tsp dilute in 50 ml. water.

Cooking method

  • Plum jam Lenivka
  • Autumn ... it's time for the turn. A lot of tasty things can be prepared from this healthy berry, and I want to share with you a delicious jam, which is not at all difficult to prepare, and even very simple, which is why Lenivka.
  • Turner (or plum, in the original there is a plum), wash, free from stones (this is the most difficult: (((().
  • Put the prepared berries in a suitable bowl, cover with sugar and leave for 3-4 hours.
  • Plum jam Lenivka
  • When the plum gives juice, put the casserole on the fire and bring, stirring, so that it does not burn to a boil.
  • Plum jam Lenivka
  • Skimming off the foam (this is the most delicious, to my mind), cook over medium heat for 10-15 minutes.
  • Now we leave to cool, preferably overnight.
  • Plum jam Lenivka
  • The next day, we punch our future jam with a blender until smooth, you can directly in the pan in which it was cooked.
  • Plum jam Lenivka
  • Put it on the fire again, bring it to a boil, remove the foam and cook over medium heat for 10-15 minutes.
  • If the plum is very juicy and the jam is thin, then add diluted gelatin 5 minutes before the end of cooking.
  • Well, if the density suits you, remember that when it cools it will still thicken, pour it into prepared jars, close with lids, turn it over until it cools completely.
  • FSE, it's done!
  • And we will enjoy long winter evenings with a cup of fragrant tea!
  • All the best !!!

The dish is designed for

2 jars of 500 ml.

Time for preparing:


Cooking program:

Handles / Stove.


Using the same recipe this year, I also made strawberry and cherry jam.

Only there I added more gelatin and lemon.

And learn about the taste in winter!

Quote: Trishka
free from bones

killer ... Can I cook with bones and not blend? And the rest of the recipe?
I have this shoe polishthorns ... I brought half a barrel from the dacha. By the way, it has become quite soft and the bone is separated directly with your finger. Now I'll wash it, turn on the movie and clean it. We wrote a lot of recipes with him, I want to try everything. I'll try your recipe too.
Quote: Florichka
I brought half a barrel from the dacha.

I crumple five more trees to the ground gnuzza from him
SchuMakher, Manyun, you can have a mustache!
But, it’s bad with the bones of the thorn, and the plum seems to be nicchoo!
Florichka, Irish, come to me for you!
And, the recipe is universal, you can probably take any berry!
Trishka, Ksyusha, good recipe!
The main thing is how much I cook, it never occurred to me to blender, and about gelatin too ...
Thanks Ksyusha!
Well, I won't blender, but thanks for the hint about gelatin. And then the silt from the plum turned out to be watery. Who else would have robbed this turn! : girl_cray: Ksyusha, thanks.
Kokoschka, Lil, thank you sho dropped in!

While you still have at least some fruits and berries, you can try to cook a little!
Tancha, Tanyusha, why won't you blendar?

And sometimes instead of gelatin, if it is not there, I add 1-2 tsp. Any zhelfix works well too!
Quote: Trishka
Tancha, Tanyusha, why won't you blend?
I am lazy. And the jaundice has disappeared somewhere. I ran around all the points when I boiled the plum, as if I had sunk into the water. And I didn't want to ride on my own two feet to Ashan or Attack.
Trishka, I'll try with a plum, my husband just brought a bucket!
Tancha, Tanyusha, well, it seems like there is always gelatin!
Kokoschka, Lil, so this is a recipe just from a plum from the very beginning, it was I who started the amateur performance here!
I used this principle to make vapsche this year both cherries and strawberries, I covered the current with sugar overnight, and added gelatin and lemon.
But my hands never reached my beloved apricot!
Quote: Florichka
me this shoe polish ... I brought half a barrel from the dacha. By the way, it has become quite soft and the bone is separated directly with your finger. Now I'll wash it, turn on the movie and clean it. We wrote a lot of recipes with him, I want to try everything. I'll try your recipe too.

And I always do that
Yulia Antipova
Trishechka-Ksyushechka, I arrived today from the village, brought a bucket of turnips. Tell me, how much can you store according to this recipe? Will it stand the winter? I have never done anything with gelatin for a long time ... Or is it like salt and sugar - nothing has been done to him?
I am looking forward to your answer, because I want to cook "right now".
Yulia Antipova, Yulenka, thank you sho dropped in!
You know, I always did it with gelatin, this time I found a recipe with gelatin, but I didn't need it specifically in this recipe, because it thickened without everything, the author's gelatin and gelatin are interchangeable, so I think it's great with gelatin will stand warm to the next. summer.
I have it with zhelfix and more than one year!
And with gelatin this year I did the same current cherries and strawberries!
Sorry I didn't answer right away ..

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