Paradise apple jam

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Paradise apple jam


Paradise apples 1 kg
sugar 1 kg
lemon acid 1/2 tsp
cinnamon 2 tsp

Cooking method

  • Beautiful, tasty and "convenient" jam for further use. Paradise apples are very small, so they are not peeled and even cuttings are left. The washed apples are dipped in portions in a colander into boiling water for 2-3 minutes and immediately transferred to a tank with cold water. When all the apples have passed the "hardening" procedure, I put them in a large saucepan, fill them with sugar and leave to let the juice go for 3-4 hours. Then slowly heat to a boil with 1/2 glass of water, stirring gently. I remove the foam. Let it boil for 3-5 minutes, close the lid and leave it for 8-10 hours. The apples are soaked in syrup and become transparent. I repeat the heating, adding citric acid and cinnamon while stirring gently. Let it boil for 3-5 minutes and put it on prepared sterile jars with a screw cap. In winter I use this beauty for cakes, pies, casseroles, pastries and cottage cheese.
  • Paradise apple jam Paradise apple jam Paradise apple jam
  • Paradise apple jam

Oh, what a beauty! And deliciously awesome!
I am the first to heavenly apples!
Linadoc, Linochka!
Eyes diverge on EVERYTHING !!!
I took it to the bookmarks ... I will look for Paradise apples in the neighbors, I will find it - I will definitely cook it!
Marina, tasty, beautiful, clean and comfortable.
Borisyonok, Kitty, find it, then you will thank.
Thanks for the recipe! This is my favorite jam, but I didn't know about the "hardening" process
Elena, "hardening" allows you to keep the apples "in shape", but at the same time soften.
Yes, I understood! Thank you!
Elena Kadiewa
Yummy, probably what!
Linadoc, Lina, very beautiful and tasty, I think I love apples in all their forms - jam, jam, jam ..
Quote: Linadoc
Borisonok, Kitty, find it, then you will thank.
Yes, Lina, you're right, now it's not like just now, you need to look for the heavenly apple, and I'm almost sure you won't find it.
Anyway, the recipe is in the bins (and in a friend!), But thank you! When do you manage to do everything?
Quote: elena kadiewa
Yummy, probably what!
Aha, I say it again - write the address!
Quote: Melisa72ru
I love apples in all their forms - jam, jam, jam ..
similarly, only I have them in salad, sauces and soups.
Quote: Nikusya
you need to look for the heavenly apple
Yes, I have an old apple tree, all bursting with strain under a ton of these babies. But no one else in the village has.
Quote: Linadoc

Yes, I have an old apple tree, all bursting with strain under a ton of these babies. But no one else in the village has.
I also have it. When the harvest, they are in a year, the line is built, because it is very rare, and the jam from these apples is very beautiful! And the juice is pink, tart, very tasty. It is a pity that it is already getting old, and it is not realistic to buy seedlings, you buy one, but it is not clear what grows up. Once we bought 3 different varieties, began to bear fruit, all are the same, apples are like a stone, nondescript ones, I told my husband to cut it down, he managed to cut down only one, two others did not have time ... And the next year the apple trees gave a gorgeous harvest and it turned out - golden autumn, super tasty. So a new variety suddenly appeared. And they were bought like a lobo, a Chinese woman, a hero ...
Quote: Linadoc
But no one else in the village has.
The same ... It's hard to find old varieties of trees. And so I want jam ........ The color is simply divine!
Linulya, under my windows, is a whole garden of paradise apple trees. In general, I thought they were not edible.Although I remember from the "Golden Calf" how Jurassic-Bender passed the parcel .... but it turns out to be true. There is not much harvest this year. And last year we had an apple year - everything was in heavenly apples - like a carpet. Bookmark it! Thank you very much!
I liked the recipe very much. Only there is nowhere to take apples.
Lina, thanks for the correct recipe! Previously, I cooked differently, that jam did not go with us. And I will still cook such a bright one, the household approved.
Lina, thanks for the recipe! I haven't cooked it with cinnamon, I'll try it this year. Will there be a lot of water? Last year I poured a glass per kilogram, all the syrup was absorbed, then I was tired of adding and diluting. True, I did not blanch the apples, maybe this is the case? I’m still looking for apples in the markets, but I’ve already planted my little whale, I can’t wait for the harvest, we have such jam flies away with a bang, and we are giving away to friends. Who needs a proven serious nursery, knock on the PM, I will hand over where to buy seedlings without re-grading - today I was just there, there are golden Chinese women, long and kerr.
Tatyana, the water is normal, the main thing is to do it according to the recipe, observing the time.
And I "wiped out" all the apples for compotes for the winter. But I'll take the recipe into the bookmarks. Suddenly I'll buy more ranetki apples today

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