Hot bell pepper ketchup in a slow cooker

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Hot bell pepper ketchup in a slow cooker


Bulgarian red pepper net weight 1800 g
Sunflower oil 100 g
Garlic net weight 175 g
Salt taste
Sugar taste
Bitter red pepper 1-2-3 ... pcs.
Boiled Tomatoes / Tomato Paste 100 g

Cooking method

  • I warmed the oil in a slow cooker on the Milk porridge / Soup / Baking mode, added crushed garlic and pepper in halves, cooked until the end of the program. Chopped with a blender right in the multicooker. I added parsley, finely chopped pod of hot pepper and tomato paste, turned on "Steam cooking", at the 11th minute began to roll up without turning off the multicooker.

The dish is designed for

2 l

Time for preparing:

1,5 hour

Cooking program:

Multicooker - "Milk porridge / Soup / Baking", then "Steam cooking" - or a stove


Of course, this was an attempt to cook in a slow cooker and "backwards" Adjiku from red pepper... But after grinding with a blender, I realized that it turned out not adjika, but ketchup. Adjika, in my opinion, should still have a more "biting" structure ...
Well, I added more bitter pepper, asked my husband to take a sample, got approval, rolled up hot ketchup.

TATbRHA, I think it's great, I will definitely do it, definitely bookmark it. Thank you!

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