Pastila "Apricot and red currant"

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Pastila Apricot And Red Currant


apricots 1 kg (pitted weight)
red currant juice 0.5kg
sugar 0.5kg

Cooking method

  • Grind the red currants with a blender, and squeeze the juice through cheesecloth (we chopped very well, so the juice was completely without pulp)
  • Add sugar and stir.
  • Beat the apricots into a homogeneous mass using a blender and combine with currant juice. Mix.
  • We cover the pallets with paper (I do not have special pallets for marshmallows). There is no need to grease the paper, it is easily separated if you moisten it with some water.
  • On each pallet, pour a mass of approximately 0.5 to 1 cm thick.Every 2-3 hours I changed the location of the pallets. If the marshmallow when pressed with a finger is slightly springy and does not stick, then it is ready.
  • I roll the finished marshmallow and wrap it in cling film. I store it in the refrigerator.
  • Pastila Apricot And Red Currant

The dish is designed for

4 trays


The apricots were not very sweet, so the marshmallow turned out to be sour. For those who love sour - the very thing :)

Pastila Apricot And Red Currant

I have a dryer ZELMER 36Z011

Pastila Apricot And Red Currant

Amazing photos!
Quote: Arka
Amazing photos!

And I froze ... Very beautiful and how delicious, Gulya!

Only recently I thought about marshmallow, here on the site I saw it from raspberries, and now from currants with apricot - super! We must do ... urgently: yahoo: Thanks for such a wonderful recipe.
lettohka ttt
Beauty !!!!! Subscribe !!!! :-)
Girls and if with peaches, you need to remove the skin ???
Unusual beauty, Gulya! Thank you for her! Very good!
And forgive me my curiosity: is the inscription "Shaina" your nickname on another site? If it's a secret, don't answer.
What a luxury !!!
Nata, Marina, Natalia, Larissa, thanks, girls, great !!!
Sometimes experiments in the kitchen give an amazing effect, well, it turned out deliciously! We crushed everything in the princess soup cooker, my sister bought it, we are testing while everything is in the village)) Now another Wishlist has appeared

Quote: lettohka ttt
Girls and if with peaches, you need to remove the skin ???
I don’t even know, maybe someone more knowledgeable will answer. But if I did, I would not shoot
Quote: dopleta
And forgive me my curiosity: is the inscription "Shaina" your nickname on another site? If it's a secret, don't answer
this is my last name
Ludmila, thank you very much
Gulsine, luxurious marshmallow! We love her too. That year I made marshmallows in different flavors, by the way, also on paper. Because there are no pallets, but I didn’t do "apricot and currant", I took note! Thanks for the recipe!
Check mark, we are also very fond of marshmallow. So many ideas, sorry little drying ((
Quote: GruSha
So many ideas, sorry little drying
Gulsine, it was the first thing that I thought after the "disappeared flight" marshmallow. And then I got used to making five different flavors on 5 pallets (there are so many of them in my dryer), but still small
Check mark, I'm looking at horizontal ones, not sedona, of course, but they are still much more expensive.
I have 4 sisters, so we need a lot for everyone at once. And in this little one only to drink tea 1-2 times for the winter there is nothing left
Gulsinewhat a beautiful marshmallow. I’m not going to cook. But I bought Travola exactly horizontal with an eye on the marshmallow.
Ludmila, I also bought a dryer because of the marshmallow)))
Thank you
Herbola is not on sale for some reason
Gulsine, thanks for the wonderful recipe! Please tell me at what temperature did you dry the marshmallow? I have a Oursson dryer.
And what is Travola?
Quote: GruSha
it comes off easily if moistened with some water
moisten before spreading the mass? or then when to shoot? And what is the total time?
Bottling, before removing the marshmallow (already finished) paper, moisten it with water with your hands, and almost immediately it is easily removed. Very little.
I won't tell you the exact time, you just have to keep an eye on the plates, I took turns taking pictures, because some dried up earlier, others were still drying for an hour. I turned it off for the night and dried it the next day.
GruSha, gorgeous candy! Bravo!
Anna, Thank you
GruSha, it is a masterpiece! I really hope that your recipe will be the recipe of the week.
Alevtina, oh, thanks, I didn't think about it
Very beautiful presentation! Bravo!
I make apricot marshmallows myself (I also plan this year),
I also make it with semi-cooked zucchini and sugar. It turns out to be even softer and more plastic; it tastes very much like dried apricots. I like sweeter, slightly sour.
If anyone is interested, I have the recipe in my profile, my recipes.
Elena, Thank you:)

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