Homemade bacon "Farewell, waist"

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Homemade lard Goodbye waist


Fresh lard 1 kg.
Coarse salt 6 tbsp. l.
Water 1 liter.
Garlic 1-2 heads.
Ground black pepper to sprinkle a piece.

Cooking method

  • Let me, with this recipe, join the "club of saloholics".)))
  • It seems that I did not find such a recipe on our website, so I'm sharing ...
  • Everything is very simple, but the result .... not for nothing called "Goodbye waist", but for the sake of your favorite product, with which you just can't say goodbye.
  • Let's start ...
  • First, we go to the market and buy good fresh bacon.
  • This is a little thing, wash it well, scrape it with the blunt side of the knife.
  • Cooking the brine:
  • We put our bacon in a large saucepan, and fill it with water, so that it is well covered, and on top you can put a plate (in the form of oppression).
  • We get fat, water - we measure in ml.
  • Bring the water to a boil, add salt, at the rate of 6 tbsp. l. per liter. Mix well until dissolved, wait for a violent boil.
  • Now we put our lard in boiling water, a plate on top, and remove from heat.
  • You can cover this entire structure with a lid.
  • Leave at room temperature for 24 hours.
  • After this time, we take out our future lard from the brine, and again scrape with the blunt side of the knife, then sprinkle with black pepper, sprinkle well, (I think I can use a mixture of peppers, it won't get any worse.)
  • Peel the garlic, cut it into plates and cover the fat on all sides, tightly.
  • We wrap it in a linen towel, in a plastic bag, I also put it in a container with a tight-fitting lid.
  • We send it to ripen in the refrigerator for 4-5 days, then we take it out, peel the garlic, wrap it in plastic wrap / bag and put it in the freezer for storage.
  • FSE, bon appetit to everyone!
  • Lard according to this recipe always turns out to be soft and very tasty !!!!!!
  • Cook for the joy of yourself and your loved ones !!!

The dish is designed for

1 kg.

Time for preparing:

30 minutes + 4-5 days.

Cooking program:

Stove, refrigerator, freezer.


Sorry for the photo, the fotik seems to be dying.
The recipe is "dug by overwork" in tyrnet.

Ksyusha, drooling flowed, thanks for the recipe !!!
yudinel, Elena, you have to cook!
And so, I can send a piece of the current by mail.
But I'm afraid he won't get there, on the way someone will crush the thread ...
Ksyusha, I also salt lard in different ways, I'll try this method too!
Yes, there is about lard - a lot!- but of course, I myself am Lucine recipe just salt.

But your recipe is excellent too! Thank you for reminding me, I'll get the bacon out of the freezer, cut off the shmat, and with the garlic!
MariV, Ol, thank you for your attention!
To me on you.
Try it, maybe my recipe will appeal!
beloved lard, by the way, it is useful for losing weight (they say when the weight is in place and does not decrease - you need to eat lard)
Choita goodbye? Lard without bread - a diet product according to the "Kremlin" - zero carbohydrates)))

Eh, where else can I buy it of a suitable thickness?
NataliARH, Fotina, Thanks for attention !
And "goodbye", potamushta when you start to eat it, yes with bread, yes with a cucumber, yes with vodka .... mm mm, that's the end of the "waist".
Trishka, Ksyusha! My family is legendary about my love for lard! And, you also have it written - even though you lie down and die from the deliciousness! It's just a disgrace - it's so appetizing to paint the recipe!
Quote: Trishka

MariV, Ol, thank you for your attention!
To me on you.
Try it, maybe my recipe will appeal!
Nope, I only salt lard in the fall.And they don't get fat from him! And my husband's friend suffered from cardiovascular disease - pressure surges, plaques - he began to eat a piece of bacon every day - and everything went without pills! Yes.
Oh, I liked it. But except me no one eats bacon. And now I rarely, I have enough of mine. If I salt the current a bit, what would have happened, have a snack when there is nothing. Ksyusha, thanks for the recipe, I'm taking it.
Mikhaska, Irish, Duc, and here I love him the most, Ukrainian roots are evident, my mother was Ukrainian ...
Mikhaska, akvamarin171, thanks girls for your attention! ...
Hope to wait!
akvamarin171, Marin, and I also make lard once or twice a year, I have enough
Quote: Trishka
Ukrainian roots affect
So, and one, such branched ones, do not give me peace either! Oh, for me this branched root system!
Mikhaska, Irish, Duc, and here I love him most of all, Ukrainian roots are evident, my mother was Ukrainian ...
And I also love bacon, but the Romans came up with salt, when the world was conquered, they taught the Germans, and those - then - everywhere!
MariV, Ol, well, I haven't looked so far into history, thank you for the info.
But, say the same sho fat and the Ukrainians are "brothers for life."
For several years I was going to lay out this recipe - I did not intend to. There was a more efficient person))). My ex-mother-in-law has been making lard like that all her life. But they called it boiled pork. Lard was chosen with good veins of meat (meat, by the way, salted faster and stronger). I consider this lard to be a hit and a recipe that can be inherited. So, people, go for it.
My aunt was also adding onion husks. We just called it "boiled bacon". But I found recipes for boiled bacon - not that too boiled. And this, intuition tells, will be the very thing! ))
Oh, I have a third loaf. To lard, you see :))
Wow, what a recipe! Bookmark it for sure!
Ksyusha, Thank you!
Ksyusha, but I'm a decent girl and

even though my hands itch

but I will not promote my recipe in yours. I haven’t tried potama like your isho, but I feel - MY!
Tell me honestly, do you have Belarusian roots?
And then everyone is hinting at Ukrainian roots. And you can't deceive your soul, I feel your own! Have the Belarusians accidentally flew where?

can hito where pokuralesil from great-great-

LAT AND CARTOON OUR FSE! that's my motto!
Quote: tumanofaaaa
LAT AND CARTOON OUR FSE! that's my motto!
tumanofaaaa, I am yours forever! Trishechka, thanks - a wonderful recipe. Tomorrow I will grease the Tumanovskoye (I keep the brine with a specialist, the skin was softened, but this time it was like on a hippopotamus), and then I’ll go and buy a garment shmat for the underwire, and make it according to yours.
Scarecrow, Natus, I'm sorry, but thanks for the praise!
Very nice !
Tricia, tumanofaaaa, Scarlett, oh girls, thanks for your attention!
Cook for health, it's very simple and delicious!
tumanofaaaa, Irin, well, I know that there are current Russians and Ukrainians in the family, I won't say anything about Belarusians, but we are all brothers Slavs, no matter what
Quote: Trishka
well, I know that there are current Russians and Ukrainians in the family
and don’t even say - it’s as if Hito walked in the Blue-eyed
Yes, Irish, probably someone, once cheated, but my story is silent about it.
The main thing is that I love him, and let the whole world wait until I
Great recipe. Respect!
Nana, Oksana, thank you for your attention!
Enjoy cooking!
Does the thickness of the piece matter? I have 10-12 centimeters of fat. Should you keep it for 24 hours too or longer?
shlyk_81, Evgeniya, Thanks for attention !
You know, I think that the thickness does not matter, the main thing is that the lard is completely covered with brine, although I never made such a thickness ..
Quote: Trishka

shlyk_81, Evgeniya, Thanks for attention !
You know I think the thickness doesn't matter

Thickness always matters !!!

In my opinion, the topic of mayonnaise has a bad effect on me))).

But seriously, I think that it should be kept a little longer. My grandmother used to say that it is impossible to oversalt the lard and only meat is salted, so it is quite possible to hold it a little more.
Scarecrow, Natus, thank you for your help, I just don’t taste good, keep such a thickness, I didn’t have a nikad ...
I kept it for two days. Now pulled out, dries up. And I always take such lard - from the back of a home-made pig, delicious, soft, but you can eat the skin with your lips.
Homemade lard Goodbye waist
shlyk_81, Zhen, what a beauty, I almost swallowed my tongue!
It is also necessary to go to the market for lard, but autumn ... it's time for lard.
Trishka, Eh !!! lard lard, how can it be without it?))) I took it into the bookmarks, just such an option is needed. THANK YOU!)
Lard is our FSE!
Take it to your health!
Ksyu, and brisket according to this recipe, do you think, will it work or not?
Crochet, Innus think so!
I usually try to find lard that is not straight clean, without meat, but on the contrary with streaks, but more ..
Quote: Trishka
Coarse salt 6 tbsp l.

Ksyu, and the spoons are regular or measured?

With a slide or "under the knife"?
Innus, ordinary, canteens, not under the knife, just throw as much as it took!
What, are you going to cook lard for Ng?
Everything is fine, but I don't understand why wash the fat, if then scrape it?
Well, for peace of mind
alba et atra
Ksyusha, is garlic required?
And then you want bacon, but you don't want garlic at all.
Well, in general it is desirable, but we do not put it right away, so today you can put it in brine, and buy garlic tomorrow!
Well, in extreme cases, you can even without it, rub with red pepper instead ..
alba et atra
Quote: Trishka

Well, in extreme cases, you can even without it, rub with red pepper instead ..

Oh great!
I have hot Hungarian paprika.
Then rub her.
Thank you!
Lenochka, I'm waiting for your impressions ..
Ksyusha, I'll come to you, for the night, with my fat!
You came up with the correct name for him, I already make this lard several times and all the time it turns out to be extremely tasty. And this despite the fact that my husband and I do not really like boiled bacon, but just dipping it in boiling water is a very interesting idea.
Now the husband only demands to do the fat!
It is only smeared, kept in brine for 2 days. Firstly, thick, and secondly, this morning I could not smear it, I went to work for the whole day early.
The night will stand like this, and tomorrow I'll pack it and put it in the freezer.
The previous batch, which he froze on NG, was slowly pulled out by her husband. Now it is necessary to bury it deeper in the chest, otherwise it will disappear unnoticed again.
Oh, I almost asked the bacon to show itself!

Homemade lard Goodbye waist
Can I drag off a piece before I put it in the chest?
Nelechka, it's very nice to read your review, it's great when you like the recipe, I'm very glad !!!
Thank you for your trust and kind words!
At the moment, this recipe is basic for me.
The lard is tasty, not hard and not overcooked.
I do not like lard with meat layers (and even entered the market late, "to the shaposhnom analysis"). Because this time it is subtle. But delicious.
I could not resist and slightly smeared it with a homemade spice for meat under the garlic (I don’t know the composition, I presented it a good person, I definitely have nutmeg and lavrushka). I don’t peel off the garlic. On the contrary, a slice of freshly salted bacon with a thin slice of salted garlic - oh, how delicious!
Thank you, dear, for such a delicious treat!
Homemade lard Goodbye waist

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