Cake "Napoleon" curd

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Napoleon cake


Puff curd dough 625 g
Soft cottage cheese 170 g
Condensed milk 130 g
Butter at room temperature 70 g
Vanillin taste
Protein 2 pcs.
Sugar 0.5 tbsp.
Salt, lemon, lim. the juice pinch
Bitter chocolate 100 g

Cooking method

  • I found a recipe for puff curd dough and figured out such a cake from it. Dough recipe you can look here.
  • Napoleon cake
  • Cakes:
  • Leave the dough from the refrigerator at room temperature to make it easier to roll out. Roll out thinly, about 1-2mm and cut into 4 squares or any other shape. Roll each square a little more before baking. We bake in an oven preheated to 200g until golden brown. Prepare another cake from the scraps. I got 5 cakes.
  • Napoleon cakeNapoleon cakeNapoleon cakeNapoleon cake
  • Cream:
  • While the dough is moving away from the refrigerator, let's make a cream.
  • Beat the butter until white and fluffy. Scroll soft cottage cheese in a grinder with condensed milk and vanilla. Combine with oil.
  • Napoleon cakeNapoleon cake
  • Prepare the cream in a water bath "Wet meringue"
  • half a serving. Beat the whites a little with lemon, put in a water bath, while continuing to beat, add sugar and vanillin, bring to the desired density, remove from the bath and beat for a while. Cool down the "Wet meringue", I put it in the refrigerator.
  • Napoleon cake
  • We connect the meringue and curd cream by hand with a whisk.
  • Napoleon cake
  • Powder:
  • Grate chocolate.
  • Assembly:
  • We put the cake on a dish, smeared with cream. The next cake is lying next to it, we apply less cream on it and lay the creamy side on the creamy side of the first cake. We repeat with all the cakes. Leave some of the chocolate for decoration, some can be distributed between the cakes. I made Victoria and sugar puree, wanted to add between the cakes, but changed my mind, it would be unnecessary, everything is already harmonious, simple and tasty!
  • Important:
  • - flatten out swollen places of cakes
  • - apply the cream on the entire surface of the cake
  • -we leave the assembled cake for at least 4 hours at room temperature for soaking, then put it in the refrigerator overnight
  • I did not fulfill these three points, my cake did not cut well after a night in the refrigerator, I stood it on the table for several hours, the situation improved, but we ate it separating the cakes. Girls suggested important notes in the topic "Emergency confectionery aid".
  • The cut shows how well the dough has stratified. Enjoy your tea.

The dish is designed for

1.1kg, I have ~ 20x20x6cm

Time for preparing:


Cooking program:

mixer, oven

Well this is it, right from yesterday's dough, is the cake ready ?. here is the speed ... in the zaklaaaadochki ...
thank you, for ... they cut off a very tasty piece for me ...
AlenKa, thanks: rose: it was on February 23rd)))) but technically from yesterday's test, there will be more cookies later)
NataliARHwhat a cute cake! And a very interesting cream. I will definitely do
Lena, thanks for the praise: a-kiss: I figured out the cream "by eye", from the remnants of cottage cheese, so the quantity can be changed, my new batch of cottage cheese has not yet drained out by that time, perhaps I would have added more .... although everything worked out in moderation delicious and sweet
NataliARH, I liked the recipe, took it to the bookmarks, I will bake it on occasion.
Quote: NataliARH
there will be more cookies later)
I want cookies ... I want cookies ...
don't take me away !.
Vinokurova, I haven't baked cottage cheese cookies for a long time. Curd cookies are a dump of the head. They are eaten sooooo unnoticed.
Natasha, curd napoleon is just a song! I represented all small-piece pastries from this dough, and here is a cake, but what a cake! The beauty!
Natasha, great cake! The test was used (y).
The cake is wonderful. And I'll take note of the cream
Yeah, who would treat me with such a delicious cake, I myself will not move such a recipe
NataliARH, thanks for the beauty!
NataliARH, Natasha! The cake is just wonderful! She herself cooked something similar, but not on puff curd, but on plain. And therefore I am sure that your cake is much richer in taste and, therefore, superior to my version!
Just bravo for the sumptuous recipe!
Natasha! What a feat! First the dough (I would have been mowed here already), then the cake! You're just a heroine!
The photo in the text is simply magical, with a cut, I would make it the main one
Wildebeest, Sveta, I will be glad if you like it! You're right! cottage cheese cookies are eaten instantly

Vinokurova, Alena, added cookies

Anise, Anyuta, thanks for the kind words

lungwort, Natalia, thank you

kirch, Lyudmila, thank you! The cream is delicious, yeah

julia_bb, Julia, thanks for evaluating the recipe

Mikhaska, Irishka, I also cooked from ready-made, it was a long time since thanks for stopping by

ArkaNatalie, thank you, too, wanted him to the main thing, then I thought it was more logical a whole, then a piece ... changed
NataliARH, today I was honored and baked this cake. Stands, darling, insists in my room, it’s easier to keep the line, they don’t hide. The most to hold out until morning. I feel that it will not stand its time in the refrigerator. I really liked the prescription cream. My daughter was ready to eat it with spoons, well, not with shovels.
NataliARH, Natasha, I am taking your next recipe to bookmarks, I will try to do it for the holiday! Thank you !
Sveta, well, how's the cake? did not like it?

Anna, spring holiday!
NataliARH, how did not like it. The cake went off with a bang, mine are asking for repetition, but I still can't get myself together. In general, I am going to bake cakes from several layers for a long time.
The dough in the cake is excellent, only 5 cakes are involved in baking, this is not 8 or 12 ...
Natasha, don't worry, your cake is listed in my red recipe book.

Girls, do not put off the recipe for cottage cheese "Napoleon" for a long time, believe me - the head off from the whole family, of course, if you like cottage cheese pastries.
Quote: Wildebeest
red book of recipes
how honorable!
Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback.
NataliARH, Nataaaaaaaaaaaaaash !. I did and gobbled up I ate very quickly ... when we swallowed the last piece, I remembered about the photo ... but after all, the current crumbs remained
something turned out to be very tasty ... and I rolled it out on a dough rolling machine ... a rectangular toric turned out ... narrow, really ... but it's gone)))))))))
thanks for the recipe
Alyona, please, the photo is not the main thing, the main thing is that you liked it and it was delicious for you
Did something happen? - why suddenly you?
Quote: Vinokurova
when we swallowed the last bite
you were not alone
NataliARH, Natus, I forgot to say that from the remaining pieces of dough (trimmings that did not go into baking the cake) I made puffs with cherry jam in a sandwich maker ... overdried, of course, but it was also delicious ...
in short, the dough is delicious and very edible)))
Thank you
AlenKa, you are welcome

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