I can't wait for tomorrow! I decided to return to mv. I ordered a small Städler for 3 liters. Was 4 liters. even a lot to me 4 in practice.
Is there anyone who owns the little Städler?

Multicooker Stadler Form Chef One SFC 929

Multicooker Stadler Form Chef One SFC.929

General characteristics

A type



650 Wt


3 l

Body material


Inner cover

there is

there is

Management and programs



3D heating

there is

Automatic programs

12, including: baking, porridge, cereals, stewing, steaming, deep frying, pilaf, frying

Maximum Timer Setting

24 h

Manual adjustment

cooking time

Keeping warm

there is

Delayed start

there is

recipes: risotto, express rice, potatoes, soup; includes a spatula, a measuring cup, a grid for steaming

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions (WxHxD)
25.5x20.5x31.5 cm

3.5 kg

SFC.929 - 650 W; SFC.909, SFC.919 SS - 800W
Voltage: 220-240 V / 50 Hz
Pot material: anodized aluminum with non-stick coating
Daikin / Ceramic coated aluminum (optional).
Volume: SFC.929 - 3 liters; SFC.909 - 4 liters; SFC.919 - 5 HP
Number of programs: 12
Time-ready function.
Yesterday I had a new assistant in the kitchen.
Pretty compact model from Stadler 929.
Yesterday I managed to get acquainted with two functions: self-cleaning, steam mode.
Before starting work, I subjected the baby to self-cleaning.
My observations of this feature:
* there was a primary factory smell, not very pronounced; 15 minutes; the bowl has warmed up, but not to an incredible temperature
* function for steam: despite the steam "basket" here it is presented as a stand; water holds 3 mst (3 * 160ml); the presence of steam is not strong during cooking.
1. I tried a new silicone mold for cooking eggs (steamed egg with dill) I set the time for 7 minutes, it could have been 3-5 minutes (it would definitely be enough)
2. Pink salmon just steamed; a piece of light weight up to 100g, I put it for 20 minutes, it could be for 13-15 minutes. The pink salmon was pre-marinated in kefir-garlic sauce, after cooking the bowl was almost clean, everything evaporated and there were no kefir residues at the bottom.

I can also say the baby works silently, without filling the apartment with the smell of fish.
Elenta, Congratulations! Stadler is a great cartoon!
Thank you!
: girl_in_dreams: Hope to be a good helper
So far, I began to be friends with him from a simple point.
Once again I went to our micro house!
I learned that the model neighbors have been discussing all the nuances of the Standler Form for a long time; starting from page 107, I jumped to them in Temka

Well, for now I will share another photo about today's oatmeal.
I will write a proportion, maybe someone will come in handy:
Oat flakes 0.5 mst
1.5mst water
A handful of raisins (white and black)
Etc. MILK Porridge (30min)

The oatmeal has moved very well from the bowl, viscous in consistency, if you add 2mst water - I think it will be more creamy.
In general, the more I read about Stadler (cooking modes), the more questions I have:
-In what mode to cook beans for lobio?
-can I fry without water / oil, just in a dry saucepan?
-How does the "potato" mode work - my spaghetti is long?
-If I am frying fish now, can I add pepper during frying?
-Is it possible to cook cocoa in a baby, will the milk run away? And in what mode?
... a lot of questions
Comments on this model:
* compactness, which is what I wanted
* almost everything is prepared in a diet mode similar to a double boiler
* the menu is very convenient, there are questions, but they are not enough for me; I usually don't know which side to approach the technique
* bowl: washed at once
* no strong condensation from cooked food
* there is one BUT while in practice I fake for myself, it takes a long time
I have not visited our house for a long time - I will leave a review on this model.
Now about the portions:
As practice shows in working with this small model, you can safely cook portions for 4 people in it. We warmed up mashed potatoes for 4 people yesterday, even left. Nothing was burnt or welded during heating (b / water and oil).

I will try to unsubscribe with photos about cooking soup in this small mule.
About his little friend and helper in the kitchen.
I cooked meat zrazy - from 250g of minced meat it turned out 4 pcs. Zraz; I fried in mv on ZHARKA Ave. 30min with a crust of 2 pieces, 3 did not squeeze in, as it seemed to me that it would be very inconvenient to turn 3 pieces.
Elenta, tell me, is it possible to turn off the heating in advance? and how is milk porridge in it? don't run away?
No, you cannot disable; I do on the water sometimes the foam ends up on the steam valve; I think he will run away.
We decided to update Temka a little.
A. On the topic of a small car.
Today I cooked millet on the river. Milk porridge
slightly more than half of 1m. Art. millet
water 2m. st
result - 2 servings turned out
Multicooker Stadler Form Chef One SFC 929
B. Decided to show the lid. The lid is almost clean, there is a slight accumulation near the steam release channels
Multicooker Stadler Form Chef One SFC 929

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