Bagels "Girl's legs" (Meitschibei)

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Bagels Girl's legs (Meitschibei)


Wheat flour 150 g
Oil drain. 40 g
Sugar 15 g
Salt pinch
Milk 50 ml
Yeast press. 6 g
Egg 1 PC.
Roasted hazelnuts 150 g
Powdered sugar 80-g
Cinnamon 1/2 tsp
Water ~ 50 ml

Cooking method

  • The first mention of these adorable bagels, the hallmark of the German-speaking canton of Bern, was found in Swiss cookbooks in 1930, although there is speculation that the recipe has been known since the late 19th century. Different bakeries have their own zest - somewhere they add honey to the filling, somewhere - zest, but, nevertheless, this dessert, baked mainly in autumn and spring, enjoys constant success, and mostly among older visitors to pastry shops, who are considered the main ones. the advantages of the dessert, in addition to the great taste, the absence of crumbs and sticky fingers. It is better to eat the "legs" fresh, although they are perfectly stored for two to three days.
  • Combine flour, salt and sugar. Dissolve the yeast in warm milk, melt the butter, pour into the flour and knead the dough, which, after covering, set aside for two hours. For the filling, grind the nuts into nut flour, add powder, cinnamon and pour, stirring, water until the mixture reaches the consistency of a thick dough.
  • Cut portions from the risen and doubled dough, roll it out to a thickness of ~ 2 mm and cut out rectangles ~ 7 x 18 cm in size.Place the nut filling on each rectangle along the long axis:
  • Bagels Girl's legs (Meitschibei)
  • Having smeared the long edges with egg white, we twist the roll and bend it, giving the shape of a horseshoe:
  • Bagels Girl's legs (Meitschibei)
  • We spread the blanks on a baking sheet, leave, covered, for twenty minutes for proofing
  • Bagels Girl's legs (Meitschibei)
  • Then grease with yolk (preferably diluted milk or water) and bake in heated to 180about oven for 15 minutes.
  • And you don't need to be a cannibal to get pleasure from eating these delicate girlish legs)))
  • Bagels Girl's legs (Meitschibei)
  • And many more in Switzerland believe that the song "Meitschibei" by the Bernese singer and composer Peter Reber, included in his album "Jede brucht sy Insel", is dedicated to both girls' legs and their confectionery equivalent.

The dish is designed for

12 pieces

dopleta, whatever the recipe, the name.
It's not me, Ligra, it's them ! I'm just "digging the earth."
And the photo !!! Especially the bottom
Larissa, like me yours I like these legs! : wow: Now a couple of these legs for a cup of coffee ...
Quote: izumka
And the photo
Well, not perfect legs, of course ... but, as it is stated, girlish! In any case, exactly pristine!
Larissa! I am delighted!
And where do you get such original recipes with unusual names from?
Yes, from the same place, from where everything, Sasha, - mostly from the network. And thanks to everyone, girls, for the pleasant feedback!
What cool legs
Urgently in, need to cook
Thanks for the original recipe
Larissa, we haven't eaten the legs yet. Now we will.
Gal, so I had a fear - and whether they were chopped off as punishment drunk virgins ?
What? The virgins got drunk, lay in the doorway, they chopped off their legs ...
Irina Dolars
Larissa! Great! Surprised!
It seemed to me that a sausage was sticking out of a bagel
I read the composition, I see "hazelnut"

We already had ears (on the forum) ... We had sponges ... If these are legs, will there soon be shoes?
Larissa. As always original.
The recipe is very interesting, and the main thing is the name. Yes, in the light of the above comparisons, it's just awful.
Thanks, girls ! Nice how!
Quote: dopleta
It is better to eat "legs" fresh
I think that any legs are better fresh. Interesting recipe! Who did they sculpt these legs from)))
It’s hard not to write Das ist fantastisch!

Hope everyone is good with a sense of humor
Look-batun, I hope so too !
Quote: nar-din

dopleta, With whom did they sculpt these legs)))
With a cavalryman - girls!

I will bake on February 23 in almost full size! Super!
Quote: Rada-dms
almost life size
? Aren't you afraid that someone will confuse them with real ones?
Quote: dopleta

? Aren't you afraid someone will confuse it with the real ones?

If turned over, they can be used instead of sawn-off horns!
A universal recipe !!!
Non-girl's horns ??? Interesting ...
Larisa, an amazing recipe, I just want to try it!
How beautiful and tasty oooo (and, as always, at Lirisa's). I'll drag these wonderful legs into the tabs
Claass! Great, very interesting recipe!
Larissa, are the legs delicious? Is the dough closer to sandy?
Ira, what do you think? I would post the recipe, adding - you don't bake this, is it tasteless? And I would not call the dough shortbread, there is yeast right there.

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