Slow Cooker Pork Schweinskarree aus dem Slow - Cooker

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Slow Cooker Pork Schweinskarree aus dem Slow - Cooker


Pork loin or neck
Parsley root
Celery root and leaves
Balsamico 1 st. l
Cognac 30ml
For the sauce
or starch with water
or black bread soaked in sour cream with water or cream

Cooking method

  • Yesterday we had a little dispute about a slow cooker.
  • As proof, I immediately cite a local recipe.
  • The amount of ingredients depends on the size of the pot, and on the appetite)))
  • So, we cut the pork into pieces at random. Leek. cut carrots, parsley, celery into small pieces, put in a slow cooker, put the meat there, salt, add spices for you, I only have pepper.
  • Pour a spoonful of balsamic, cognac and mix everything.
  • Slow Cooker Pork Schweinskarree aus dem Slow - Cooker
  • If you need a dish faster, we put it on high, and if in the evening, then on low. All.
  • Slow Cooker Pork Schweinskarree aus dem Slow - Cooker
  • According to the recipe, at the end of cooking, you need to drain the liquid from the meat and thicken it with starch.
  • I don't like starch sauces, so I cut a piece of brown bread, poured it with sour cream diluted with water, and in the middle of cooking, after 3 hours, poured it into a pot.
  • I had another couple of hours to prepare, that is, three hours on high and a couple of hours on low.
  • Here is such a deliciousness obtained with practically nothing!
  • Slow Cooker Pork Schweinskarree aus dem Slow - Cooker
  • Bon Appetit!!


By the way, this can be said to be a basic recipe.
You can make meat with various additives, mushrooms, vegetables, tomatoes, cucumbers.

Delicious, I cook meat in about the same way (basic recipe for any meat in a slow sauce),
what was the dispute?
Lerele, appetizing meat, but how does the bread behave in the sauce, does it completely dissolve or in pieces?
Thanks for the recipe. There is a good neck. I will definitely cook it. I like to add balsamic. I even began to add it to the barbecue marinade
Lerele, the recipe is really basic. As my pets say - meat with vegetables. But the recipe for the thickener is very interesting. I usually just add sour cream or milk if tomatoes are present. Question. Is the bread necessarily black? And what does he give?
Allegra, I said that slow is more important than dough sheeter and Tim is the opposite.
Ligra, I have dissolved, sometimes pieces come across.
Marina_K, the bread thickens the gravy, after all, there is flour, but it does not thicken like flour, but just the sauce becomes thick, and adds taste.
Probably you can be white, I have never met the truth.
Lerele, How lovely! Thank you so much!
Maybe while there is no slow motion in the cartoon, you can do it?
What kind of slow cooker should I buy? : plach7: big or small?
Today I flew into Mediamarkt in passing and saw 6.5 liters of Kenwood. Well, a big little pot, but just for a duck, a lamb's leg.
Lerelechka, please measure the length of your pot
Mirabel, 32 handles, 27 top inside the saucepan.
Look at the ebee, we have 30 euros each three liters. I have a 2.5 kg duck. 3 liter slow.
Quote: Mirabel
Maybe while there is no slow motion in the cartoon, you can do it?

You can, about the taste, it will be different, because the cartoon is more closed, in short it will be tasty, but in a different way.

Lerele, thanks for the clarifications, but I just met German recipes with white bread for thickening.
Lerele, Thank you so much! I went to watch!
Mirabel, of course, look, the price for them is sparing, and there is a lot of pleasure.
We have a lot of recipes for the first time for the slow ones.
Lerele, Yes, I already decided for sure what I would buy, but I rush about with the volume of the bowl.
Vika, 3.5 liters is very comfortable !!
And the duck breaks in, and a decent one !!
Lerelethanks for the recipe !! I will definitely do it !!
And note, there is not a single gram of oil in the recipe, not any.
I do everything in it without oil, nothing burns or fries. As this ceramic pan reveals the natural taste of the product, you don't need a lot of spices there.
Masinen, Masha, so I also want to attach a leg of lamb there, Idiushkin, in my opinion, will fit without problems.
I will buy it at the market, measure it and then I will calmly order.
Well, then take 6 liters of oval if you want to zap your leg)
Mirabel, I sent you in a personal link to ebay, only 35 euros 6 liter.
Vot want to show you how to cook a quick chunk. Freezer meat, salt and pepper, garlic and a little pomegranate sauce. All. In a few hours it will be delicious.
Slow Cooker Pork Schweinskarree aus dem Slow - Cooker
Lerele, show me later. Is it pork?
kirch, I'm not sure, maybe pork, maybe a turkey leg without a bone, I pulled out a frozen one and did not identify
I'll show you tomorrow what happens.
Lerele, it seems to me that this is pork)
We are waiting for the result !!
I sign everything in the freezer. Otherwise you won't find what you need
Lerele, I'm also waiting for the result!
Ludmila, I also sign everything.
I rip the skin off her.
I have to sign.
Will be ready soon, I'll take a picture. The smell is awesome.
Done. The smell cannot be conveyed, soft meat, it was cooked for about 5 hours from a frozen state.
Slow Cooker Pork Schweinskarree aus dem Slow - Cooker
Lerele, stunned !! And the turkey turned out to be so delicious!
I also cooked meat for a slow one)
Masinen, I can do everything in it, you see, I don't cook meat in advance, I got it out, anointed it with something cold, threw it into a saucepan and that's it.
Then you can eat it cold, you can brown it a little in a pan, you can serve it with different side dishes.
You can simmer in slices, you can with vegetables, or porridge. And all without oil.
Lerele, awesome meat. 5 hours on fast? I have your pork recipe this week. I want to add Borodino bread to thicken
kirch, I only made beef with Borodinsky, it was very tasty. Now I often put bread in meat gravy with flour viesto, it tastes better for me that way.
Yes, 5 hours per high.
I found a recipe here, they say French, for thickening the sauce. Take soft butter and flour 1 to 1. Roll balls the size of cherries from this mass. Put in the freezer. Stored for a long time. Add to sauce.
It is necessary to try,: girl-th: it is interesting to put in a hot sauce and whether the ball will brew right away, or the butter will melt and will not let it brew. Christmas trees, and tomorrow you will not try, there is a lot of food at home
And I still put the meat on the night)
And most importantly, I forgot about him. I go to the kitchen, and there, it smells so mmmm ..
Put the beef, 2 pieces from the freezer.
And truth be told, she tormented Shtebe for 93 grams for 6.30 hours.
And the slow was busy with porridge.
Now I'm thinking about what to do with juice? Gravy or do nothing?
And if gravy, how?
I'm bragging)
I took beef, oak pieces. I even regretted having bought such meat.
I tried it, it turned out very tasty)
Slow Cooker Pork Schweinskarree aus dem Slow - Cooker
I'll go to the Headquarters and boast))
Masinen, it turned out superbly !!! Freeze the juice in portions, you will add it when the broth is needed, it is concentrated, diluted with water.
Lerele, if not for your recipe, I would never have cooked beef like that.
Now she was sitting and eating. She's so soft, go crazy!
Masinen, here !!! I'm right all the same, a slow thing is necessary !!!
I often cook meat in it, and there are no worries, and it's delicious.
Lerele, thanks for the recipe and method for thickening sauces!
Yesterday I made chicken legs with cabbage in a slow jar (sauerkraut and fresh equally), I got a lot of juice, I decided to thicken it with Panko breading (it is neutral in taste). I am very pleased with the result!
Slow Cooker Pork Schweinskarree aus dem Slow - Cooker
Kaaak yummy! Thoughts ran so immediately what I have there in the freezer, something to push into the slow
Lerele, please tell me, is pomegranate sauce like our (Caucasian) Narsharab? -sweet?
Natalia, Natasha, probably Ira (Lerel) did not see your question.Yes Yes! of course! This is the same sauce, not entirely sweet, with sourness.
I came across a recipe in time! True, I have variations on the theme. A healthy piece of venison, cut into pieces and cartoon Brand37501. There was a lot of liquid, and it already flooded through the valve. I put it on baking with an open lid, flushed the valve and sat down at the computer, let me think the liquid will decrease. And then this recipe went to variations. Borodino crackers, sour cream, balsamic, cognac, celery remnants. In general, a whole bowl of fragrant meat. Now I'll put it on manual 80 degrees for an hour. Thank you!
Quote: Lerele
I said that slow is more important than rolling dough
both are right
and without both carefree there is no life in the kitchen
mowgli, I'm sorry, I didn't see the question right away. No, sour, it looks like balsamic sauce. I always take it from the Turks.
Tancha, beauty for sure turned out
All the same, for meat, slow cooking is very good.
Very tasty and soft, you can eat with your lips. : girl-yes: Only pepper and balsamic must have gone too far. Spicy and sourish, but excellent with white bread. Soaked all the sauce. Thanks again.
mowgli, last time I answered from aiped, I could not insert a picture, now I remember, I am catching up.
I now have exactly the same sauce
Slow Cooker Pork Schweinskarree aus dem Slow - Cooker
I did the duck in a slow way today! I took it straight out of the freezer, rinsed it under water, rubbed it with salt with herbs and pepper, sprinkled it with dill and basil, cut the orange into slices, squeezed the juice right onto the duck, and shoved the slices inside as I could. I didn't add anything else (no water, no oil). I put it in the Shteba and put it on the languor at 96 degrees for 6 hours 30 minutes. The duck was 1.6 kg.
God! What a soft, all separated from the bones, you can eat just with your lips (Granddaughter ate straight in pieces), juicy, tender, with an orange flavor ... very tasty !!! And most importantly, no body movements on my part and almost a dietary option! About a quarter of a saucepan melted out the juice and fat .. I poured washed buckwheat into it, and a delicious side dish for tomorrow!
Thanks for the recipe and cooking example straight from the freezer!
Slow Cooker Pork Schweinskarree aus dem Slow - Cooker
I prepared a beef neck (700 - 800 g) from the freezer, I was afraid it would be tough. In vain I was afraid, pomegranate sauce works wonders, you can eat meat with your lips. I cooked for 8 hours at the LOU.
The sauce was taken by NARSHARAB, if you try it like that, it seems sweet and sour, but when finished, it seems sour, but you don't feel sweetness
Guzel62, I also make a duck like that, tell me it turns out very tasty ??
You can clearly see how she melted.
brendabaker, yes, meat from slow meat can be eaten with your lips, it's great, it's delicious !!!

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