Plum curry sauce

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Plum curry sauce


plum hungarian 2 Kg
hot pepper 2-3 pcs
bell pepper 2 pcs
garlic 50 g
sugar 200 g
salt 2 tbsp. l.
curry 15 g
tomato paste 2 tbsp. l.

Cooking method

  • I want to offer you a recipe for a hot sauce for meat. The sauce is delicious. It could be eaten like jam, but it stings a lot.
  • So peel the plum, twist it in a meat grinder or punch it with a blender. Boil for 20 minutes. Be careful. Plum "shoots" very strongly.
  • At this time, twist the peppers: Bulgarian and hot, garlic. Add salt, sugar, tomato paste, curry. Add this mixture to the plums. Cook for 25 minutes. Arrange in sterilized jars. Wrap until cool.

The dish is designed for

1.5 liters

Time for preparing:

1 hour


I know what taste and color all markers are plastic no comrades. But you may also like this sauce.
Bon Appetit

button, and with what it is eaten? And the taste is sour and spicy, right?

iris. ka!
The taste is rather spicy-sweet. There is practically no acid here (a tablespoon of tomato sauce is not much). And this sauce is good for meat. At least mine are very respected with meat. And they just smear and crack on bread.
Kpopa, what an interesting recipe, I've already used up my plum for jam, I'm taking it as a bookmark for the future.

Gabi! Thanks for attention. The sauce is really interesting. Only this year I did not have a plum, but the "wild" harvest was cherry plum. So I risked using cherry plum. Everything else is strictly according to the recipe. The sauce, in my opinion, did not suffer, but became more interesting hot-sweet-sour. and my men crumbled celery into sauce and assured me that it was a "bomb". And my winter preparations are almost exhausted.
While I was writing your answer, I remembered about the frozen cherry plum. I’ll try to make another porcelain.

knob, this year we have a lot of plums, especially yellow ones. Can it make a sauce from it or not worth trying? And in general, where to let her?
Valyusha, I think that the yellow plum sauce is not a hindrance. Adjust the sweetness-acidity to your liking. The only caveat is that the color of the sauce will change. But the stomach, I think, will not be offended.
And from the plums, make more marshmallow, marines. plums and all sorts of tasty things, such as jam with chocolate, with spices, etc.
knob, I made the marshmallow ... the color is more terrible.
This is a prototype ... Then I added the blue plum puree. It has become more pleasing to the eye ...
I'm afraid to pickle, they are too soft. If only to pick specially immature ones?
Valyushka, fix with him, with color! The main thing is delicious! And let the overripe plums in the sauce. Goodness should not be lost. Winter will eat everything! If you don't have a curry bias, you should like the sauce.
knob, Thank you very much for your advice .
I'll try to make the sauce
Tusya Tasya
And I made a quarter of the portion for testing. I added a little more sugar, because the plum is unripe and sour. The rest is prescription, except for the process. I do not like it when the ground mass shoots and burns, so I blasted it at the last moment, and not at first. The sauce is thick, beautiful. For my taste, the pungency is not enough, but it depends on the pepper. Okay, if it is not enough, then after opening the jar I will drop a drop of Tabasco. We tried it with Chuchelkina chicken in onions. Class! The sauce is similar to Chinese plum, if anyone has tried it.knob, thanks, tomorrow I will cook a full portion.
Natasha, to your health! The sauce is very interesting. It is a pity that it remained unclaimed in our HP.Adjust the pungency with pepper. (Sometimes it is very difficult to understand peppers what to expect from him. It seems that you will breathe like a dragon, but in the end -. And sometimes a little snicker, but gives out such pungency that wow)
By the way, I began to cook this cherry plum sauce. Only the color suffers, but the taste has become more interesting.
Tusya Tasya
I got the plum again, so I cooked a portion of the sauce without hesitation. One pepper went with seeds in the pan, it turned out spicy, and removed the seeds from the second. This time, the taste is a little different, as the curry took a different manufacturer. I boiled down the plum again in halves. So I like it better, nothing spits. In the end, she blended everything, brought to a boil and poured into jars. I didn't close one, so we could try. Tasty, after cooling it thickens well. Thank you
A strange letter has arrived about the movement of a recipe with Temko creamy sour cream sauces by a Seminadi user. This is the first time I've heard of such a user. And I would like to know what this forum member was guided by? There is no cream or sour cream in the sauce, there are plums - and this is far from a dairy product.
By the way, it would be very nice to have a button "Find user" on the forum. I searched through the search and nothing came of it.
Quote: knopa
Strange recipe move letter arrived

This is normal, it means that the function of notifications about any moderator actions with your recipes is enabled.
Quote: knop
about moving a recipe from Temko to creamy sour cream sauces by the user of Seminadiy. This is the first time I've heard of such a user.
But this is strange: both the user and moving to the wrong section
knob, write to Chief.
Tusya Tasya
The plum is starting to ripen, it's time to cook the sauce. Girls who haven't tried it — cook it, it's yummy!
Tusya Tasya
The season of plums has begun, I'm starting to cook the sauce.
Quote: Tusya Tasya
The season of plums has begun, I'm starting to cook the sauce.
And we have long ended. Oh, sorry, I haven't seen the recipe for this sauce ...
Tusya Tasya
Natasha, are there any frozen ones? I also made from frozen ones, I did not see any difference. Only from different plums different color. Listen, try to make apples. I suspect it will be delicious. But the color will be close to mustard. Only take apples with sourness.
Quote: Tusya Tasya

The season of plums has begun, I'm starting to cook the sauce.
Tasya Tusya, thanks for your post. I cooked two weeks ago and forgot to report.
First, stewed plum with sugar + hot pepper. Allowed to cool, changed in a blender + everything according to the recipe, except for salt. I put one tablespoon of a tablespoon, boiled it, tasted it and felt a salty taste, in my opinion, the taste should be balanced, sweet and sour spicy salty. I didn't put in any more salt. Maybe salty salt or something else. And everything is according to the recipe.
Thank you, Oksanochka for the recipe. I made it. I liked the taste.
Nope, I don’t ice the plum. It becomes too sour. And the freezer is not rubber. I dry it.
But for the apples - thanks. They don't have their own, but the neighbors have. True, not so much as it was last year. In the next. weekend we will go to the village, we must remember to dial.
And the color? The main thing is TASTE!
Girls, I'm very glad that you liked it. I love him very much too.
Tusya Tasya
Taste — yeah, but blue plum has such a beautiful burgundy color! And from a reddish plum color with a brown tint. But in the absence of a plum, the color can be sacrificed, at the same time a new recipe can be invented
lettohka ttt
knob, Oksanochka, thanks for the recipe, today I prepared it with some changes, I'll write for myself, added a couple of sweet peppers, a little sugar, and 150g apple cider vinegar, I didn't have enough acidity. Bitter pepper in the process, became very weak, you need to add a little more, and I also threw a couple of cloves.
The rest is all according to the recipe. Thank you very much for the recipe!

Plum curry sauce
Natalie, I'm glad you made this sauce. And changes are only welcome! I also slightly changed the initial recipe with cherry plum. I liked the taste more!
I am doing the second year. Last year it was with cherry plum, this year with plum.I liked both options. I thought that I thanked last year, it turns out I forgot. Corrected.
Olya! Bon Appetit!
Oksana, Thank you.
Sauce bomb !!! Such a taste, you can't tell right away that it is from a plum. Tkemali somehow did not take root with me, although she lived in Georgia. And here the taste is very cool. Did everything according to the recipe.

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