Jumped apple pie (no butter and eggs)

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Jellied apple pie (no butter and eggs)


Kefir, drinking yogurt 355 g
Semolina 55 g
Oat flakes 25 g
Boiling water 60 g
Sugar 150 g
Salt pinch
Wheat flour 225 g
Starch 1 st. l.
Baking powder 1 \ 2h. l.
Soda 1 \ 2h. l.
Apples 3 pcs.

Cooking method

  • Mix semolina with kefir. Postpone.
  • Pour boiling water over the flakes, mix. Postpone.
  • Dice the apples.
  • Beat the semolina together with the flakes until smooth.
  • Add sugar, salt, flour mixed with baking soda and baking powder.
  • Grease the form with vegetable oil, pour apples, sprinkle with starch. pour out the dough.
  • Bake in an oven preheated to 200C until golden brown. the exact time depends on your oven. I have 1 hour.
  • Cool the finished pie and turn it over on a plate.
  • The second time I baked only 2 apples, I took 2 more handfuls of raisins.
  • Jellied apple pie (no butter and eggs)
  • Jellied apple pie (no butter and eggs)
  • Delicious. I bake for the second day in a row.

The dish is designed for

On a mold with a diameter of 24cm

What a good recipe. Thank you! I will definitely bake it.
Galya, thanks! I would be glad if you like it.
I am also interested in the composition (I really sympathize with oatmeal), as well as the absence of oil and eggs. I will definitely try it, and I also want it with raisins. Thank you!
a wonderful recipe, an appetizing pie, I love oatmeal in baking, it gives the dough wonderful fluffiness
So, I'm going to the dacha today, I'm baking your pie, the benefit of oatmeal has accumulated a lot with yogurt, I'm brewing fireweed tea, which has reached a condition, and everyone will be happy by the evening!
A tempting recipe! Have you tried it in m / v? And then with our +34 it is not up to the oven
TATbRHA, SanechkaA, paramed1, hrushka, Thank you! I would be glad if you like it. Today we finished eating yesterday's pie. It seems to me that it has become even tastier.

Quote: hrushka
Have you tried it in m / v?
I originally wanted to bake in MV, but changed my mind ... the golden crust outweighed. I think it should work out in MV.
We must try to bake with a coup) It's not crumbly, is it?
Quote: hrushka
It's not crumbly, is it?
No, it keeps its shape. But it is necessary to grease the casserole with oil!
Thank you! Boom to try
Good luck!
Antonina 104
I seem to be the first.
They brought a bucket of plums from the dacha and without thinking twice, I decided to bake this pie, but with plums.
We liked it very much.
Jellied apple pie (no butter and eggs)
Mistletoe, catch another huge thanks!
Antonina, glad you liked! And our plum this year is all wormy.
An interesting recipe, I will try to repeat it !!! Thank you, Ksyusha !!!
Kizya, Thank you! I would be glad if you like it!
Irishk @
Delicious!!!! I baked so much, though without apples, now I bake with apples !!!
I chose - I chose an apple recipe from Ksyusha, my eyes widen, for today I took this one because there is no time for long recipes. I really would like eggs with eggs - otherwise I can't feed them to a child, just like cottage cheese ... I put them in a cartoon with my elderly.
Vera, an egg can be substituted for oatmeal with boiling water.
Delicious and simple pie, made with pears

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