Lemon muffin in a bread maker

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Lemon muffin in a bread maker


Egg 3 pcs
Sugar 200gr
Lemon 1 PC
Butter (softened) 70gr
Salt 0.5h l.
Flour 320gr
Baking powder 2.5h l.

Cooking method

  • For a long time I was looking for an easy and understandable recipe for some cake. Most of all I wanted lemon And that's what I ended up doing and was surprised at the result.
  • So, first, beat the eggs, sugar and salt with a mixer or a whisk (I don't have a mixer, I beat it by hand). Pour the resulting foam into a bucket of a bread machine, add soft butter there (very soft, I chop it into the maximum number of pieces to mix better). We put the grater over the bucket and rub the zest from all over the lemon there - so that not a single gram by it! Then we cut it in half and squeeze all the juice back into the bucket.
  • Then we sift the flour and add the baking powder. We put on the "Cake" mode.

The dish is designed for


Time for preparing:


Cooking program:



I did it on Moulinex Uno, there is a separate "Cupcake" mode, which quickly first kneads, and then bakes (all during 2:20), on Moulinex, when switching to "Cupcake" mode, you cannot select a weight - it costs 1000g - it's ok If your bread maker does not have such a mode, then you will have to knead the dough yourself and put it on baking for an hour and a half.

Bon Appetit!

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Lemon muffin in a bread maker

Olga VB
Really, Neznot confusing.
And it looks beautiful.
And you can bake not only in KhP, but also in MV, and in the oven.
A very good recipe!
Olga VB, I hope that everyone else will have it as beautiful and not confusing. The only problem (for me) is to beat the eggs by hand. All the same, 200 grams of sugar and 3 eggs of the handle get tired) So, I think, if you beat it with a mixer, then the foam will be steeper and, accordingly, the cupcake is more magnificent!
Olga VB
Oh, I have no problem with that, - Kesha beats the eggs at once to a standing state.
By the way, some muffins don't like heavily beaten eggs.
What if this one of the same ...
I hasten to thank for the idea after the first bite! Cupcake is useless! I just took an old recipe for an English cake with four eggs and more butter as a basis (I use sunflower oil for muffins). If it were not for the diet., I would have lost half at a time!
dolcemira, eat to your health! We also fell in love with this cupcake, now we are just finishing the last crust in a dog fight, while I answer here, my wife probably finished everything
I thought of using this dough as a base for a curd-jelly cake with fruit. You need to surprise the guests on the d. By the way, I baked in the cartoon. Bon appetit to you and your wife!
Today I baked for reasons. Thank you very tasty. Did a replacement for the sl. butter for cottage cheese and 1 egg for 52 g of squash syrup (from candied fruits).
But for me it turned out rather dry
Lemon muffin in a bread maker
Thanks for the recipe, very, very tasty!

Thanks for the recipe. I, disappointed with the information in the discussions about my unit, HP Moulinex 240e30, and my family liked everything. It remains only to bring to mind - add nuts / candied fruits, or sprinkle with powdered sugar, or layer, it looks better than expected. Baking on the program "Keks". According to the recipe, I just didn't add lemon, I didn't want to wait for it to come, the eggs were not large, I beat it with a blender. Now this will be our regular recipe.
Lemon muffin in a bread maker
Tusya Tasya
Nez, thanks for the simple but delicious cupcake. Baked the other day, it was necessary for the arrival of guests.The guest took the recipe with her.

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