Sandy yeast bagels with jam

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Sandy yeast bagels with jam


butter (margarine) 250 g
sour cream 250 g
pressed yeast 15-20 g
flour about 2.5-3 st
jam (marmalade, jam)

Cooking method

  • Dissolve the yeast in a little water (literally 2 tbsp. L. To dissolve). Grind oil with flour, add sour cream and pour in yeast. Quickly knead a soft elastic dough (similar to dumplings). It is not necessary to knead too tight, and it is also not worth kneading very carefully (it is the layering that is inherent in this dough that will be lost). All! The dough is ready! DO NOT CHILL! It is NOT NECESSARY to wait for the rise! Roll out immediately (about 0.3-0.5 mm), cut into triangles, put on the edge any maximum thick jam (marmalade, jam, ... I have tea rose jam) and twist the rolls. Size - the smaller, the tastier. Roughly speaking with a little finger. Do not stack very tightly - they will grow a little during baking.
  • Bake in an oven preheated to 180 * for 10-15 minutes - until light golden brown.
  • Sprinkle generously with powdered sugar when finished, but still warm.
  • Delicious crumbly layered bagels are obtained. Yeast is absolutely not felt.
  • Sandy yeast bagels with jam

The dish is designed for

2 large baking sheets


No sugar needed! There is enough sweetness thanks to the jam and the icing.

Excellent just !! And you don't have to bother with the dough for a long time!
Yes, it prepares quickly! While you are kneading the dough and forming the first batch, the oven is heating up. While she is baking, we spin the second batch of bagels.
Quote: kava
I have tea rose jam)
uuuuu .. what a luxury !!!! Katya, great bagels turned out!
Quote: Rada-dms

Excellent just !! And you don't have to bother with the dough for a long time!
I also love simple, but "delicious" recipes.
Cool bagels !!! Mom bakes the same, only milk instead of sour cream. Sooooo delicious! Especially with boiled condensed milk Thank you for reminding me, I will have to bake
Fast, delicious !!
Only I have a jam
Rolled out on a dough rolling machine

Sandy yeast bagels with jam

Sandy yeast bagels with jam
Lerele, it is better to take molded marmalade.
Where can I get it here?
It's delicious anyway, some of them go and drag, drag ..
Lerele, well, you are using the machine to the fullest. Is the dough not fat for rolling?
kirch, no, I have never stuck. Although the dough was not at all thick, I just sprinkled it with plenty of flour. And for a photo I even stopped the car to take a photo, then turned it on, it climbed further.
And I like the machine so much, so I'm playing. I saw this recipe, I immediately thought that it was katnu on a typewriter. I also plan to try puff pastry.
Yes, it is soft and pliable, but if you roll it well in flour, then you can skip it through a rolling machine (just not quite thinly). You can sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, nuts and sugar - it's also delicious. : nyam: I just put 1/2 a coffee spoon of pink jam (my husband was still indignant at what, they say, are you cheating?). It also leaked a little - it's not catastrophic. With marmalade, it should be good (but we don't have plastic marmalade on sale).

Bagels while warm croissants remind. And when they cool down they melt a little drier and more crispy (crumbly). I like it this way and that. They leave very quickly. Bake with pleasure and eat well.!
Awesomely fast, easy. What we like so much. I will definitely bake it. I would have baked it today, but the dough is worth it! Thank you very much!

Can you please tell me what kind of protein flour? Now I constantly ask everyone, since ours is a very weak flour. The dough does not always come out.In almost all recipes with HP, I add either fiber or panifarin.
Hmm, the flour is the most common of the highest grade, but I won't say about the protein content ... I've already disposed of the packaging. tumanofaaaa , well, since the dough is plastic, you can add a spoonful of gluten (panifarin) to avoid the temptation to add flour to infinity (and even if it floats)
kavaThanks for the delicious bagels recipe.
Bagels turned out to be quite a few, in the photo the remains of luxury, and the bulk went as a gift.
Sandy yeast bagels with jam
Olga, what "pot-bellied" turned out! I'm glad you liked it! Eat to your health! And with what?
I'm with a report! Great recipe! Wonderful dough - I took exactly 3 glasses without fiber and panifarin, protein content 10.2. She rolled it out in a dough sheeter. The first layer is difficult, until you get used to it. And then it went like clockwork! Thank you so much. I highly recommend it to everyone, now this recipe is permanently settled with us. Thank you very much from all my boys. One port was made with sugar and cinnamon, and the second with red currants (fresh with bites washed and rolled in sugar). And then she just dipped the liver into sugar and cinnamon. Delicious, flaky and crunchy!Sandy yeast bagels with jam
tumanofaaaaThank you for the photo report and nice words. I am glad that you managed to please your family. I myself love recipes so that with a minimum of costs (products and time) to get a tasty result. Flies away with a bang. While you taste it, you already need to bake the next batch
kava reminded of childhood))
My grandmother baked such bagels ... I grew up, got married, began to bake myself ...
My favorite was pechivo, in addition to nuts with condensed milk))
I also made the filling with walnuts - Grind walnuts in a blender, mortar + cane sugar.
Melisa72ru, yes, with nuts, these bagels are also very tasty! And thank you for the kind words
KateThank you very much for the recipe! I was very afraid of shortcrust pastry, but everything turned out great the first time! I will repeat, but I will still buy marmalade) I baked it late last night - a miserable plate remained from 2 baking trays

Sandy yeast bagels with jam
And I also baked them today. After dinner we tried 🔗
Only for some reason they do not increase in size at all.
Quote: Albina
Only for some reason they do not increase in size at all.
But it is nourished and should not practically increase .. Here yeast plays the role of a baking powder ...
I thought they would swell a little. And so yes, they turned out to be flaky.
For my taste, the very thing that did not rise. And the layering and taste .. I baked such, for a long time true ... I really liked them ...
Antonovkawhat handsome men! Appetizing, ruddy! Wonderful result

Albina, they should not rise too much. Slightly rounded when baked rather. We do not give time for proofing and the finished dough turns out not to be yeast, but sandy-layered as I said gawala.

Girls, I'm glad you liked it. Bake and pamper your family.
Today they finished eating, but they didn't even dry out. I will also be sure to bake. 🔗
And yesterday I bought 3 packs of marmalade - there will be something to do on the weekend))
For the umpteenth time I make these bagels and my family cannot get drunk Sorry - to eat: girl_mad: This time I decided to chop flour with "Pyshka" margarine with knives in the Energia or Mriya combine, the technique is shorter than Soviet times, so these turned out to be layered - eat them like seeds and your hand still stretches, you have to do
Sandy yeast bagels with jam
I advise everyone - well, sooooo tasty
Thanks to Katyusha
Irochka, and thank you for reminding you about these bagels! Yesterday I wound them myself. They leave very quickly. Like seeds one by one, they evaporate imperceptibly ...
Thanks for the recipe! My husband will have to do it for work)) And how much dry yeast to take if there is no pressed?
Marina, I make with dry yeast: 5-6g is needed
kava, thanks for the recipe, I urgently needed to bake something, made it with poppy seed filling and jam.Tasty, crumbly, and I didn't have sour cream, I took homemade yogurt, I had to add flour, but the result is good.
Katya, thanks for the recipe. It turned out very tasty, one drawback they have - they are quickly eaten

Sandy yeast bagels with jam
Olima, yes they are! To your health. Bake and eat with pleasure!
The most delicious sandy bagels. Hell and other recipes, but these cannot be compared! Do it quickly. I put condensed milk "toffee" in the filling. Delicious!

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