Good day, well, or another time of day, I decided !!! I will take a bread maker, but all because it’s enough that you buy a large loaf of bread and it grows moldy, you take a small one and it quickly ends, but it’s far away for delicious bread!) Well, the dough in our city is simply disgusting, the pies do not make current on this reason

So, you need such a thing so that it bakes and makes dough. All! Nothing else is needed) Dough for pies, ordinary white bread .. well, maybe another dough for pizza, but even that is not necessary. Therefore, you want something inexpensive and tasteful. In our city they sell Moulinex OW310E32 Metall Inox black from hands for 2500, so I'm thinking of taking it or not? Otherwise, I don’t know which brand to believe in the business of bread makers, and I don’t understand anything about them at all))

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