Truffles with white caramelized chocolate and macadamia

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Truffles with white caramelized chocolate and macadamia


white caramelized chocolate 150g
cream 35-38% 60g
sea ​​salt pinch
macadamia 12pcs
royaline 50g

Cooking method

  • Delicious sweets. Try it! Having tasted the candy, you can feel a soft wave of salty condensed milk, exquisite macadamia and a pleasant crunch of royaline.
  • Chocolate can be bought ready-made Valrhona Dulcey 32% cocoa. But it's hard to get it and the price bites. If you make it, then crumble the tile before melting.
  • You can caramelize white chocolate yourself. Go to this link.
  • Truffles with white caramelized chocolate and macadamia
    After collecting the nuts, the outer shell is removed, and the nuts are to be roasted, during which the shell becomes brittle, easily breaks and sifted out, and the nuts themselves continue the process of turning into a finished product - they are fried with coconut or peanut oil, or they are dry roasted.
    Nuts available for sale vary in size. The most popular, of course, are large ones, these are Premium Wholes (large wholes), Premium Halves (large halves) and Premium Mixes (large mixed). It is they who are most often sold as snacks fried, salted and unsalted; they are also used to make chocolate-glazed sweets. As an ingredient, macadamia is widely used in the confectionery industry, in the preparation of ice cream, and in expensive restaurants it is added to gourmet dishes.
    The smallest nuts, Premium Fines, are less than 4mm in size. They are ideal for preparing sorbets and delicious sauces.
    Macadamia oil is cold pressed. Usually, oil is squeezed out of culled nuts that are unsuitable for main production. It is one of the healthiest salad oils, with around 22% Omega-7 palmitoleic acid, a plant-based alternative to mink oil. Such a high content of this "soft" oil, together with high oxidative stability, make it possible to use it successfully in cosmetics, especially in the manufacture of preparations for skin care. Perhaps one of the greatest connoisseurs of this oil raw material are Japanese cosmetologists who use it to make soaps, tanning creams and shampoos.
    The cake remaining after pressing the oil goes to feed the cattle.
    In general, the use of macadamia is very diverse: almost everything is used, including the shell and peel. Mulch is made from the shell, which is always indispensable for growing anthurium; it is used as a fuel, in the plastics industry, and as a substitute for sand in sandblasting.
    Macadamia nuts are not only very healthy - they contain magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, carbohydrates, but also very high in calories: one ounce (28 grams) contains 204 kilocalories, 12.7 grams of fat, and 2.06 grams of protein. So let's not get carried away, let's coast the waist.
    Keep in mind that macadamia nuts are poisonous to dogs. Once inside the animal's body, they cause severe (but not fatal) poisoning, which is characterized by severe weakness and almost complete immobility. Symptoms last about 12 hours, and the animal recovers completely after two days.
    From Australia, macadamia first of all came to the Hawaiian Islands, which became its second homeland, and in terms of the volume of cultivation and production, perhaps even the first. Here, on plantations, trees are grown from grafted seedlings.In the fifth year of life, the macadamia already begins to bear fruit, and its peak falls on the 12-15 year of the plant's life.
    Macadamia prefers fat, not very acidic, well-drained soil, it is quite resistant to natural whims and can grow at altitudes up to 750 meters above sea level, withstanding temperatures that are quite low for this geographical zone up to + 3C.
    The main enemy of macadamia is strong ocean winds of hurricane force, which can harm plantations, destroying many trees.
    Natural pollinators of macadamia are bees, which not only do an excellent job, but also make excellent fragrant honey from pollen and nectar.
    Ripe nuts fall to the ground and are usually harvested by hand, however, large plantations use harvesters and other auxiliary equipment for harvesting. During the rainy season, the walnuts are collected every four weeks, and in dry weather a little more often. This is necessary in order to protect the crop from uninvited guests - wild pigs and rats, as well as mold and germination.
    Over time, macadamia, like many other plants, became popular and spread throughout the world. These nuts are now successfully grown in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Malawi, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Kenya, China and New Zealand. Trees are also found in the continental United States, California and Florida.
    The trees growing here, in Florida, survived several frosts last winter - even the leaves, which were covered with frost and ice, did not suffer. After the postponed frost, our macadamia blossomed profusely, a large number of fruits formed. However, on young immature trees, the nuts still do not fully ripen, falling off prematurely, although some of the most persistent ones still hold on! Therefore, we do not lose hope to taste the fruits of our own harvest soon.
    However, the main supplier of these beautiful nuts to the world market continues to be Hawaii, and in second place is the historical homeland, Australia.
    From time immemorial, the aborigines living on the east coast of Australia have feasted on the seeds of a tree they called "Kindal Kindal" and "Jindilli".
    Macadamia has a very hard shell indeed - an effort equal to 2000 pascal is required to break one nut. To open the nuts at home, it is useful to keep them in a warm and dry place for a while, then you can try to open them with a screwdriver, however, prolonged exposure reduces the nutritional properties of the nut pulp. A vise is sometimes used, but this way it is easy to crush the core of the nut. The easiest way is to open the macadamia with a knife: the blade is carefully inserted along the noticeable line of the shell, and then a sharp blow to the knife with a hammer and ... the shell will open in two halves, and the core will remain intact. You can try to open the nut with a special pipe cutter - its blade is also set on the center line of the shell, and then the hammer is used again.
    You can, of course, just hit the nut well with a hammer, placing it on some hard surface. The nut may crack, but the kernel will definitely suffer!
    Everything is greatly simplified if the nuts are previously held for several minutes in boiling water until they float to the surface. But it is best to deal with "Arkin Papershell" nuts, bred by retired retired stockbroker Maurice Arkin. On the surface of ripe nuts of this variety, there are small cracks that are ready to open themselves, a few days after harvest. But, even without waiting for this time, it is very easy to break them with a hammer.
    But, of course, the easiest and most affordable way to taste these wonderful nuts is just to buy a package or two of ready-made ones, since the hardworking Hawaiians supply them to almost the whole world (c). (A source: 🔗)

Natasha, what wonderful sweets-truffles!
How much I love macadamia nuts, oyoyy, it's so expensive, but it's also delicious and even healthier!
Lyudmila, yes! Expensive. But you have to do the holidays!
Delicious nut. I used to think macadamia and Brazilian are the same thing. But this is not the case.
You just threw snowballs at me ... get back
It was I who threw snowballs at myself, I must somehow justify my oh-oh-oh enthusiastic And candy class !!!
I am an admirer of nuts and I eat them every day
I would love to indulge! Just how there is not enough real snow outside the window now!
This is an amazing delicacy - gourmet sweets !!!
Natasha, very elegant as always, but how decorated!
I would not refuse such a dessert for morning coffee - especially in the form of a surprise!
Please, please tell us about the white chocolate caramelization
Already made a post! The link is hanging!
And I saw such nuts on the market, they are 2 times more expensive than hazelnuts, but I thought they were large hazelnuts.
Quote: Tasha
I already made a post! The link is hanging!
Thank you!
So I made them, though I have hazelnuts, and sprinkled them with cornflakes, but caramelized white chocolate is yummy, and it's not difficult to do. Natasha, thank you so much!Truffles with white caramelized chocolate and macadamia
Wow! Inna, you are great! : flowers: I accept such a report as a gift!
Oh, this is so delicious! Thanks a lot for the recipe! Made with pecan))
Truffles with white caramelized chocolate and macadamia
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