Pepper nests

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Pepper nests


bell pepper 2 pcs
bacon 3 pieces
eggs 2 pcs
hard cheese 50g
butter 50g
salt, spices

Cooking method

  • Once I saw a video on You Tube, and today I decided to cook with my changes (what was in the fridge). It is done very quickly, simply and it turns out delicious and satisfying.
  • I took 2 sweet peppers and cut them in half. It turned out like 4 stumps. I removed the seeds. Salted and peppercorns. Cut a piece of low-fat bacon into pieces and put in 2 stumps. In the second 2 stumps, I put raw minced lamb meat (I made crabs the day before and there was some minced meat left). In the minced meat, I already had finely chopped raw onions.
  • It turned out 2 types of filling. On the meat I put 1/2 raw egg, a piece of butter.
  • Pepper nests
  • Top with grated cheese.
  • Pepper nests
  • I put it on a plate and poured 50g of water into a plate. In the video, it was baked in the oven, and I put it in the airfryer. First 10 minutes at 190 degrees, and then another 10 minutes at 250 degrees. I forgot to add greens. I liked it very much. In the photo, it seems that it snapped a little, but in fact not.
  • Pepper nests
  • You can make any fillings to your taste. You can try to make a mix (tomatoes, peppers, zucchini ...)

Asya Klyachina
Oh, simple and tasteful. I just have two peppers left. I'll put them in the air fryer, I'll get it even faster.
To your health. They are really very simple and taste great.

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