Philips Air Fryer Diet Curd Donuts

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Philips Air Fryer Diet Curd Donuts


cottage cheese 1 pack
oatmeal (grind) 80 g
baking powder 1 tsp
zest from 1 orange
egg 1 PC.
honey for watering

Cooking method

  • Mix all. Preheat AF to 200 g, form small balls, and place on baking paper or foil, leave for 9-10 minutes. Pour the finished donuts with honey. It turned out so delicious, and not high in calories.


Recipe from Katya Kiwi.

A pack of cottage cheese 200 or 250? I liked the recipe very much, can I try it in the oven interesting?
I had a pack of 200g. You can, of course, do it in the oven, or just in a pan with butter. But in a frying pan it will turn out more high-calorie.
* Anyuta *
Ol, I really liked the recipe .. But what about the airfryer? maybe worth a try? And then I just have a pack of cottage cheese and I don't know what to use it for ...
I don’t know about the airfryer, I don’t have one. Why not, the principle is that in AF.
* Anyuta *
Ol, that is, if I understand correctly, then in AF you did it without a drop of oil?
Yes, I did it in AF without oil at all, since we only use it in salads. But if you don't follow this rule so strictly, you can try to make butter with butter, only then they will no longer be dietary, but closer to traditional ones.
* Anyuta *
Yesterday I made such "donuts" in AG ... the opinion is ambiguous .. I will post the result with the photo a little later, because now there is a blockage at work ...
* Anyuta *
By the way, if someone needs something, then the calorie content of these "donuts" is 209 kK (208.91 kK) per 100 grams ... is from low-fat cottage cheese with a calorie content of 92.2 kK and without honey..
Instead of flakes, I took oat bran, they do not need to be ground and they are healthy, and since bran is fiber, the calorie content of such buns, respectively, is much lower. Plus she added stevioside, sweetly healthy and no extra calories.
* Anyuta *
Here are my donuts from AG ..
Philips Air Fryer Diet Curd Donuts
It turns out well under the Redmond grill lid, I held it a little longer.

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