Zucchini in sour cream-mushroom sauce

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Zucchini in sour cream-mushroom sauce


squash 250 gr.
fresh mushrooms 70gr
sour cream 5 tbsp. l.
oregano taste
vegetable seasoning taste

Cooking method

  • Cut the young zucchini into circles, place in the multicooker bowl. Grind the mushrooms in a blender (if champignons), or better, more fragrant - forest ones (then boil them first), add sour cream and spices, pour in a lot of zucchini. Simmer for 30 minutes. Extinguishing program

The dish is designed for

300 g

Time for preparing:

40 minutes

Cooking program:



In the absence of mushrooms, I replace the mixture of sour cream + mushrooms with sour cream sauce with mushrooms. You can sprinkle with dill. Delicious

Today I have already taken note of one recipe from zucchini ... I love sour cream-mushroom sauce and zucchini too. Believe it or not, just an hour ago I was sitting and thinking how to combine all this in one dish. And here is your recipe, good luck! Tina, thanks!
I have the same love for zucchini and a special love for mushroom sauce, I always have it .. I'm ashamed to say, but I eat everything with this sauce) in general, I combine everything I love and enjoy Try it for health
About oregano I agree 100%! I love spices, and what dishes are aromatic !!!
Very fragrant and very tasty .. you can't eat so much ..; -D I ate the whole zucchini in the evening and ate alone
Hooray, cooked it !!! Tina, thank you again for the recipe, the dish is wonderful !!! Very tasty, I will cook all the time!
Just got to the recipe?) I'm glad that I liked it I already ate them so much for a month in advance
Yes, Tinochka, just got there, I regret not having cooked it before! Everything was somehow not up to this, but now there are preparations for the winter ... But the recipe immediately fell in love with, so now we will cook! And I also saw cabbage soup with barley (for the winter), your recipe, I will definitely make it in the near future!
Glad, be sure to do it, you will not regret it, today we have already opened one can, there was no time to cook, a delight I have in my profile and beetroot borscht, in general, you can swallow your tongue
Oh, thanks and the borscht will come in handy, as I do, I will unsubscribe! To me on you!
Glad, swept

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