Harvesting red pepper for the winter

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Harvesting red pepper for the winter


Any red pepper,
i.e., a curve that has burst,
in general, not a reference
Vegetable oil

Cooking method

  • My pepper, clean it, pass it through a meat grinder, send it to a cauldron, where vegetable oil is poured - a glass of oil for 3 kg of pepper. We put on fire and simmer, stirring, for at least an hour and a half, evaporating the liquid. You can add salt. Arrange in small jars (200-250 ml), close, wrap until cool.


A long time ago, my mother came up with the idea of ​​closing red pepper for borscht for the winter (there were no current freezers). She cut the pepper into strips, I pass it through a meat grinder - children do not respect the pieces of pepper in the plate.

Red pepper contains carotene; when stewed, carotene turns into oil, coloring it red. I definitely add such a pepper to borscht, pea soup, soup with oatmeal, and eggplant caviar in the summer, when there is still no red pepper on the market. The taste and color are delicious. Store an open jar in the refrigerator, do not climb into it with a dirty spoon, otherwise the pepper will turn sour.

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Dressing for soups and main courses.

Take red and green bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, peeled carrots, 2 kg each, a bunch of parsley, dill, cilantro (optional). Cut pepper, onion into half rings, tomatoes into slices, carrots on a coarse grater, finely greens. We mix everything carefully and pour in 1 kg of non-iodized salt, gently stir it again and put it tightly in the jars., Close it with any lids and put it in a cool place (I have jars on my balcony all winter). I add to soups, meat in 1-2 tbsp. l .. Add the finished dish after you put the dressing !!!
himichka, tell me, how is such a workpiece worth? Can it stand in the cellar or in the room? And then I always froze Perchik, but now there is no place at all, I want to do so.

The pepper should stand well, since it is boiled for a long time before the liquid evaporates, and closed under the lids.
This pepper can be stored in the pantry.
AdminThank you, I already asked you for advice on pepper, but all the same, any marinade gives its taste to the product, and in my case, you need to preserve the natural taste to the maximum. I found this recipe in my printouts several years ago in the make section, and was not in demand. I tried to fill in the full name of the recipe in the search, but it gives nothing. I had to shovel all the vegetable preparations well, the hot nickname was known :)
Quote: solmazalla

himichka, tell me, how is such a workpiece worth? Can it stand in the cellar or in the room? And then I always froze Perchik, but now there is no place at all, I want to do so.
I don't have a cellar, it's in the pantry.
Uff .. made 25 250g jars. Just in case, I added one tablespoon of lemon and the whole mass and sterilized for 10 minutes
himichka, thanks for the recipe. The aroma of ground pepper in the dishes was very lacking in winter. Therefore, I decided to make a blank according to your recipe. From 2 kg of peeled pepper, 6 jars of 250 ml and one 100 ml jar were obtained. The pepper was cut on a 10mm Berner insert. The pieces are small in size. The workpiece will be stored in the pantry. Looking forward to aromatic dishes in winter
Once again I went to say a huge thank you to the author of the recipe.It so happened that I had to open one jar before the winter of Devuli, it is so fragrant, so convenient when, when cooking, you open the jar and add the already chopped, aromatic pepper to the dish. And the butter, the butter that remains in the jar, is another song
In short ... I realized that I had to do more. And so there were stars that today on the market a very good red pepper was given for a reasonable price. In general, my handsome men are standing, puffing. ... And soon they will be covered with an appetizing syrup, and smells, smells
In general, I recommend to everyone

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[/ url

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Something is not inserted in the menu today, pictures from the tablet, but believe me, it's beautiful!
ElenaBK, Oh, Lena, you cooked chopped pepper, right? Has he kept the shape? Do the skins swim separately? I didn’t think so I was twisting it through a meat grinder :)
By the way, I forgot to write, the color in the cooking process turned out to be such an interesting, red-haired
solmazalla, I cut the pepper on a berner on a 10mm insert, small pieces turned out, cooked perfectly, did not lose their shape. So try to make a serving of sliced. Moreover, I have already opened one jar and used it in cooking. So they keep in beautiful pieces both in the soup and in the sauce.

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Harvesting red pepper for the winter[/ url

These are the pieces I started to stew.

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