Wheat-yeast bread on fermented rye malt

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Wheat-yeast bread on fermented rye malt


Water 330 ml
Vegetable oil 35 g
Wheat flour 300 g
Rye flour 200 g
Rye malt 30 g
Salt 12 g
Sugar 14 g
Baking yeast 4 g

Cooking method

  • I usually make bread like this:
  • 1. I put the baking dish on an electronic scale (reset the readings), pour 12 g of salt, pour 35 g of vegetable oil (I tried any sunflower or olive oil - I did not notice the difference) and 330 grams of water, I set the baking dish aside.
  • 2. I put a plastic container for food on the scales (reset to zero), pour 30 g of malt, 200 g of rye flour, 300 g of wheat, 14 g of sugar, stir it all with a spoon (bread mixture) and put it in the form of a bread machine.
  • 3. On an electronic scale spoon I measure 4 grams of PAKMAYA instant baking yeast and pour it over the bread mixture.
  • Well, that's all, a form in a bread maker, program 2 "Main" -> "Start".

Time for preparing:

3h 40 mins

Cooking program:




Will this loaf be 900g?

no, about 750-800 grams
THX! then I can safely stir up, I have a bread machine for 750g! will not get out of bounds ???
nicholas, the hat will rise over the bucket a little, it's okay. All of my breads will come out of the bucket. This does not affect the beauty and taste.
Good !! boo bake !!
Thank you for noticing my recipe.
The bread is baked 835 grams. Very tasty!!! Only I put 6 grams of yeast.

Added Saturday 27 Aug 2016 08:50 PM

Thanks for your feedback ...
Thanks for the recipe. This bread has become a favorite of my ml. daughter, she calls him "little black". Salt, however, I reduced to 10 g. And so the bread is just excellent.
Good day everyone! Yesterday I baked "Darnytskyi bread with caraway seeds" according to recipe # 41 (HB Redmond-1910). I (almost) put all the ingredients according to the recipe. True, I got a little confused with diluted malt. The recipe says: Soak the malt in 80ml mountains. water, leave to cool. But it is not written whether it is necessary to strain this malt later, drain the excess liquid .. I strained, but the excess liquid was added. Because of this, I had to add flour when kneading. The recipe says the program is "gluten-free", but I chose "French bread" 750 g, dark crust. The result is a very tasty bread, absolutely unlike the store one, honey (I added dark coriander) gave the bread a pleasant aftertaste. The bread tastes sweet. Wheat-yeast bread on fermented rye maltWheat-yeast bread on fermented rye malt
Thank you! favorite bread ☺️

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