Cabbage soup with sauerkraut in a slow cooker Moulinex Minute Cook

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Kitchen: Russian
Cabbage soup with sauerkraut in Moulinex Minute Cook


Beef up to 1 kg
Potatoes 800 g
Sauerkraut 300/400 gr
Carrot 2 medium
Onion 2
Water 3.5 l
Salt, pepper to taste

Cooking method

  • We wash the meat, put it in a pressure cooker, one unpeeled onion and a whole carrot there. Fill with water, I immediately salt a little.
  • We also close it on high pressure for 1 hour. I love very soft meat, so I always cook longer, but the beef will be ready in 40 minutes.
  • If you cook right away, release the steam and continue cooking. If you cook the broth in advance, as I often do, then leave it on the heating to sweat. In our family, fried soups are rarely made, so we pay great attention to the taste of the broth, the longer the broth is infused, the tastier it is, and the amount of meat also plays a role.
  • I had the broth ready in the evening, it was stored in the refrigerator, so I easily remove excess fat, throw out the onions and carrots, and heat it on frying.
  • While the pan is heating, I peel the onion with carrots, potatoes. When the broth gets hot, I put vegetables and washed sauerkraut, close the lid and HP for 15 minutes, leave it on the heating for as long as I have, I have about an hour.
  • You can add dill and parsley and bay leaves at the end. Sometimes I cook a couple of whole potatoes and then use them.
  • The cabbage soup is very tasty, with a minimum of ingredients and ease of preparation.
  • Bon Appetit!!!

Time for preparing:

40m / 1 hour broth +15 min

Cooking program:

VD 40m / 1 hour +15 min

Kasota is God bless her, but it tastes so good ...
I love such cabbage soup!
I also like it, there are few things to do, the taste is excellent.
Only I rarely cook them: neither my husband nor my son eat them ... Sometimes I arrange a holiday for myself))
yum yum, probably delicious.

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