Brown rice unpolished in a Brand 6050 pressure cooker

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Brown rice unpolished in a Brand 6050 pressure cooker


Brown rice, unpolished 2 multi-glasses
Water 4 multi-glasses

Cooking method

  • Because I have not found anywhere on the Internet how to cook such rice in a pressure cooker. I had to experiment myself.
  • Rice took in relation to water 1: 2, washed under a tap in a sieve. Filled with water, a little salt. No oil was added, since half of the liquid was the broth remaining from the soup. I cooked on the RIS mode for 14 minutes, as set by the program. And then, while she was busy with meat, the rice still “reached” for about 30 minutes, letting off steam on its own. The result is a good crumbly rice.

Time for preparing:

40 minutes

Cooking program:


Asya Klyachina
You really need to try brown rice in a pressure cooker, otherwise it takes much longer to cook than polished rice.
Asya Klyachina, of course try. After all, it is useful, it cannot be compared with polished

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