Wheat bread with grains (in the oven)

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Wheat bread with grains (in the oven)


Wheat groats * 50g.
Water 125g.
Salt 2d.
For the test:
Wheat flour (for men 1s) 425g.
Active dry yeast 5d.
Salt 8d.
Sugar 23g.
Powdered milk 23g.
Vegetable oil** 23g.
Water 50C 215g.

Cooking method

  • Pour the grits with water, add salt, bring to a boil, cover and leave to swell for at least 30 minutes, or better longer. Then cool. Over time, the water is completely absorbed into the cereal:
  • Wheat bread with grains (in the oven)
  • Meanwhile, 150g. flour, mix with yeast and milk powder, pour in 215g. hot water (50c) and stir. Leave for 10 minutes to soak the yeast.
  • Pour in salt, sugar, add butter, 75g. flour and beat for 4 minutes on high speed.
  • Pour in the rest of the flour (200g.) And knead the dough for 5 minutes at high speed until smooth and signs of gluten development. The dough is of medium consistency.
  • Then add the steamed crumbs and mix until smooth for a few seconds. Do not knead the dough with the coarse grains (the grains will break the gluten)... The dough will become soft and sticky.
  • Put the dough on the table, sprinkled heavily with flour. Form a ball, sprinkle with flour, cover with a towel and leave for 15 minutes.
  • Next, distribute the dough with your hands into a rectangle, roll up three times. Roll the resulting strip, put in a greased form, sprinkle with flour, cover with a towel and leave to proof for 50-60 minutes. Here it is necessary to ensure that the dough does not increase by more than 2-3 rubles. The author advises to stand in the cold, "since the grains in the dough (= vitamins + brewed starch) strongly stimulate yeast, and the blanks swell wildly in volume even at 22-25C"... My temperature was 25C. The proofing took exactly one hour.
  • Then put the mold in a cold oven, turn on 200C (convection 180C) and bake for 40 minutes. I baked the last 10 minutes without a mold. Leave the bread in the off oven for another 10 minutes.
  • Cool on a wire rack for an hour and only then cut.
  • Wheat bread with grains (in the oven)
  • Wheat bread with grains (in the oven)
  • Wheat bread with grains (in the oven)
  • Thin crust, the most delicate crumb. Delicious!!! And not troublesome !! Recommend.


* As a crumble, I used Artek wheat groats:
Wheat bread with grains (in the oven)
In principle, any grits can be used. The company "Belovodye" has a lot of them.

** In the original recipe, the author recommends using "Vegetable lard"
Wheat bread with grains (in the oven)
Modern vegetable fat is like margarine, that is, a mixture of vegetable oils, liquid with plastic, but completely without taste and aroma (deodorized) and completely without liquid in the composition (in margarine up to 20% or more by weight - water or milk or serum). Mix into the dough in a soft plastic form (do not drown), then while beating with this fat in a plastic form, you get a magnificent mass, on the basis of which the dough is then kneaded. And the bread is accordingly obtained with a unique porosity.

It is this type of fat that is a secret here, because it is whipped at the factory into a mass filled with myriads of microscopic air bubbles. They will then be the nucleus of future small and even pores in bread.

Unfortunately, we do not have such wealth on sale, so I used unrefined sesame oil.

Recipe from LJ Luda 🔗, I can't stop thanking !!!

Ksyusha, wonderful bread!
She took the recipe to the bins. I'll have to look at the groats in the store!
Manyash, Thank you!
"Artek" is on sale everywhere. But in Belovodye, see more 🔗
Oksana, it's a good shape. and I have sourdough bread with grains.

Wheat bread with grains (in the oven)
Omela how you made me happy! This is not bread, but just a dream! I bought a wonderful durum wheat semolina.There is no way to grind. And here, by the way, is your wonderful recipe. Thank you so much!
And most of all happy with 23 grams of sugar and milk powder That's what Milk's school means
Vasilisa, bread - lovely sight !!!

Creamy, I will be glad if I like the bread !! I, too, today in Belovodye bought different, and with bran, and with wheat germ, and oat-rye-barley
Ksyusha, and if the dough is kneaded in a bread maker, how many minutes before the end of the kneading should the grits be added?
And Belovodye is sho and where?
Quote: Sonadora

Ksyusha, and if the dough is kneaded in a bread maker, how many minutes before the end of the kneading should the grits be added?
Manyash, at the very end of the batch, I think 3 minutes should be enough.

Manya, Belovodye is a firm. I gave the link just above. The site has addresses of stores where it is sold. I took it at the Danilovsky Monastery.
Mistletochka, Ksyusha - I'm with a report. Very sincere bread came out. I also added not just vegetable oil, but a mix (there is a mixture of linseed, sesame and something else). And such a cheerful color turned out. I also want to try corn grits and rice instead of wheat.
Ira, I'm glad that I liked the bread !! But I don’t see the pictures.
I'm Lena.
And the photo seems to be visible.
Lena, (what suddenly drew me to Ira ???) now you can see !!! Nice bread turned out!
Well, how did I miss such a piece of bread?
Ksyusha, took away to bookmarks.
Ksyusha! Well, I cannot tear myself away from your bread. Well, I like him a lot. And so on sandwiches.

Here, this time with corn grits. It turned out very well. And my oil fits very well here. Tasty - unrealistic.

Lenawhat bread !!! Yeah, I really like it too !!!
thank you very much for the recipe))
I did it with more than one wheat grits, but I also soaked the yachka and corn ... the corn was not very swollen, it was hard, but still the taste is excellent
kneaded on the Main mode in Panasika, baked goods in the oven
Wheat bread with grains (in the oven)
katko, I'm glad that I liked the recipe. And corn grits are hard, it needs to be cooked more in time.

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