Good day!
Recently I bought a Vympel dryer. There are mostly contradictory and inaccurate descriptions on the network, the sellers themselves do not really know (and you won’t ask everything again), if there were more real reviews, I probably would not buy it, but this is what it is.
Basically, judging by the descriptions in online stores, Vympel is sold as an infrared dryer, an improved modification of the summer resident, 2 modes, the most spacious, etc. In reality, it is essentially just a cabinet with three electric heating elements and one! with the "on" button. No modes, no temperature / power adjustment, nothing at all.
He has only one advantage: it dries really quickly. Apples are dried almost until cooked in 3-4 hours, then there are chips. The temperature on different pallets is different, which is logical: it is strongest in the center, less - on the bottom, barely - on the top. If you get used to it and start the conveyor, then at first it is convenient to shock dry in the center, then transfer it down to the center - a new portion, and at the top - dry the "rested" until ready.
There are many disadvantages, in my opinion.
The most important thing is that you can't get away from him. You need to mix often and watch carefully, if you gape a little - it burns. That is, there is no option to put and forget. The drying temperature is very high. In the descriptions they write 50 and 80 - they lie (well, or they are cunning). Perhaps 50 on the top, but in the center, it feels higher than 80. I'm not sure that a lot of vitamins remain in the drying at such a high temperature. Well, about the fact that there is basically only one regime, I have already said.
It gets pretty hot. Not so that you could get burned, but the walls are noticeably hot, it glows with heat. In the heat in the kitchen, murder.
The download is less than I expected. Well, somewhere, probably 3 kg of apples, if laid simultaneously. Then you can add, rearranging to dry, the same amount will enter. If you charge a lot at once, they burn from above.
The pallets are heated unevenly, more in the center than at the edges. I was counting on making marshmallow on parchment, but I don’t really understand how - it’s all going to burn to hell, you won’t stop it. Is it possible to do not one large layer, but several small ones on one pallet and change places.

Well, the dimensions, weight, although this is exactly indicated everywhere, and then I was ready.
In general, I wanted a Summer resident 4, but nowhere can I buy it in the season, and a spoon is expensive for dinner. I hoped that the Pennant would be no worse, they seem to be in the same category. But, to be honest, she was rather disappointed. Too we, apparently, are accustomed to the user-friendly technique, which adjusts and flexes to the user. And this is such a harsh Soviet unit from the "file with a file" series, to which the user himself must first adapt, adapt. The unit is not bad, but, unfortunately, it is far from the descriptions that most online stores offer for it. Only in one place did I come across a real review that described Pennant as it is, it was worth listening to it, but I thought that maybe it was some kind of old modification. I hope my feedback and experience will help someone not to buy a pig in a poke
oh, and how much is this "happiness" worth? what kind of dryer you can't get away from?
not cheap :( I bought for 6000, despite the fact that it was the lowest price among those found. But Dachnik4 at the same prices basically, and they are mainly positioned as analogues.

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