Beetroot salad with horseradish, yogurt and herring

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Beetroot salad with horseradish, yogurt and herring


beets (boil or bake in the oven), peel and cut into pieces 300 gr.
green onions (chop both green and white parts) 70 gr.
garlic (pass through a press) 1 clove
dry red wine (or 3-4 tbsp. l vinegar + 100 ml. water) 150 gr.
Bay leaf 1
black pepper, salt, dill
horseradish (to taste) 1-2 tbsp. l.
thick yogurt (sour cream) 150 gr.
for serving:
herring fillet with onions
jacket potatoes
black bread

Cooking method

  • I saw this recipe in a magazine and how I presented the taste .... yes with herring and potatoes! mmm .... I thought I would not live !!! try it!
  • in a small saucepan put wine, bay leaf, 2-3 peas, a little salt, boil until the liquid is halved. cool and place onions, garlic and chopped beets in it, put in the refrigerator overnight.
  • drain the marinade, you can not completely, add horseradish and yogurt, salt and pepper if necessary.
  • serve with herring, black bread and potatoes, well, little white ... but how can we do without it !!!
  • In the original it was suggested to P. S. to cook onions and garlic in a marinade, but it seemed to me that fresh onions and garlic would be tastier! Herring and potatoes are my addition, without them it's not right !!! Agree ?!
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Beetroot salad with horseradish, yogurt and herring

Very beautiful and delicious photo !!!)))
thanks, countrywoman !!!
Natapit, such photos are appetizing, and I especially liked the still life in the second photo, which I just want to say: Startled ... and then everything is clear.
exactly noticed !!! Thank you!
And how to sleep now? !!!!!
The recipe is wonderful!
But it should be specially noted that for him you need to take NATURAL dry red wine. For most wines of this class, sold in regular stores, and even in very expensive ones, the result of evaporation of half of the volume of wine can be a very harmful clot of dyes, flavors, sweeteners and other E-additives that are widely used by many wine producers to multiply their profits. ...
Best of all is your own wine, homemade, even from red currants, not to mention grapes!
kubanochka, my hands were shaking when I photographed!

Medusa, absolutely correct !!! thanks for the addition !!!
Lana l71
How cool, the whole set of products is just in the refrigerator (I wanted a "fur coat", now I'm sculpting THIS miracle)! Thanks for the recipe !!!
The photo is just lovely, as I saw - drooling immediately to the floor ...
Natasha, I admire your many talents !!!
thanks girls !!!
Dr. Lena
How delicious it is !!!
Lenus, thanks !!!

Natasha, thank you for the wonderful recipe for the appetizer, as my people don't like beets, but here they ate and praised

Beetroot salad with horseradish, yogurt and herring

and when I took out a bottle and a glass for a photo, my husband said: oooh ... and we won't go to school !!!!

Beetroot salad with horseradish, yogurt and herring
nope. : nea: this snack without vodka, no way! hello to husband: hi: and best wishes!
Thank you!!
kapets! - you have such realistic pictures - I didn't choke on saliva -
what kind of camera do you have? I just want to buy
SONY a380 thanks a lot !!!

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