Toasts with champignons

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Toasts with champignons


fresh champignons
garlic 1-2 cloves

Cooking method

  • I can't say that this dish is a regular on our table, but sometimes you want to diversify the taste of familiar dishes and then such an appetizer appears on the table.
  • So, cut the onion into thin half rings and leave to marinate in a solution of vinegar (I use balsamic, diluting it to a pleasant sourness).
  • In the meantime, we cut the bread (it can be anything, but I like the dark one) and cut it into slices and dry it (it can be done in a toaster, but I don't have it, so I do it in a dry frying pan on both sides).
  • We rub the croutons still warm (not hot!) With garlic (my husband loves it when there is a lot of garlic, but here it is enough to just add a shade).
  • Next, lightly coat the crouton with mayonnaise (well, just a little).
  • Wash the mushrooms, dry them and cut them into rather thin slices. The mushrooms must be fresh!
  • Put the squeezed onion on the croutons, on top of the mushroom slices. Decorate with greens!
  • Enjoy your meal!: Drinks:

Time for preparing:

10-15 minutes

kava, a very original and quick snack. Take note and bookmark Thanks for the recipe!
Twist, try it! I will wait for your feedback!
Mama RoMashek
Mmmmm, I love fresh champignons, just for taste and so as not to darken quickly, I sprinkle with lemon juice
We love this salad very much in the family.
kava, thanks again for this recipe! Since lunch, I sculpted these sandwiches all the time until the mushrooms ran out

Twist, to your health! I hope you enjoyed it since you sculpted so much! And why did they drip from above so glamorously?
, I really liked the sandwiches and will often appear on our table. And on top is a hot chili sauce. The husband is a spicy lover.
I have never tried raw mushrooms and to be honest, this is the first time I hear that they are eaten raw.

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