Potatoes with lard "Korabliki"

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Potatoes with lard Ships


Salted lard / can be fresh
Garlic / onion
Salt, pepper, spices

Cooking method

I have been preparing this dish for more than 10 years, since my student days, then I invented it myself, but, as it turned out later, there is no need to claim authorship ...

I cooked just for dinner, so without any special decoration. Although the husband always considers the meal to be festive, when he sees the "Ships".

Wash the potatoes well and cut them lengthwise in the skin. I had large tubers, so I cut them into circles + - 1 cm thick.
Put it on a baking sheet, slightly greased with vegetable oil, salt and pepper, season with your favorite spices (I really like coriander). But we take into account that if we use salted lard, then we salt the potatoes quite a bit.
Put garlic cloves or turnip rings cut along the top. onion, I always make two options, both are delicious in their own way.
We close our composition with small pieces of bacon. It should not be cut too thin, otherwise it will turn into croutons during cooking. We fix it with skewers.
Potatoes with lard Ships
Fffse, we send it to the oven for 40-50 minutes. at 180-200 g

Time for preparing:

60 min with preparation

Cooking program:



I really love dishes that are prepared "by themselves", you just need to do a little preparation. No stirring or turning. And tastefully
Here I always make a full baking sheet, in the hope that at least tomorrow I can not cook dinner ... but flies away for a sweet soul from one sitting

vichka strawberry
Believe me, I'm already scared to go to the site, only in the evening I'll think that I haven't cooked this and that for a long time, in the morning the recipe is presented by someone on the site)))))), yesterday I thought ... of course about the boats: D husband yesterday I bought a herring and I think to do it for dinner today.
Two clarifications:
1. According to the classics, fat should be strung on skewers in an arc, like a sail bent under the pressure of the wind, then the name of the dish will be justified, and the appearance of the dish will become more interesting and original.
2. The upper cut of the potato, that is, the "deck" under sail, needs to be shallow (by 1-2 mm) and quite a part (after 2-3 mm) cut with the tip of a sharp knife in a cross direction, so that intersecting at an angle of 90 degrees of the groove. They will accumulate fat flowing from the lard sail and soak the potatoes. Be sure to make sure that these grooves do not cross the "sides" of the sailboat, that is, do not reach them by 1-2 mm, otherwise all the fat will drain onto the baking sheet.
In a sense, these grooves mimic the timber used to frame the deck of ships sailing through the tropics. True, there they serve for the convenience of movement on a hot deck, if it is iron, and also so that your feet do not slip on a wet deck flooded with water.
Mama RoMashek
Medusa, thanks for the informative page
I will comment, with your permission.
1. The option with a sail does not roll for me, because during cooking, fat is melted from a piece of bacon, and it becomes like a crumpled rag Everyone can determine for themselves interest and originality, dogma is not pursued
2. The dripping fat on a baking sheet does not scare me at all, on the contrary, less fatty potatoes give a less blow to the pancreas, moreover, it turns out that it is not dry at all, believe me.

Therefore, the classic cooking of this dish remains a classic for me, and I cook it for myself according to my own adapted recipe. And everyone is already on that garazd ...
And I also do sails, like Medusa, but special thanks to him for the hint about the grooves under the timber!
Mama RoMashek
izumka, and in what form do you get them? It seems to me, in this case, the aesthetics of the sail disappears completely
hmm ... not only for me "remembered - saw on the forum"
In an era when there could be no trace of any stoves for cooking at work, and microwaves in kitchens were a huge rarity and chic, in institutes of a biological or medical orientation, such potatoes (with sails, only on matches from which the heads broke off) were cooked in ovens and autoclaves
Mama RoMashek! Sails, of course, "dried", I love that. And for my husband I make thicker pieces of bacon and they do not have time to completely fry and turn out to be soft, as he likes.
Thank you, it looks very tasty and elegant!

Potatoes with lard Ships
Mama RoMashek
kava, and good luck! Despite not being a child's time and extra centimeters for a long time, I would now gladly nibble on it. I'll go gnaw on a caramel
This dish is also good because in conditions where there is no oven, it can be cooked in the microwave. It will certainly be many times faster, but it will not be fried, but it is quite tasty.

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