Victoria tartlets (Maida Heatter)

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Victoria tartlets (Maida Heatter)


flour 150g
frozen butter 70g
salt 1/4 tsp
sugar 50g
egg 37g
yolk 1 PC.
chocolate 113g
sugar 50g
cream 35% 240ml

Cooking method

  • baskets
  • all food should be cold, butter frozen.
  • Scroll flour and butter in a food processor with knives to form a crumb, in which sometimes pea-sized pieces are found.
  • add the rest of the ingredients, scroll for a couple of seconds. dump on the table and gently knead the flour with your fingertips, which remains dry. the dough will look like a rough, moist crumb with bits of butter. collect the dough into a ball.
  • now we make a freszage - with the back side, with a wrist, separate pieces of dough from the dough ball with 2 tbsp. l. and with a wrist movement away from you, smear it on the table. so recycle all the dough. there are many videos on youtube, you need to look for fraisage
  • then collect the dough with a scraper again into a lump and again make a fresage. collect in a ball. wrap in plastic and put in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes.
  • preheat the oven to 200C.
  • we separate half of the dough, roll it out to a thickness of 3-4 mm, cut out circles with a diameter of 10 cm and put them in molds with a diameter of 9 cm. we return the molds with the dough to the refrigerator while we work with another part of it.
  • when all the molds are ready, place them on a baking sheet, put 10x10cm pieces of foil on top of the dough, add some peas or beans, and put them in the oven for 10 minutes. during this time, the dough will set a little. We take it out after 10 minutes, take out the peas by the edges of the foil, return it to the oven for another 6 - 10 minutes, until the bottom starts to redden and the sides become golden.
  • you need to take out one at a time, as the baskets are ready, do not dry out. the baskets are immediately carefully removed from the molds and placed on the wire rack to cool completely.
  • cream
  • melt chocolate in a water bath, add sugar, stir. add a little cream and stir. when everything is mixed into a homogeneous mass, leave in a water bath for 15 minutes over medium heat, stir occasionally. if there is no heavy cream, you can take 20% and add 20g of butter.
  • after 15 minutes, remove from heat, place a bowl of cream in ice water and, stirring continuously, cool to room temperature, especially remove the chocolate from the sides and bottom so that it does not grab. Check T cream by dripping on the wrist.
  • Pour the cooled cream gently into baskets. fill as much as possible, but make sure that the cream does not spill.
  • put in the refrigerator for solidification for 5-6 hours, preferably overnight. serve cold. you can serve it as it is, or you can sprinkle it with chopped pistachios in the middle when the chocolate has set a little. can be garnished with whipped cream and sprinkled with grated chocolate. it was delicious as it is
  • process pictures:
  • tools
  • I cut out circles with a large mold on the right.
  • Victoria tartlets (Maida Heatter) Victoria tartlets (Maida Heatter) Victoria tartlets (Maida Heatter)
  • baked baskets
  • be sure to line the molds and sprinkle the peas. pay attention to the difference in height - the basket on the left - with peas, the basket on the right - without (the peas are over)
  • Victoria tartlets (Maida Heatter) Victoria tartlets (Maida Heatter)
  • before sending to the refrigerator
  • Victoria tartlets (Maida Heatter)
  • breaker
  • Victoria tartlets (Maida Heatter)

The dish is designed for

9 baskets


This recipe has an interesting history. Maida Hitter tasted these pastries at the Angelina (Rampelmeiers) restaurant on the Rue de Rivoli in Paris. she fell madly in love with them, and tried desperately to get their recipe. but it was useless - the recipe was the secret of the restaurant, and there was no way to get it. Maida returned home to the United States and wrote a letter to a restaurant asking him to send her these tartlets.the restaurant replied that Victoria's tartlets should be eaten when they are fresh, and therefore they are attaching a recipe for the tartlets so that she can make and eat them whenever she wants. as Maida herself writes - "I think there is some lesson in this, but I don't know what"

the cream turns out to be gentle, and at the same time stable, like a mousse, or like a soufflé .. in a fragile sandy crust - that's something, I tell you ..

Lissik, how lovely, I can already taste these tartlets.
GabyVikus, do not be alarmed, please, that the bukaff drain there is business for an hour along with pastries, and the taste is just magical, but I want to describe everything in detail, this is a treatise that comes out ...
I am like that too fOchu but it's already on "after Christmas". I took it to bookmarks, I will definitely try.
for those who still doubt, I brought a break here

Victoria tartlets (Maida Heatter)
I don't doubt that, you just need to finish off New Year's sweets: pastries, there is Nut Fudge, your truffles and Plusa.
well, you went away - cooked! yeah, of course, you have to finish it! If I were closer, I could help ...
Nda-ah, how you want! By the way, who can I help to finish eating, so, STE, we are here, always near
Danusya, thanks for the offer to help, I see the distance does not scare you? Although, and what is there to go, just a stone's throw, one night on the train.

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