Swedish fish soup

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Swedish fish soup


Salmon or trout 300g
White part of leek 1 PC
medium carrots 2 pcs
garlic 3 teeth
celery stalk 30 g
butter 20-30 g
medium potatoes 4 things
pot green canned 100g
boiled water 1 l
milk 0,5 l
chili pepper small 2 pcs
ground cumin 1 tsp
salt, pepper, herbs to taste

Cooking method

  • In a saucepan with a thick bottom, dissolve the butter, fry the onion, cut into half rings, until transparent. Cut the carrots into small cubes, peel and chop the chili, dice the potatoes. Add all the vegetables to the onion and fry over low heat for 10 minutes. Then pour in water and cook for another 10 minutes. Next, add crushed garlic, finely chopped chelders, peas, fish. Salt, pepper, add caraway seeds and cook for another 5 minutes.
  • After that, pour in the milk, after it boils, leave it on the fire for a couple of minutes.
  • Believe me, this is a delicious soup. As far as my husband is conservative in terms of first courses (borscht, hodgepodge, pea soup and soup with meatballs, but no more), perhaps for the first time in our life he said: soup is a fairy tale.

While I was reading the recipe, saliva came out, it was a pity too late it was posted, I just recently salted trout would cut off a piece. As a new fish I will definitely cook, but I probably won't put chili, I don't like spicy.
nina1973, we are also not big for a spicy lover, but here the pepper was very appropriate, it did not clog the main taste and the pungency quickly disappeared.
I think if you make it without pepper, the taste will not suffer dramatically!
I cooked something like that, it was necessary to taste it according to this recipe. Thank you.
Oh what a soup! I already want to ...
Thank you!
I have already cooked today
my daughter and I liked it for the arrival of my husband, it will be infused even more delicious.
Thanks for the recipe
nina1973, I am very glad that you liked the soup, I hope my husband will like it too!
I liked it very, very much !!! Thank you very much for the recipe. The husband is already dreaming about the next time
Tell me, is the fish necessarily red or white, the same will do?
Quote: natali357

Tell me, is the fish necessarily red or white, the same will do?
Why not? I think the soup should be delicious!
Quote: Tverichanka

Thank you very much for the recipe. The husband is already dreaming about the next time
Tavrichanka! to your health! And be sure to fulfill your husband's wishes
Damn, I'll choke on my saliva, why doesn't anyone like fish soups
Quote: Rucheek

why no one loves fish soups
and even my son loves this soup
I haven’t eaten fish soup for 100 years, well, no one supports me in my love of fish soups, I’ll cook a saucepan and eat it myself, well, maybe my mother still sometimes. And so they love the fish. And in your ear, at least ask for a visit
Rucheek Marina, only a liter of water is needed here - there won't be much soup. Just what you need for yourself, your beloved - to indulge several times))
celfh Tanya, the soup is lovely
For a week now I have been eating only fish soup, until the hunt is completely gone
Thanks for the recipe)
Tanyusha, thank you dear, the soup cooked according to your recipe, everyone liked it, sooo !!!

Swedish fish soup

I grabbed the camera when there was practically nothing left in the saucepan ... thanks at least a piece of fish nobody noticed left ...
Elena Tim
Hello, Tanya! The soup is super! I have no words. Cooked yesterday. I liked it very, very much.Now this is one of the most delicious fish soups in my arsenal! Thank you!
Swedish fish soup
The only deviation from the recipe was the peas. Instead of canned food, I put frozen one, and threw it along with the fish. It turned out great!
Girls, I am very glad that you noticed this soup, it is really delicious!
Stove user
I was fed something very similar in Norway, at first I turned my nose up - well, I don't like fish soups. Then he asked for more ... True, there were still shrimps in that soup, and it was boiled in cream.
Tatiana, thanks for the soup recipe! Delicious! My son very rarely has soups, and last night he ate this soup 2 times, despite the fact that there were many other goodies on New Year's Eve!
Lena, to your health!
Tanya, thanks for the recipe. Once again I cook this fish soup and it always goes off with a bang. Segonya turned out even for an encore, the son asked for extras (and not enough)
Natalia, I'm very glad that I liked the recipe))
Cooked soup, a budget option. There was no salmon, I cooked it from hake. It's still delicious. I'll get hold of trout or salmon, I'll cook it right.
Swedish fish soup
Irina, experiment is always good)))
Tanechka, is the tesha / belly part of smoked trout good for this soup?

If so, how much by weight to take, it's still a fat thing ...
Kroshik, for me, the amusement is too fat, I am in her salad love, or with black bread. Here in the soup ... well, I don't know ... I can't even imagine hot.
Quote: celfh
I can't even imagine hot

Not), I quite imagine I don’t eat it anyway , like, like wow it should be ...

Quote: celfh
I love her in the salad

I'll go and see what kind of salad there is!

Thank you, Tanechka !!!

If I decide, I will unsubscribe what happened in the end ...
Quote: Krosh
Not), I quite imagine
Kroshik, I can't even imagine what you represent)))
Quote: Krosh
I'll go see what kind of salad there is
Here the salad is really delicious with Teshey, it is eaten with a bang, it looks very nice on the table))
celfh, Tatyana, thank you for the tasty treat! : rose: Made in the new Staff - well, very tasty! There's a report in Shtebina's Temka - I'll bring a photo here too!Swedish fish soup
Quote: celfh
I can't even imagine what you represent)))

I turned around to see if she turned around to see if I turned around (s) ...

Quote: celfh
This salad is really delicious with teshe

I believe you, my golden !!!

I will definitely make a salad, but just amuse it already in the freezer, you can probably cut it into a salad without defrosting it?
Quote: anavi
Thank you for the tasty treat!
Olya, to your health!
My girls at work did not believe that milk fish soup is very tasty, last week I wore a treat, now they will cook it themselves, very tasty))
Quote: Krosh
You can probably cut it into a salad without defrosting it?
Kroshik, you can, but there is only a thawed version)
Olga VB
Tanya, thanks for the recipe!
First cooked fish in milk
Instead of leeks, there was onion, I also added half a bell pepper for beauty and sweetness (I always cook fish soup with bell pepper).
It turned out very tasty!
I will add photos later.
Fish and milk .... How does the belly relate to this combination?
Olga VB
Mine took it very well - still asks
Fish and milk, and also hot pepper and garlic - I, too, could not have thought before that they would become friends in the same dish. Now this is one of my favorite soups! Very, very tasty!
Quote: tatianika
How does the stomach relate to this combination?
Excellent!)) The soup is actually delicious)
Thanks for the recipe!
There was no celery stalk, added dry seasoning mixture for the soup and added ground red pepper instead of hot chili peppers, dined with my husband, we liked the soup.
Quote: Vesta
had dinner with my husband, we liked the soup
Svetlana, to health

Girls, cook for EVERYONE !!! This is a VERY tasty soup !!! I never thought that fish and milk are so delicious !!! I cooked with pollock fillets, I can imagine how divine it is with a red fish !!!

celfh, Tatyana, Thank you so much for bringing and placing the recipe on HP !!!

Quote: celfh
Cut carrots into small cubes
Girls, this item must be followed! Then the soup will be even tastier, otherwise I missed the solokha ... but the soup turned out to be valid anyway !!!
Quote: Umka19
This is a VERY tasty soup
Lyudmila, to your health!
I also believe that in this soup they play a huge role ground cumin, pepper and leek
And as for red fish ... I don't cook soup out of full-fledged steaks, I use fish soup sets or cook with salmon or trout, it turns out much cheaper))
Quote: celfh
Ground cumin, pepper and leeks play a huge role in this soup
Tatyana, You are absolutely right!!! This soup is simple balance Total.
Quote: celfh
I don't cook soup from full-fledged steaks
It would be blasphemy ...
Quote: celfh
I use fish soup sets or salmon or trout meat
There is such a thing, but only in Globus / rarely / hard to buy ..., but when the stars converge and I find myself in the right place at the right time, I dial 2-3 sets ...
Tatyana, again thank you so much for the deliciousness!!!
Quote: celfh
I use fish soup sets or salmon meat
Quote: Umka19
when the stars converge
The stars converged on the METRO ..... bought 2 sets of one bungled supets.
Quote: Umka19
Tatyana, thanks again for the deliciousness !!!
Tatyana, THANKS for the recipe !!!
Ludmila, to your health!
Quote: Umka19
Tatyana, thanks again for the deliciousness !!!
I will raise in search ..... Very good for our summer !!!
Tatyana, 😘😘😘
M @ rtochka
And the caraway was over, as it turned out. And leek-free. I used a regular bow. And the soup is delicious! Didn't expect milk pouring with a trembling hand
Thank you! I liked it very much
Daria, to your health! And if you add ground cumin with leek, it will be even tastier

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