Recipes for multicooker-pressure cooker Moulinex Minute Cook CE4000
First meal

borscht Svetulik

borscht with ribs and prunes Irson 1971

borscht on the bone enchanted

borscht Doroncevae

borscht Natusik

buckwheat soup with chicken Irson 1971

pickle eskimo

pea soup IRR

pea soup eskimo

pea soup with ham Matroskin cat

Pea soup Lana's advice

Pea soup Tusya

dried mushroom soup Lana

soup with chicken fillet and mushrooms I love household appliances

noodle soup I love household appliances

chicken soup cuban

soup with beef ribs Nika kar

smoked ribs soup cuban

squash puree soup xoxotyshka

Borsch Natusin Tusya

pork pork IRR

juicy boiled pork giggle

steamed pork Lana

Steamed boiled pork Discussions

beef in pomegranate-wine sauce xoxotyshka

beef with stew enchanted post 103

beef with potatoes Nika kar post 388

Chicken fillet casserole with nuts lana 7386 post 738 + 741

casserole potatoes with stew lana 7386 post 774

pork neck doroncevae post 305

cutlets with gravy IRR post 358

stuffed cutlets doronkevae post 584

grilled chicken Kubanochka post 1338

chicken (pork) with pineapples IRR post 57

chicken with vegetables enchanted post 113

chicken in soy sauce laughing post 266

chicken with wheat porridge mistress alenka post594

chicken legs with potatoes doroncevae post 293

hedgehogs with cabbage I love everyday technology Post 73

meat hedgehogs doroncevae post 335

naval pasta IRR post 1213

French meat on a carof pillow from Stern post 1402 + 1421 transcribed to Mulka IRA

meat with vegetables domlama with sauce + rice I love everyday technology post 119

meat with mushroom gravy video post 352

meat with potatoes allara post 386

meat with potatoes Busyak post 595

vegetable stew with meat laughing post543

minced meat pepper IRR post 433

chops kubanochka post 713

steamed pork belly Doronkevae post 937

meatballs with cabbage instead of rice doronkevae post 359

duck with apples and potatoes I love everyday technology Post 71

minced meat with potatoes mushrooms Natasha Curly Post 106

khanum (beef with vegetables) laughing post 171

Shank jelly Irson 1971 post 9

jelly Valyushechka post 355

chicken thighs Sun post 1557

Potatoes with meat Tusya post 1559

stuffed cabbage Mega Lazy from Julfa Antonovka post 1638

meat hedgehogs from Buka Antonovka post 1638

chicken feet Gael post 1685

lamb with potatoes "creamy taste" Eva

potato with meat Gael

tortilla with meat additions Lana 7386

stuffed pepper Natusik

Chicken liver laughing post 171

chicken hearts with vegetables Antonovka post 687 + 688

squid kubanochka post 773

pasta with fish salmon laughing post 224

naturel (in sostven juice) IRR post 193 + 195 + 198

fish soup in french kubanochka post 458

dorada fish topshan post 259

river fish with vegetables Kvitochka post 1522 + 1523

ear kubanochka post 418

ear allara post 427

fish in a slow cooker

armenian aylazan mistress alenka post 633

eggplant caviar topshan post 239

zucchini different Antonovka post 1108

squash caviar according to Andreevna's recipe kubanochka post 407

squash caviar according to Andreyevna's recipe Irr post 536

boiled corn kubanochka post 770

boiled corn lana 7386 post 1664

stewed vegetables kubanochka post 447

vegetables for venigret Antonovka post 1458

vegetables for venigret IRR post 56

vegetables with pasta topshan post 215

stuffed pepper allara post 403

green beans Kubanochka post 634

potatoes carrots for salad xoxotuchshka post 171

Spanish tortilla (fried potatoes with egg) Kubanochka

Eggplant saute Natusik

Potatoes with bacon Natusik

Vegetable stew Tiramisu

Boiled beets Cartoon-Mulya

Stewed cabbage with meat Tusya

Vegetables for vinaigrette Gael

semolina porridge Kubanochka post 641

oatmeal porridge (milk + water) I love life technique Post 88

porridge rice with millet (milk + water) I love everyday technology Post 116

millet porridge IRR post 611 + 612 + 614 (for garnish)

rice porridge (millet) Nata 54 post 303

porridge, fill in the evening get in the morning enchanted post 133

buckwheat porridge with mushrooms IRR post 333

pearl barley porridge lana 7386 post 832

baked milk video post 792,794

baked milk kubanochka post992

loose rice Tiramisu post 1486

buckwheat Tusya post 1589

rice porridge (milk + water) Kvitochka post 1618

whole grain oatmeal Antonovka

millet milk porridge Cartoon-Mulia

Pumpkin porridge with millet and rice Natusik

omelet ticket post 385

omelet with broccoli laughing post 954
Cereal dishes

pilaf Irson 1971 post 2

pilaf I love household appliances post 62

pilaf IRR post 275 + 279

pilaf kubanochka post 524

pilaf video post 1310,1311

pilaf 🔗(ext. 1325)

pilaf with chicken Natusik
Bakery products

Belgian cottage cheese biscuit Laughing post 178

steamed chinese buns lana 7386 posts 696 + 699 + 702

cake akubanochka post 413 + 416

cottage cheese casserole eskimo post 233

cottage cheese casserole video post 1390

casserole video post 346

Paul Macartney's favorite cake Lana7386 post 1109 + 1111 + 1118 in detail

manna I love everyday technology post 60

meat pie with lavash Antonovka post 624

fish pie laughing post 212

pizza eskimo post 331

chocolate cake on boiling water IRR post 298

chocolate-covered cherry cake kubanochka post 432

orange charlotte Maxims-80 post 147

charlotte Nicoletta post 605

Nicoletta's charlotte Kubanochka post 656

charlotte Sun post 1133

charlotte Tiramissu post 1459

chocolate muffin video post 347

video cakes from Ilona post 661 663

express khachapuri Lana7386 post 1588

Moulinex Minute Cook CE4000 Multicooker Recipes
Girls, we supplement our Table of Contents. Thanks to Kubana Lenochka.
In order not to lose a single recipe or advice, it is proposed in this thread to everyone who wrote a recipe or advice in a general topic about our Mule, here in the Table of Contents topic, to give the name of his dish and the number of the post where he talks about the recipe or gives a link to it.
Then Lenochka (only she, as the one who wrote this post of the Table of Contents) makes additions to the general list of the table of contents.
But, these are our suggestions with Lenochka, if there are any better ones, write.
AntonovkaWhen compiling a list of additional recipes, the whole grain oatmeal recipe (post 1601) does not indicate the ratio of cereal and milk and the cooking time is not indicated exactly.
Please, correct these questions in the same post 1601, since I gave this post to Lenochka for the Table of Contents.
There is no such porridge in the entire forum, and I myself am vitally interested in this recipe, since it is believed that this porridge made from whole oat grain is not only useful, but also curative (normalizes the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, etc.).
Potato soup with green peas on ribs Posted by Natusik, post 1784. Did I do the right thing?
Quote: Natusik

Did I do the right thing?

Of course!!!

So ... The first message no longer fits
First courses (continued)

Potato soup with green peas on ribs Natusik

Solyanka national team Natusik


Meat (continued)

jelly Natusik

spicy chicken in sesame Natusik

Jelly.Posted by Natusik, post # 1786
Spicy chicken in sesame Posted by Natusik, post # 1792.
By-products (continued)

Chicken liver laughing post 171

Fish (continued)

squid kubanochka post 773

Vegetables (continued)

armenian aylazan mistress alenka post 633

Kashi (continued)

buckwheat with meat and mushrooms Natusik

Eggs (continued)

omelet ticket post 385

Cereal dishes (continued)

pilaf Irson 1971 post 2

Baking (continued)

pumpkin pie Nika_Kar

Jam (continued) and Desserts

Pumpkin jelly Nika_Kar

orange jam topshan post 202

orange jam allara post 372

filling for apple pies kubanochka post 811
Time for preparing
Prefabricated hodgepodge, Posted by Natusik, post # 1795
Buckwheat with meat and mushrooms... Posted by Natusik, post # 1806.
Pea soup in MV Posted by Natusik, post # 1815.
Chicken paella, author Natusik, post # 1851
CHICKEN VASNYASHKA... Posted by Natusik post # 1892.
Chicken stewed in cream and white wine by Gael, post # 1945

Did you form the link correctly?
GULYASH IN MV. Posted by Natusik, post # 1942.
Soup kharcho sleepyhead

Pea soup sleepyhead

Honey cake sleepyhead

Meat with mushrooms and sour cream sleepyhead

Chicken fillet with carrots and green peas
provencal stew
Unfortunately, I don’t know how to make a nice link
Girls please help !!!!
We bought this slow cooker and was very upset. We took zapikanok for making milk porridge for children, and there are no exact recipes. As for the meat, it is clear, everything worked out, but with the children's menu, there is no exact information anywhere. Please help with cooking modes and times. Thank you in advance

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