Waffles with poppy seeds

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Waffles with poppy seeds


Butter 100 g
Sugar 100 g
Egg 1 PC
Cream 200 ml
Flour 230 g
Poppy 50 g
Baking powder 1 1/4 tsp

Cooking method

  • Mix butter with egg and sugar. Add poppy seeds to it and stir.
  • Gradually add flour and cream mixed with baking powder in turn.
  • Bake until golden brown

Pear, not waffles, but handsome! I'm starting to regret that the waffle iron burned out. Should I buy a new one?
Miss Raspberry
GruSha, here is my photo report! The waffles are very tender and delicious. True, I put less flour and poppy.
Waffles with poppy seeds
Thanks for the recipe!
Marina, handsome!
Miss Raspberry
Merri, Thank you. And how tasty and tender they are ... You can't drag your husband away from the plate. Yesterday I baked them again, at the request of the trumpets.
Thank you very much everyone. It's very nice that you like the recipe.
I baked these waffles in a new Cloer 1621, I really liked the recipe, (thanks to the author!) And the process!
Few changes.
I slightly reduced sugar (80g), instead of cream, I took milk, melted butter - 50g of butter and added 30 grams of sunflower.
Baked at a power of 1.5 for 6-7 minutes, it turned out 5 "flowers".

Now here's how to keep the "crispness" of the waffle! I read that thick waffles crunch only after baking ...
With thin ones it has already been worked out - the aquacontrol from the taper lies perfectly in a round container (I do not roll them into tubes, it is more convenient for me to store it too!) But after all, the thickness there is quite small, they dry very well.
There is one more Aquik, just try it ...

I'm finishing it. No, the "magic" container did not help, they softened after a couple of days ... (((
The toaster partially saves, but the taste is not the same. Although it is also delicious!))
GruSha, Gulsine, thanks for the recipe! Simple and delicious! The whole family appreciated)
Yummy, we love pastries with poppy seeds, your waffles came in with a bang, baked yesterday, everyone liked it. Today I will try to bake on a square plate of a Redmond multibaker, where they turn out more, otherwise they ate too quickly)))
Girls, thank you very much for your trust.

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