Tursha (Armenian pickles)

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Tursha (Armenian pickles)


brine for 1 liter of brine water add 2 tbsp. tablespoons of salt

Cooking method

  • Tursha is done by eye, it does not matter how much to put, only the proportion is important: add 2 tbsp for 1 liter of water for the brine. tablespoons of salt.
  • Everything that is at hand goes into the turshu: eggplants, green tomatoes, any peppers, you can with stalks, white cabbage, cauliflower, young beans. Everything needs to be lightly blanched separately and cooled.
  • Then put in layers in a jar, pour garlic, peas, red chillies (if you like spicy), bay leaf and celery or dill (who likes what) between layers, pour brine (to cover the vegetables a little), cover and put under oppression. Leave for several days in a cool place. When fermented, put in jars and refrigerate so as not to over-acidify the vegetables.
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and what are pickles made in the category "yeast bread"?
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came with thanks!
well, it turned out very tasty! Strange, my "salty lovers" said that salty is too salty, but for me it tasted excellent, although I am very moderate in salt
By the way, how is it correct - the word is declined or not?

eggplants, cucumber, tomato, cauliflower, green beans, white cabbage went to my turshu
It's a pity that we don't have a flat pod (maybe it's over? The summer has already passed), it seems to me that it would have turned out better than a round one in diameter
rinishek , to health. This amount is also normal for me, although I never abuse it. I took frozen peas, because we don't have fresh ones.
The word probably bows. Tursha (Armenian pickles)
and I also thought about frozen vegetables. Here in the winter you want - and you can do it. And we have no peas at all, and I got the beans not for the first time I must say
That's interesting, but bitter pepper (I forgot to write it, I shoved it there too, whole. The vegetables did not take the spiciness, but the pepper itself remained hot) can be frozen, and then added to the turshu, or will it be sour?
I do with frozen vegetables, but frozen peppers will be terrible, creep and be "spicy" (slippery and nasty). It will spoil all the brine.
Mka, oh how interesting!
what kind of frozen vegetables do you use?

(slower, I'll write it down! meaning the pepper is not freezing - nothing, in extreme cases you can buy it as much as you need it - you can always afford to buy a couple of fresh peppers in winter)
I always buy small carrots, peas. Sometimes asparagus beans when out of season are fresh. We have the rest all year round. Yes, and these products are likely to be found in large cities in markets and in stores. Convenient because they are already cleaned and ready to eat.
maybe it is - our city is not very big, I haven't seen beans or peas in winter
In general, neither eggplants nor zucchini should be frozen, and then you should not use it in the turshu, I understood that
Eh, I would have seen it before - I would have frozen the peas myself, and I would have bought flat beans
From the winter we have - cabbage, peppers, carrots, cucumbers and peppers - all this is fresh, and from ice cream only beans. Like so.
We have a lot of frozen products in supers (vegetables separately and mixtures).
If you have one, you can take different types of cabbage (white cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower), carrots, garlic, peas in pods, asparagus beans.
You know, I guess our vegetables here are not worth using in the turshu.
I bought frozen mixtures several times - and I think that they can only be used in a stew (it turned out funny "only in a stew", if you say - then only to the enemy)
The mode of storage and freezing is often not respected - it can simply pump up the quality
Thank you for your advice
Oh, I already forgot about it. Of course it is sad. But you can do it seasonally.
This is so much like what we in Western Ukraine call maratura !!!
Very, very tasty.
But I don’t remember whether it’s all filled with hot or cold solution, but the taste is just excellent!
For me, the most delicious is carrots and pasta (pod fasrl).
Marinochka, and if you try to fill it with mineral water, to make it faster? I made cucumbers according to this recipe for 1 liter. water 2-3 tbsp. tablespoons of salt, it turned out super, and ready for 2-3 days.
Tatka, this is not practiced in Armenian cuisine.
But you can try, just a small amount. Cooking involves making your own additions.
Today I tried my turshu.
In fact, the Armenians say that this pickle is called "turshi". And, of course, this is awkward for the Russian ear, so we renamed and declined ...
The recognized "capital of turshi" in the Kuban is the town of Apsheronsk. Many ethnic and visiting Armenians live there. In the summer, 15-20 women with buckets of tursha line up at the counter in the market; each - walking along the entire row - is not forbidden to try: one torsha is salty, another is sharper, the third is more boiled, the fourth is sour, the fifth crunches louder, in the sixth there is more Bulgarian pepper, in the seventh there are whole tomatoes, in the eighth there are cucumbers ... sister says: "Every tursha lacks something ..." - "Why, Natasha? .." - "Bread and bacon !!"
In Apsheronsk, turshu is not made from any vegetables, but a strict set. The base, a lot - is flat, the so-called "tour" beans. They also add red tomatoes, whole small or ground, chopped eggplants, hot and bell peppers, whole or halved garlic. Sometimes, as I wrote above, they diversify with small cucumbers. And dill is put with long dry "sticks": this one smells stronger and sharper; There is no finely chopped green dill in a turche.
I brought the seeds of the turshy beans from Apsheronsk, this year they grew up, finally I managed to cook the classic Absheron turshu: beans, small eggplants, small red tomatoes, "long" bell peppers, red pepper rings and chopped garlic.
The beans were boiled in salted water for 1-2 minutes, laid out directly on the table to cool: a quick cooling gives them crispness in the finished pickle. I cooked eggplants for 3-5 minutes, put the Bulgarian pepper in boiling water and immediately turned off the gas. It is clear that all vegetables were cooked and cooled separately. When the vegetables and water cooled down, they put them together with all the raw vegetables into a container without stirring, put dry dill "sticks" on top and poured the water in which the vegetables were cooked. I put a smaller lid on the container and put pressure on it. For three days tursha was fermented on the kitchen table right in our 35-degree heat. The water has almost evaporated, the pickles are light, all the vegetables are fermented. It turned out to be a real Armenian turshi, which we loved to try on the market!
Tursha loves to be eaten with vegetable oil, but I don't like oil. She is very good even without oil!
And it is preserved for the winter: the brine is drained, "boiled", poured back into the jars, sterilized and rolled up. In winter, it’s simple, simple ... no words.
Tanya, wrote so appetizing that I wanted to try ...
S * lena
And I did. Delicious, ate quickly. Today I have a second run, a large, large saucepan, probably 10 liters. Only today I have no cabbage and beans, because last time they were eaten last.And the bitter pepper turns out so great !!!!!!! And cucumbers !!!
Marina, thank you for the recipe. He's mine now!
Pickling is my favorite way of preparing and by the way the most useful one! Must be done.
I did it, just amazing! I have already made pickled peppers according to Zakhariya's recipe 3 times, and then tursha has matured. There and beans (the last one on the market took turcheva), bitter and sweet peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, cauliflower, eggplants. Everything is leavened, standing on the balcony. I take it into a bowl, pour it with fragrant oil. In winter, I will do it from the freeze. Thanks for the recipe and comments on it.
Irina, but what do you think: if I reduce the amount of salt by 2 times - will this greatly affect the final result?

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