Washed in a special way

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Washed in a special way


capelin 600 gr.
bulb onions 1 PC.
tomato ketchup 2 tbsp. l.
vegetable oil
salt, peppercorns, bay leaf

Cooking method

  • The recipe is taken from the forum site. The author of the recipe is Nelchik.

  • Peel the capelin (cut off the head and clean the intestines), salt (I add more seasoning for the fish). Pour butter into a frying pan, put the fish, onions on top, pepper, bay leaf, sauce and add a couple of tablespoons of water. Close the lid and simmer for 5-7 minutes. Then turn the fish over and simmer for another 10 minutes. If at the end there is a lot of water, you can open the lid for a couple of minutes so that the water evaporates.

The dish is designed for

500 gr.

Time for preparing:

30 minutes.

We respect capelin! Thanks for the fun way to prepare it. Does it taste like fish in canned tomato?

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