Old Regime Loaf Taste (bread maker)

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The taste of the old loaf (bread maker)


Whole milk curdled milk 380 ml
Wheat flour, premium 600 g
Rast. oil 1.5 tbsp. l.
Powdered milk 2 tbsp. l.
Salt 1.5 tsp.
Sugar 3 tbsp. l.
Dry yeast 1.5 tsp.

Cooking method

  • We load the ingredients into the oven in the order prescribed by the instructions, and bake) In KENWOOD BM450 I bake according to the main program No. 1, time 3.15, medium crust, weight 1kg.
  • If I bake bread straight away, I load my oven in the reverse order for kenwood. Since they load Panasonic, that is, first the dry components, the liquid is on top. I have a feeling that this will keep the bucket tight on the shaft longer.
  • And when I bake with a timer delay, then strictly according to Kenwood's instructions - liquid down, flour and dry ingredients on top. This bread in the photo was baked at night with a delay of 8 hours.

The dish is designed for

1 kg

Time for preparing:

3h 15m

Cooking program:



A prototype of this recipe is shown in the KENWOOD BM450 recipe book titled "Bake White Bread Quickly". There is water as a liquid, and sugar 4 tsp. Baking according to the fast program No. 2.
The taste of the old loaf (bread maker)
I also baked strictly according to the recipe, the result is excellent.

But it turned out that if you replace the water with yogurt (perhaps whey or kefir can be used), and add more sugar, you just get the taste of that very Soviet loaf, familiar to all residents of stagnant times). In addition, I bake it not according to the quick, but according to the main program, the bread is, of course, so magnificent. Weight 1 kg, medium crust.

Interestingly, if you replace 2 tbsp in this recipe. l. dry milk for 2 chicken eggs, the bread will turn out to be completely different in taste and consistency, but also wonderful!
Such a modification of this recipe is described on page 1 of the Kenwood 450 recipe book called "Egg Bread".

The amount of sugar can be varied fairly freely in both of these recipes to get the best taste for yourself. In an amount of 1.5 tsp. up to 3-4 st. l. it does not affect the consistency for sure, but yes to the taste.

Indeed - very tasty! The recipe is good, you can take it as a basis and experiment.
Experiment one:
- added grated carrots to the dough "stewed in boiling oil".
- instead of curdled milk - water;
- instead of sugar - honey;
- a drop of zest.
Result after "autopsy":
- aroma, color, taste - just super !!!!!!!!!!
The color of the crumb on the cut turned out, well, very beautiful ...

Next time I'll experiment with mustard.

in the meantime - urgently in the gym to burn calories
Is it possible somehow without milk powder? The taste will change significantly, do you think?
You can, it is written right in the recipe above) Instead of 2 tbsp. l. milk, put 2 eggs. But then the volume of the liquid must be counted along with them. That is, put eggs in the measuring bowl, and add liquid to the required volume. Or you can not put anything, the taste will change of course, but it will not become disgusting. Neither milk nor eggs are included in classic bread. But this will be a different bread.
Here is a modification of such a recipe, radically different in taste.
It doesn't look like a loaf anymore, that's why it is placed in a separate description:
Delicious, try it.
Bon Appetit!
Thanks, I will definitely try
Thank you so much for the recipe. I have little experience in baking, but I already have your basic recipe. I also tried the option with eggs, adding less sugar, it turned out more like white bread, which is well suited for toast, but if you do everything exactly according to the recipe, there are no words at all how delicious, the crumb is soft, fluffy, the crust is crispy, but it turns out like this bread always. Thanks again!
Glad you liked it too. Bon appetit to all
Thanks for the recipe! In the absence of curdled milk, a couple of tablespoons of sour cream, a little milk, an egg thumped and added water to the full weight. The handsome man woke us up with his spirit! And the taste is nothing to say
The taste of the old loaf (bread maker)
I put your bread on! Once I did not know where to stick the old yogurt! How I bake, I will report!
I report: the bread turned out great! A tall brick with the most delicate crumb! More like a bun than bread! Half were taken away for a visit - went with a bang! Thank you for the recipe!
Good day. Question to the author. But when you replace powdered milk with eggs, do not change the volume of liquid?
Quote: Mark_trim

Good day. Question to the author. But when you replace powdered milk with eggs, do not change the volume of liquid?

Of course it changes! Eggs are liquid! Track the balance of flour, liquid, kolobok, correct either with flour, or reduce the main liquid by the volume of eggs.
And here is my bread !! Delicious, thanks for the recipe))
The taste of the old loaf (bread maker)
The taste of the old loaf (bread maker)

How did you manage to photograph it Or did you move it radically?
This radical turned it over to me, I can't understand why (((and the photo itself is correct
The main thing is delicious bread)))
I turned everything over))
thanks for the recipe
baked yesterday
on kefir and without milk powder, sugar put 4 tablespoons
a bit sour taste, but, in general, the loaf is real)
Mom thought the crumb was dull, but I was completely satisfied
I will try this on milk
the only thing = the dough came out very steep, the pieces were flying, I had to add more kefir - 3 tablespoons
cool remained, but kneaded
HB creaked from straining - horror is shorter
and the roof was blown off a bit during baking - I think maybe it was not enough, since the dough was heavy?
I’m thinking - this is flour from me so it took the liquid? or because of kefir (not that it was straight liquid)? or so should the dough be steep for a loaf? because I baked a "loaf" according to a different recipe, the dough is softer - everyone is delighted, and then I got pure bread, delicious, but bread ...
Thanks for the recipe!
Bread maker Philips HD9016 / 30
program 5
without milk powder, on yoghurt prepared in the same HP and on water.
+ laid dried fruits soaked in boiling water (such multi-colored, acidic colors, sold in any grocery supermarket by weight)
the appearance of bread, makisha and the taste are awesome. thanks for the recipe
Thank you very much for the recipe. I liked the taste of the loaf very much. Baked exactly according to the recipe. Only for some reason the roof sagged a little during the baking process. Although it was so smooth and even after all the proofs. Sagged almost half an hour before readiness. I did not open the lid. Can you tell me what's wrong? The dough turned out to be very beautiful, slightly smearing.
I changed the total amount of liquid to milk + water + not thick yogurt.
Quote: Lorrys

... for some reason, during the baking process, the roof sagged a little ... The dough turned out to be very beautiful, slightly smearing.
I changed the total amount of liquid to milk + water + not thick yogurt.
Hey. Something has not come for a long time. The answer, of course, was very late))
But, when the roof of the bread sags, regardless of the recipe, it is most often caused by one of 2 reasons:
1. The liquids turned out a little more than necessary. This may be, because flour is not only different by brands, but even within one manufacturer from batch to batch. A different amount of gluten is a different bun with the same amount of water. The gingerbread man must always be controlled, and tweaked, if necessary, adding a little flour, or vice versa, a spoonful or two of water.
2. Yeast is more than necessary. They, of course, are also different for all manufacturers, and in terms of activity too.
But in this case, the reason is more likely the first than the second.
Baked in whey half with milk, did not add milk powder. It turned out to be a real loaf, the children ate it all at once. Thanks to the author for the recipe.
Has anyone tried to bake a loaf in the oven according to this recipe?
Excellent bread, grew under the very lid))) the crumb is soft and tender, the crust is thin and crispy!
The taste of the old loaf (bread maker)
The taste of the old loaf (bread maker)

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