Pie with currants and almonds.

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Pie with currants and almonds.


Flour 200 g
Margarine without w. g. in fasting or oil to the rest. 100 g
Salt pinch
Iced water (ice water) 3-4 tbsp. l.
Currants (fresh or frozen) 300 g
Almond 100 g
Powdered sugar 150 g
Semolina 1 tbsp. l

Cooking method

  • The first step is to prepare the dough.
  • Add very cold margarine and salt to the flour, chop into small crumbs by hand with a knife or in a chopper.
  • Add ice water and collect in a bun. Do not knead otherwise the dough will become rubbery and hard after baking.
  • Roll out to size and cover. Place in the freezer for 20 minutes. More about the dough, I make half of the norm, because I love a very thin dough, but if you do it in full, you won't regret it, well, the dough…. very delicious.
  • While the dough is freezing, let's start filling. If the berries are frozen, then pour boiling water over and leave for 10 minutes in a colander, and then dry them on a towel (which is not a pity, since the berries give dark juice).
  • Meanwhile, combine the icing sugar, semolina and ground almonds.
  • About nuts - you can use both hazelnuts and cashews, it's a matter of taste. Pour boiling water over the almonds, hold for a few minutes, after which the almonds easily pops out of the peel. Dry it a little in a frying pan and grind it into small crumbs, or you can into flour on a coffee grinder.
  • Now carefully mix the berries and almond sugar mixture, transfer to the dough and in the oven for 25-30 minutes.
  • Pie with currants and almonds.
  • Pie with currants and almonds.
  • Pie with currants and almonds.
  • Pie with currants and almonds.
  • Pie with currants and almonds.
  • Pie with currants and almonds.
  • Pie with currants and almonds.

Time for preparing:

1 hour.


This cake is worth trying at least once. Whether you are fasting or not, this pie is a source of vitamins (currants) and protein (nuts). Moreover, it always reminds of summer.
You can immediately serve it on the table after the stove, but the next day, if it remains, the pie is good. So, if you like the cake more, freeze the berries in the summer.

Health to you and your loved ones.

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