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Please explain to me the difference in practical use mini shredder with jars and millers!!!! Do their functions overlap or are they completely different?

In a mini grinder, you can grind and mix both dry (such as powdered sugar and coffee) and liquid (such as baby food and sauces), and in the mill you can only grind grain if you mean a nozzle at941a

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Thank you That is, the mill is purely for those who bake from different flours made from cereals. I understand correctly that a mini-grinder is an analogue of a coffee grinder at the outlet, only there are more containers and therefore it is convenient? I just don't want to buy something that duplicates the functions of the existing technology.
And if I need almond flour? Will the mini chopper sweep her away? Has anyone done it?
I once tried to grind in a coffee grinder, and then in the grinder attachment of the Zepter mixer. At the same time, as recommended, first put the unit in the freezer. The result is that the part still sticks around the circumference (this is more likely marzipan), and what has been ground is a little grainy consistency.
I made the French macaroni cookies.
A mill for those who bake a lot. )))
The mini grinder is not a coffee grinder. You cannot make sauces or mashed potatoes for a child in a coffee grinder, but in a mini-grinder you can. Conveniently, I put everything for the pesto and after a couple of minutes the finished sauce in a jar with a lid, and in another jar, you can make mashed potatoes for the child right there.
As for pasta, it probably can. On one of the sites I read the technology for preparing almond flour, it said that after removing the skin, the almonds should be dried a little in the oven, and so that they do not stick to the walls of the coffee grinder, releasing oil, add a little powdered sugar when grinding.
"First of all, you need to grind the almonds into flour. I do this in a coffee grinder. Since the bowl of the coffee grinder is small, I divide the almonds into 2 parts. I add 50 g of powdered sugar to each part - in this case, when grinding, the almonds have less chance of oiling and I grind in the "pulse" mode, hold the button for no longer than 5 seconds. Sift through a sieve, set aside the remaining large particles. Grind the second part, sift too. Combine the poorly ground residues, add 20 g (1 tbsp. l.) of powder and again I grind and sift. I add the rest of the icing sugar (100 g) and sift the whole mass through a sieve again. "

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I have 941-I, the flour turns out to be coarse, not into dust. But I only ground wheat. Suitable for additives, but the oven completely on this will be rude.
Information for those who want to purchase mill attachment.

Today, whole grain "oatmeal" was specially ground for cooking oatmeal.

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

then I show pictures of grinding with a mill, grind set the finest

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

If you look at the photo, it seems that the resulting flour is very coarse and grains. In fact, the flour is soft, grains are not felt when crumpled with fingers. This is certainly not 0000 flour, but it fits into the dough without any problems. If necessary, the flour can be sieved as this flour is their whole grain.
I ground it very quickly, in a couple of minutes, about 3/4 cup of cereal.

Bake delicious bread for health

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The performance is certainly not impressive: 3/4 cup in 2 minutes ...
Tatyana, and if you skip it 2 times - once coarser, and then set it to the finest grind? Could it be faster and smaller?
You can increase the speed for performance. I first put it on "quiet", then translated it on 6 and joked the torment.
I wouldn’t grind a second time, the flour is already soft, and you don’t feel the grains under your fingers - normal grinding.
This is if you grind something large, for example peas, until you first put it on a coarse grinding, and then skip it again on a fine grinding until it becomes flour.

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Girls who have berry press Can you tell us your feelings about this attachment? I understand that most likely it is only used in the berry season, but maybe they came up with it for something else? For example, can grenades be passed through it? Wondering if she needs

If you make juices from small-seed, such as cranberries, currants, etc., then take it.
I somehow missed the cranberries, and I have it in the refrigerator for a long time, I use it as needed, it is convenient.
I didn't miss the pomegranate, but by analogy, everything should be fine, that is, seedless juice.
I tried to skip strawberries, the bones pass partially.
In general, a nozzle is rarely needed, but what it does is difficult to replace with some other unit. So see what is more important to you.

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I tried to skip the pomegranate, in principle, the juice turned out to be delicious, but it does not come out as transparent as in stores, the grains will also grind and give turbidity to the juice. I also tried to use apples, on the way out as juice with pulp, even as thick applesauce.
Quote: Daria33
The berry press will squeeze out the juice and make mashed potatoes separately (it has juice on one side and the other mashed potatoes), juice from herbs can squeeze
And do you make jelly from berries? For example, if the black currant is so processed, what can be done with it further? There will be separate juice and separate puree

Not this way. There will be separate thick juice and cake. You can make jelly from the juice or, diluting it with water a little, use it as the juice itself.
And the cake (it is it that can be regulated: completely super-dry or wetter) either throw it away, or boil the compote, then pass it through a sieve.

Quote: Masinen

Girls, why then sieve need to? I thought it was good for berries, didn't I?
Masha, a sieve for wiping boiled puree is more suitable, just irreplaceable. Rub cottage cheese
Fresh fruits, berries do not rub well - only boiled

Quote: Pilgrim73
I mainly use a sieve only during the harvesting period. And berries such as black and red currants, I first grind in mashed potatoes with a blender, and then pour this slurry into a sieve, it turns out much better and there is very little waste. Cherry sieve grinds normally. So that the seeds from raspberries and strawberries do not fall, I immediately put two sieves, a large one on top, and a small one below. Then the bones do not get into the puree at all!
Yes, even strawberry ones! I put two sieves with scratches up, large on top, small under it. All bones that have crawled through a large sieve are retained by a small one. You just need to periodically pull them out and peel them off (it's not long at all, these extracts go to my compote and then rinse the sieve under the tap, then wipe it again). I do not bend any blades, everything is fine and it snaps into place.
Jelly from these berries makes Apples and pears, yes, only boiled. The sieve helps me a lot in making ketchup. I stew tomatoes and then rub this mass. It turns out just great! Without this attachment, I would not have ventured into ketchup. I don’t use it at all for sifting flour and cottage cheese, for me it’s pampering.
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I was rubbing fresh overripe apricots. I loaded it whole, with seeds, at the exit - an excellent consistency of puree absolutely without fibers, like baby food. Then I boiled it a little with sugar.
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This year I made preparations - cranberries and lingonberries.
I grind it in a food processor, then stir it in a bowl with sugar and wipe it through a sieve (large grid). At the exit, pure jelly and a little cake.
I made fruit cake from the cake.
I adjusted the nozzle according to the instructions as soon as I bought it.

I decided not to buy a press for berries.
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And this year, during the harvesting season, I rubbed 50 kg of tomatoes through a sieve,
it turned out 9.5 liters of tomato paste, thick homemade, without adding
spices and salt.
At first, I also ground it in a food processor, the raw ones did not want to rub ...
Quote: marlanca
I really like the wiping sieve, especially on the eve of the blanks. I had a whole balcony with apples, I handed them out, handed them out, and they all do not end ... I cooked jam, that's where the sieve is an irreplaceable thing ... And chickpeas for hummus wipes with a bang ...
Apples are wiped from the skins and seeds, everything is whack-whack and it's ready ..., for the child, sea buckthorn and red currant jelly, also in the same place, all the cake remains at the top ... do not feel .....
Still regarding the sieve, I made pomegranate juice for them until I bought a press for pomegranates ..... oh, how !!!!
Steamed apples ... I didn't do tomatoes, I can't say anything ... I made sea buckthorn and red currants raw, everything is rubbed wonderfully ...
Quote: AlenaT

Are the apples raw or steamed?
I didn't succeed with raw tomatoes, I had to drive it through a chopper, and then wipe it with a sieve ...
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Girls, the sieve is super of all nozzles !!
I rubbed the cottage cheese with a bang!
The casserole came out fluffy !! And baked in Štebka)
Take a sieve and do not hesitate!

Here's a casserole)
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
As I wanted, I rubbed the blackberry jam.
Girls, I absolutely love it !!! All the bones remained in the sieve, and in the bowl lay the most delicate blackberry jam !!!
Rubbed through shallow smooth side up)
So I had it and no one wanted to eat, maybe from the bones it is simply not possible.
And blackberries straight from the forest of Bosnia)) delicious!

Just funky brownie in harvester did.

chocolate bar,
120 g butter
2 tbsp. l. honey,
2 tbsp. l. Sahara,
2-3 st. l. flour,
2 eggs,
3 tbsp. l. cocoa,
100 gr walnuts
fell asleep in it. Brrr ... and the dough is ready
Also spread it with chocolate cream - heat 80 ml of cream almost to a boil and pour them over a bar of chocolate. Let stand for a couple of minutes and stir until smooth. Bitter and chocolate!
Vkusnaaa .. and fast
Just knead not in a bowl, but in a combine with this one
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

He lives with me like this:
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
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My graters are kept in a plastic container. Very comfortably.
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
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Galya, share, how shortbread doing K-nozzle?
I cannot imagine this process ...
The food processor cuts chilled butter with knives and mixes it with flour, but how?
Even if you grate the butter beforehand, how will she mix it with flour?
It’s as if it’s not a sandy one ...
Please describe the process.
Otherwise I sometimes regret that I don't have a processor on Kenwood ...
Alena, I just put flour in a bowl, sugar, salt, vanillin, yolk or 1 tbsp. a spoonful of water, I cut butter on top of the flour, as it turns out, I do not grind it at all ...., and everything, if I need a crumb, (for example, "royal cheese") I mix at a minimum, if a bun, then I turn on the speed more literally in a minute ...
Quote: AlenaT

Napoleon no way, except to make it a narrow long strip and then
cut into cakes, I've already pondered this question too ...
Alena is doing just that, in a large strip, she made identical strips, pricked them with a fork, baked them, laid them out on the stand where the cake was going, I also smeared a little cream down, on it already the first layer of strips, then cream, strips, etc., and under the cream everything is perfectly held together. You can also bake raw strips with a small overlap, slightly press down the seam and that's it ...
Quote: Masinen

And I always cut raw potatoes, and then boil them for a couple) very convenient)
I agree, but it's easier for me peel boiled vegetables, I put on rubber gloves, take paper towels and, as it were, wipe the vegetables with a towel in my hands - 10 seconds and all the vegetables are peeled and carrots, and beets, and potatoes ...
Girls, I'm really upset !! Bought a Kenwood attachment dough sheeter, but it does not fit !!!
I can't understand what kind of car it is for !!
Help me to understand

This is her entrance. Should there be an adapter or what?
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Or is it for a meat grinder? Although the Kenwood website does not have such a meat grinder attachment
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

Quote: Dr.NO

I'm not really a girl, I'm a boy
But you have a nozzle for kMix seems to be hex AX970... For chef and major nuna AT970

I tried the nozzle Dough sheeter.
I can say that she is worth her money !! So whoever thinks that it is expensive, it is not so !!
I kneaded the dough with a cashew, like on dumplings, but with the addition of ground wheat, which was ground Miller on Keshke.
And she rolled out the dough on Keshik !!!! And she sifted flour on Keshik !!!
And here is the result
Serbian pita with meat .
AND Pita with apples

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

here is the recipe
But there is made of ready-made dough.
The dough is like dumplings. Flour, water and salt + 2 eggs.
There are more dough recipes in the topic.
The filling can be made from pork + beef and onions, apples + cinnamon and sugar, cottage cheese, as in the recipe)

Flaky due to curling and thinly rolled dough.
Rolled out by 8. Thinner is not necessary)
It should be thinner than khinkal. At 9, I was afraid to roll it out. 8 is what I need. And smear it with an egg on top so that it turns out pretty)
I broke the dough rolled out into squares by 4. And then rolled it into 7 and 8, you get thin rectangular pieces. You put it on the table and distribute the filling evenly over the dough and start twisting it into a tube along the length of the dough. When you twisted it, you make a snail, you twist it in a circle.
The length of the dough should be 20-25 cm. Bake. For 200 g for 30 minutes Pinch the ends and hide the last tip under the bottom of the snail. Brush with an egg. Yes, the dough will not get wet, I baked with apples and nothing got wet.

I am a little confused that all nozzles inserted into the side slot (meat grinder, cube cutter) stagger a little. Is that so for everyone?

Quote: taniakrug
Yes, my dough roll is also a little wobbly.
Quote: Masinen
And all my attachments are loose)
Quote: Kalinka 777
And I stagger.
It’s so scary to try a cube cutter, because it’s on weight with products, and even pushing a pusher I haven’t tried it yet)))
Quote: taniakrug

Don't be afraid! Just with the cube cutter, I didn't really feel the wobbling. There, the products are crushed with such ease that there is no need to press too much. This is generally a show, how everything is quickly cut
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Girls I have an emergency.
Diced Olvier salad. Everything was chilled. Perfectly crumbled everything. Eggs just as smooth as the rest did not work out. No problem.
A bit big for my taste, but also little things.

I began to disassemble the nozzle, and the last 2 parts are metal, which cannot be washed and the gray body, into which all the nails are inserted, I can not separate. How tightly stuck together and neither here nor there ... I don't know what to do with them now ...
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The first thing that comes to mind is to collect back and chase away something like a cucumber. And so - a little bit to the right and left and smoothly pull up. I had something like that after potatoes.
Quote: Nagira

OxiSK, and you at that low speed socket, besides those listed, were there any other attachments attached?
I mean that m. B. they all backlash? I only use (in that socket) mill, it is plastic, even the auger is plastic, only the millstones are metal (and they are very small) - that is, the nozzle is not heavy, but there is also a backlash. At first it bothered me, even held it with my hand during work, and then ... I relaxed ... and everything has been working normally for the third year
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Girls, got the 950th grinder.
Here I am writing. I immediately bought meat to test it.
First. Melet is wonderful, I tried it on a medium grater, I didn’t even deliberately cut out several places in the beef that were veined, and then I didn’t find them in the minced meat, that is, I ground it, "with a bang" (I, of course, used to carefully disassemble the meat before grinding, that's throw away too much, but there was a sporting interest)
Second. It is not entirely clear, but for some reason the fixed nozzle has a slight backlash, that is, it does not sit "dead" in the socket. Maybe they all sit like that, but when compared with my 19-year-old old Mulinesk meat grinder (which still works!), This moment seemed a flaw. I put it in and that's it, "sits" like a monolith ...
No, it holds well, it can be seen that it is fixed in the latch, but if you move it with your hand, then about 1.5-2 mm you can see "freedom" of movement in the "forward-backward" direction. And probably because of this - when the meat grinder begins to rotate, it does not keep a clear horizontal line relative to the screw, but it kind of shakes it slightly. I don’t know if she explained it clearly?
Is it just me, or who else noticed?
Maybe there should be some other seal?
So I looked - from the inside there is a white O-ring, everything seems to be in place, presumably everything is enough.
What do you think? ... or maybe EVERYONE is doing this now?
Quote: Masinen

They all sit down with a backlash low speed socket.
And a cube, and a mill, and a meat grinder, and a dough rolling machine.
We've discussed this before, so it's okay.

Olga VB
A knife for a meat grinder.
Quote: Daria33

Yesterday I took my meat grinder - she initially did not grind anything, only "crushed" and wrapped everything around the knife - held it for a week, did nothing, they checked it - it is spinning, and no one tried to grind the meat there, in general they swore they swore - they gave a new one knife, today I tried it, the girls twisted everything that they found in 2 freezers to celebrate, and beef with pork and onions and also fish for cutlets. So the thing was in the knife, although outwardly the old and the new are exactly the same sharpened, and in general they are identical, but only one grinds everything, and the second does not even take a clipping
Girls, on a parallel thread, one Formchanin answers questions very skillfully.
See for yourself... If anything, you can ask him questions.
Quote: Chenka

Take your time to get rid of food processora. The plastic there is very high quality. And graters, despite the presence of the Berner grater, I use almost every day. Soups, salads, main courses - everything where vegetables are needed.
Even vegetable preparations... Yes, it is necessary to empty the cup more often in this case, but it is definitely enough for every day. Our high-speed grater costs almost 100 euros. I bought a cube for this money.
Quote: 3do4ki
Yes, the food is very healthy. I'm raw in it liver, chicken breasts blender even. Hepatic pate only in it. Onions for cutlets too and vegetables for borsch ...
Girls, I've been watching the program on NTV in the morning for a couple of weeks
"cooking with Alexey Zimin". He cooks everything in Kenwood (in my opinion it's 80), uses different attachments. Who cares, you can see and hear how our favorite works.

I don't know, maybe this recipe is on the forum,
I make chocolate and vanilla ice cream according to this recipe:

take 4 yolks, beat them with 100 grams of sugar.
500 ml Cream 20% Put in a saucepan over low heat, add 100 gr. Sugar and some vanilla (vanilla pod in the original recipe), bring to a boil. Pour the mixture into the whipping yolks in a thin stream, do it carefully so that the yolks do not curl. After 2-3 minutes I worry back into the pan, constantly stirring I bring to a boil for about 5 minutes. If small lumps have formed, I break them with a blender, all the ice cream mass is ready, cool to room temperature, pour into an ice cream bowl. I make meringues from the remaining proteins.

I add cocoa to the already prepared base before removing from the stove.

Quote: Olga VB

Here's a recipe from a nearby site.
There, many have tried, and all agreed that, indeed, the taste of childhood - Soviet ice cream in cups, which was sold for 20 kopecks ...
"the same one that melted, dripped down a waffle cup with a heavy, viscous drop of yellow color ...
300 gr cream 33%
150 g sugar
3 yolks
0.5 glass of milk (glass 250 gr)
We boil the milk in a bowl, cool, add 3 yolks and sugar, beat, mix and in a water bath, stirring continuously, stirring the mass to a condensed milk state (this is a hint to those who do not want to hang around the stove for 10 extra minutes, but just take and will open a can of condensed milk).
So, we boiled the mass, cooled it down, now we proceed to the cream: whisk them until strong peaks.
Carefully combine the two masses and put them safely in the freezer (or ice cream maker). "

And derived from this "lazy "option:

Whip 300g cream until peaks
12 cans of condensed milk (can 370g) - added, mixed. Who likes sweeter - pour more.
and all in an ice cream maker for half an hour.
Condensed milk should be taken thick. Ice cream has a slight taste of condensed milk, but it doesn't spoil it.
Quote: kseniya D

I don't remember where I got the recipe, perhaps even from this site.

300 ml cream 22%
6 tbsp sugar. powders
5 quail eggs
fruit yoghurt

Beat eggs with 1/2 sugar. powder and vanilla. Whip the cream and powder separately
Combine everything and beat together for 3 minutes. Transfer to the ice cream maker.
200 ml cream 35%
100 ml milk 3.2%
6 tbsp caster sugar
2 eggs

Combine milk with cream and beat them with 1/3 of sugar. powder into a strong mass. In another container, beat the yolks with vanilla and 1/3 of the sugar. powder is white. In the third container, beat the whites with the remaining sugar. Powder. Combine all three compositions and put them in an ice cream maker. And you will be happier !!!

Quote: Kolizeika

Girls when mashed potatoes Make a K-nozzle condensate accumulates at the top in the place where we attach the K-nozzle? Isn't it scary?
When you raise it to get the bowl, water runs even along the back wall = (

Yes, and condensation accumulates, and the water runs a little. Condensation is not a problem if the protective cover is installed. And when I get up, I immediately put a towel. I think you can't do without these "inconveniences"

Quote: Pilgrim73

I honestly never boil a whole potato, I always cut it into 4 parts, and large into 6 parts. I drain the water from the potatoes and put them in the bowl, then immediately whisk with a whisk and add milk during the whipping process (I don't put butter because of the extra calories). I used to whip it with a K-shaped nozzle myself, until my husband rejected my puree. It turns out that he always whipped it with a whisk and advised me to do this.
Thank you girls for the advice, we didn't try to whisk with a whisk, we will have to try. We are somehow used to the K-nozzle, we really like it.
Yes, you boil potatoes, but we don't cook them whole, I cut them in half, put them in a bowl and beat them, add milk, but everything is like Pilgrim73 wrote, we sometimes add an egg
Quote: Olga VB

Well, I can boil it right in Kesh in a bowl, not put it in any blender, but stir it up even further - and heat the milk, and crush it, and beat it ...

I want to share my experience. I cut cubes on the vinaigrette and on Olivier salad raw vegetables. And then in a matter of minutes I boil it in a double boiler, and whoever has KM-086, and in his steam basket can. Therefore, you do not have to think about cooking snacks in a day. And these salads with such an assistant moved into the category of "guest on the doorstep":
With this method, nothing is definitely crumpled. Everything is smooth, like a ruler

Quote: 3do4ki

Potatoes, beets and carrots?
Does the chicken / raw meat also cut well?

Squid salad.
In case of sudden guests, I always keep peeled squid carcasses in the freezer. They are boiled for 1 minute after boiling. I add a boiled egg, onions, if there are few potatoes, I season with mayonnaise. Very tasty.

Yes. And potatoes and carrots and beets. I have a Tefal double boiler with such round baskets. In one I boil potatoes and carrots, in the other beets. It cooks a little longer. Therefore, I take out the first, and the second is cooked. I don't use a steamer in Kesh. I don't see the point for myself.
I did not try to cut meat. Fair. But they say that a little bit of ice cream was obtained by someone.

And there are a lot of guest salads. It's just that Olivier and vinaigrette are usually prepared in advance. Now, in order to cut into cubes, boil the vegetables in advance and cool. In fact, I feed the guests, of course, with slightly different dishes. My son loves Olivier. I cook when I unexpectedly show up. Or my husband will suddenly be impatient for lunch))))
Quote: AlenaT

Mash, and I also cook beets!
A hundred years ago, an employee said that a whole medium beet
it just cooks on gas for about 20 minutes and then under cold water and there it softens ...
And now I do the same thing, but I do it in a pressure cooker.
The beauty! And potatoes cooked in cubes (though not in a double boiler,
but usually boiled) I once tried it, but I really didn't like it ...
Maybe it's tastier in a double boiler ...
Quote: kseniya D

I always keep potatoes in cold water (already cut) for 10 minutes before putting them in a double boiler. Then, after cooking, it turns out not gray and not slimy, and does not turn into porridge in the salad.
Quote: AlenaT

In the process of slicing, I just spin the nozzle a couple of times at idle,
without loading the next portion of products - then all the cubes fly out.
And I also alternate between hard and soft foods.
Quote: Olga VB

Today the cube was crumbled by Olivier (my husband said that they wouldn’t let it go without Olivier) ...
Remember, we were talking about meat here, he will not take it.
Very well taken!
Just a little secret: so that the meat does not clog the grate and the drive, it is necessary to skip in turn the pieces of meat and something plump - not potatoes, not eggs, but, for example, cucumbers.
Everything crumbled very well, and my husband renamed the Olivier salad to ailav'yu salad.
What I wish you too!

Girls, please help me figure it out ... For almost a year I dreamed of a nozzle - low speed slicer to Major. And not about AT643, but about her predecessor AT948 with 4 reels. In short, today the idiot's dream came true - I bought it ... Almost new ...

I brought it home and let's try it out ... The result is that I am all upset ...
1. Drum for thin slices. I cut the cucumbers crookedly and obliquely and in torn thin pieces. Radish is about the same. Out of grief, I tried to skip chocolate - well, there seems to be nothing ...
2. Drum for thicker slices. It seems to cut nothing, but beautiful slices, as in advertising, did not work. And a lot of waste. I didn't cut the tomato in principle (some kind of porridge with a huge amount of waste turned out.
3. The drum because of which I actually bought this particular model is for nuts and chocolate ... To say that I am in shock is to say nothing. That nuts, that chocolate, it turned out just a small crumb (such as coconut). I read somewhere in my time that this drum produces amazingly grated nuts and chocolate. How do you do it? Nothing worked for me :(
4. Drum - an ordinary grater - I haven't tried it - and everything is clear.

In general, I was upset from the acquisition. Didn't like the nozzle at all. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Tell me please. I tried it at different speeds - both on the 1st and on the 2nd and on the 4th .. The result is almost the same ..

And further. in the box with the nozzle, a double-ended wrench was also found. From here, for what is it needed or is it the former mistress just put it here from the main car?

Quote: Papa [BO]

I bought an AT 443 slicer, made potato pancakes and crumbled cheese so far, on the whole I like it, potato pancakes really need to be pressed hard, and the cheese is perfect.

I am now ground on mill flour from green buckwheat... We bought this buckwheat, cooked it and didn’t appreciate it)) maybe I didn’t cook it that way, I don’t know at all)
I put some bread with this flour.

Here comes the flour
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

I set the finest grind, they twisted it all the way.
I wanted to ask for instructions from the mill!
Girls, maybe scan it for me, otherwise I'm afraid to take it apart! And you need to wash !!
You are welcome!!

Quote: Nata333

I was very pleased with the miller when the interruptions began with whole grain flour in the store. The finest grain grinding turns out to be coarser than in the flour sold, but it suits me perfectly. I grind at the 2nd speed and the millstones do not heat up - you can fill at least 1.5 kg of grain at a time.
The other day the poppy was ground - it turned out great.
Vei, grinds too big for what? If for bread, then in my opinion it is quite normal. Not all grains are the same there - there is a whole set from flour to small grains that perfectly absorb the liquid that you add to the bread. Maybe if you take groats from soft wheat ... but I really like to make from hard ones - the smell, taste and color on the cut without a gray tint is golden.
Quote: Admin

I am talking about the "requests of workers", in particular for Masha - Masinen

Nozzle mill for grinding cereals, grains into flour.

The mill is inserted in the same place as the meat grinder, and according to the same principle.
We remove the shiny panel to release the groove, insert the mill so that the grooves coincide, and we help to do this with a pin under the panel of the combine - well, we insert it like a meat grinder)) Highlighted it in the second photo close-up.

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

I insert a bowl for cereals on top - pour cereals here for grinding

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

There is a grinding regulator on the nozzle, 14 degrees - it is used to regulate the grinding during the operation of the mill. Rotate the fluted round handle left-right

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

At the bottom we substitute a bowl for collecting flour.

DO NOT wash the attachment !!! Just shake it so that the remaining flour will fly out by itself.You need to disassemble in the reverse order - everything is simple.
I like the degree of flour grinding.
Here is the grinding of wheat in the mill

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

Quote: Kara

Girls, please tell me, can anyone try almond flour make cereal mill AT941A, it turns out? For making pasta flour with a multi-grinder (and in general with any other device) is possible only after spending a day on it.
Quote: Dr.NO

Kara, The thought of almond flour does not leave you all the same. Even if you grind finely (on something), the humidity will be very high, the skirt will not come off, you will get biscuits. You have a shop nearby advertised on the forum, they have Russian flour, although it is not very good, it turns out something if you sift it three times. In general, French, Belgian, Italian are better. The whiter the better.
Today my husband, he is my amateur culinary specialist, experienced dough sheeter and spaghetti attachment AT 974.

His first impressions:
Kesha is kneading the dough - I'm resting
Kesha rolls out the dough - I'm resting
Kesha cuts spaghetti - I'm resting
Now I will eat spaghetti and I will be happy!
He says that before, in order to roll out the egg noodles, he would have sweated over the dough for an hour and would not have achieved such a dense structure, but now Kesha does everything for him. In general, he is delighted! Several photos of the workflow:
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

Quote: AlenaT

With the help of a dough sheeter I tried to do napoleon- suffered a fiasco.
The dough was very tender - it did not roll out, but stuck to the rollers ...

I do not want to upset about potato peeler AT 444, but you can be disappointed in it.

Having an electric potato peeler (I have been using it for the third year) without a clan, without a tribe, I quietly sighed about the Kesha nozzle. And so I bought it three weeks ago at Enter. ru at a very good price 1692r. Having tested it, I was surprised that it works much worse than the Chinese one. Cleans much longer and cuts off more layers. The girls wrote that they were unhappy with this attachment, but I really wanted it. When my magic wand dies, I'll buy myself a Tosh potato peeler, although it is more expensive, it seems to be eternal.

We have a profile topic "Electric potato peelers", after reading it, I ordered myself a Clathronic, and they brought some kind of Yumic. So the old woman is plowing, she has already cleaned not a single bag of potatoes during this time. In principle, they are all the same type, only the names are different: Clathronic, Saturn, Maestro, Ares, etc. Only the girls have been complaining about them lately, they break down often. That's why I'm looking at Tosha in perspective.

Olga VB
Girls, I'm at processor tried shortcrust pastry chop. Fiasco!
Put it into a bowl, mix it K-nozzle.

The processor then did not want to understand: the bowl with a metal "member" (sorry, I don’t know the name of this thing), on which it sits, did not want to part, barely unscrewed it. It turned out to be more convenient to do right on the nest.
Soiled it all for the sake of 2 dozen cookies.
And is it worth it?
Girls, who generally kneads shortbread dough in Kesh? in what order, etc.?
And then the cookies are delicious, but the trouble with him is still!

Quote: Kalmykova

I mix with a K-shaped nozzle.
Quote: Kalmykova

Olga VB! Shortcrust pastry does not knead for a long time, therefore, at minimum speed and only until mixing evenly. If there are eggs, then first they are beaten with sugar.
I used to always knead with knives in a combine at high speed.
And if the K-nozzle, and even the minimum speed, then the oil probably won't break, is it ice-cold, from the freezer?
And if you take soft butter, then, of course, it will stir, but what kind of dough will you get? Probably not a shortbread ...
And I have never made shortbread dough with eggs ...
I'm stupid ...Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Quote: zvezda

Olga !!! I often make dough in Kesh .... I understand that I tried it in the combine ???? You probably tried to chop the butter first .... but here the whole trick is that you need to immediately with flour !!! But I, too, the truth, almost always still make shortbread dough with something ... they even mix water with vinegar on the floor !!! But I also love with yolk ... I think this Kesha has been here the longest ... so I've already tried everything in him ...It will work out !!! If we are talking about the same nozzle
Olya, so I with flour and threw ice butter, cut into cubes, into the processor (the one that is placed on top of a medium-speed one, with knives), then I added powdered sugar.
Usually I always did this in the old combine. True, there is a larger bowl and the knives look more powerful.
Maybe she just can't digest such a dose? (300 gr. Flour + 200 gr. Butter + 100 gr. Powder)
I stopped several times, interfered in her internal affairs, but there was no sense.
I had to transfer it to the main bowl, kneading this disgrace with my hands along the way, and stir it with K-shkoy there.
But this is no longer the crumb that usually happens when kneading shortbread dough, and which then molds so well into a lump - some kind of porridge, since the butter was not chopped, but simply melted.
The first disappointment (except for the large cubes in the vinaigrette).
Quote: Masinen

And I made shortbread dough in I Thermomix with knives. But what kind of oil I don't remember)
I'll try next time with room T * C butter on some simple cookies.
But then the topic of making puff pastry still arises, but how to make it out of warm butter ???

Girls, and someone tried to roll out shortbread dough on dough sheeter?
In general, what kind of dough can she do, except for pasta and dumplings?
Is it puff or not?
Quote: AlenaT

She didn't take the Napoleon dough from me.
But the dough was very tender, I immediately rolled it out on a sheet,
constantly adding flour.
Maybe a different recipe will work ...
Quote: 3do4ki

I kneaded the shortbread dough in the processor. I loaded everything there, including chocolate cubes, butter from the refrigerator.
I opened it several times and helped to knead it at the very beginning, but it looked like it was because of the chocolate ...
Quote: Musenovna

I make shortbread dough in Kesh, knead with a K-shaped attachment. Butter from the freezer, the only thing I cut into small cubes is about 1x1 cm. It turns out a crumb, then an egg and ice water, without powdered sugar. I wanted to try to knead everything in a bowl, but somehow I still couldn't.
In the book of recipes for Kesha they write like this:
Place flour, salt and butter (cut into small pieces) in a bowl. Stir with the K-tip at speed 2 until crumbs are fine. While rotating the nozzle, sprinkle the mixture with water, add one spoon at a time until the mixture turns into dough.
If necessary I can give proportions.
Yes of course. Any experience would be great.
Yesterday I mixed K-shkoy with room oil, of course, everything was kneaded, but I have much more shortbread dough mixed with ice oil. But only if for this it will be necessary to finely crumble it first, then there is no point in the mixer, then everything is very easy.
It turns out that you can't knead puff on Kesh either? ...
Quote: Musenovna

Well, I would not say that it is long. Usually I divide a piece of butter into about three parts in length and about 5-6 parts in width. And pieces lengthwise into 2 parts. I write for a long time, but in the end it takes no more than 2-3 minutes with a sharp knife. I take the oil from the freezer. With soft butter from the fridge, this is no longer the same shortbread dough.
Quote: Musenovna
Shortcrust pastry is what I do with frozen butter in a food processor. Copes with a bang. I hold the first seconds a little. With softened in a bowl. Previously, I did it with frozen food in a bowl, I just put smaller pieces of butter right away, but this is much longer than in a food processor.

Quote: 3do4ki
AT 910 - UZHOS.
I don't use it at all.
Why? And I love it! And the nozzle itself is wonderful ... it fell right into the hand ... and the result ... and no special flour was at hand .... Why don't you use it?

here is my first experience. While my husband was at lunch, she chopped ... He brought the eggs. It so happened that there was none of that Quickly and kneaded the dough and made macaroshkas ... cooked, however, for a long time later to try ... The sensations are not unambiguous ..... but delicious !!!!

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

Quote: 3do4ki
Why? Because they are thick, coarse, cook for a long time and wash them for a long time .. easier ready to cook ...
Well, in general, there is no point in making them myself ...
Quote: Begonia
Is it possible to do without the nozzle for pasta itself - "Nozzle for making Italian curly pasta AT910"(expensive), but buy only" inserts "for her and insert them into the Kenwood meat grinder (I go to the new Kenwood from the meat grinder)?
Tell me, maybe someone has already tried this - will it fit in size? And you can cut the dough with a simple knife ...
Quote: Vetiver

I have such a nozzle. Now I went and looked and came to the conclusion that the option proposed by you will not work. The construction will not allow. There, the plastic shaft and the diameter of the nozzle itself are much smaller than that of a meat grinder.

kseniya D
Quote: Papa [BO]

Tell me by ice maker, does she fit into a standard freezer compartment? Well, such an ordinary shelf ... Otherwise, I cannot understand from the videos, what is the approximate size of this insert that needs to be cooled, thanks.
ice cream maker: height 12 cm, diameter 23 cm.

Quote: AlenaT

Before using the ice cream maker, it must be in the freezer
twelve hours, and preferably a day. Then pour a well-chilled mixture into it
for ice cream and start the unit, soft ice cream for 25-50 minutes
It remains only to put it in the freezer for a couple of hours to ripen.
I have done it several times, everything worked out.
Good luck!)))
I forgot to write, the refrigerant in the ice cream maker must be
completely frozen, nothing should gurgle there!

Olga VB
I'm afraid to interrupt proteins... How to stop in time?
It is practically impossible to kill proteins, therefore the concept of "on time" here depends only on your taste.

You can stop (but not need to) when the sugar is completely dispersed and the consistency required for the recipe is reached (soft peaks, hard peaks ...)
For some types of cakes meringue requires a softer, caramel-like, for others - drier.
If you make meringues as an independent cookie, then be guided by your taste.

Quote: Ingushechka

Today I made a cottage cheese casserole in a slow cooker, and according to the recipe, whip the proteins with sugar separately until soft peaks. I, like a decent one, used a whisk, but I didn't whip a fig and didn’t beat it close to the desired consistency ((I didn’t include it above the third speed.
Quote: AlenaT

The instructions say whisk whites and cream immediately to the maximum.
I always do that.
Now I will try again on the fifth.
But on the eighth there are always such proteins as soufflé, you can cut with a knife,
minutes in three or four ...
The only "but": it is very difficult to pick out all this from the Kesha whisk. You have to knock on the edge, and these are unnecessary movements, and he does not like meringues such shakes. Therefore, for example, I prefer K-shku for whipping proteins. But I don't turn it on to the maximum right away - first I beat it a little at a low speed, otherwise everything strives to splash out in different directions.

By the way, Kenwood has, in addition to the standard one, another whisk nozzle with fewer twigs.
It whips just as well, but everything falls out of it just fine in just 1-2 taps.
There are also thinner rods, they are also easier to release.
It's not very clear there.
The title says that for the chief, and in different places in the description they write that for the chief and for the major.
Looks like that:Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments compare with the standard:Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

You can see, for example, here:

There is a thread here on the forum about beating eggs - there are many helpful tips.
Look, it seems, where the biscuits are.
Quote: natushka

Here is my nozzle whisk in kenwood KM010, for some reason it doesn't look like yours or the models are different
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Quote: Musenovna

You, in theory, should have less. The bowl is smaller. Therefore, the corolla is different.

Quote: Masinen
Ol, what is this delicate nozzle?
The manufacturer positions it as "delicate" Flexi nozzle with heat-resistant inserts,

this one:
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
and also recommends "for gentle kneading" stirrer
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
But there it is not so much the nozzle as the speed that is important: you need to use the 1st, the one that is in the circle from 0 clockwise (that is, turning the switch counterclockwise).
I figured that at this speed, you can, probably, and with a hook or even a K-shkoy very delicately mix the flour, adding it slowly, gradually.
These are 2 different attachments.
The lower one itself, it has 2 moving elements: the planetary part rotates separately and the central part separately.
And the upper component is purely planetary. There, the kit includes a metal base and 2 heat-resistant nozzles - gray and black, which are installed on this base. It is assumed that this is for convenience, so that one for sweet dishes, and the other for salty ones, such as sauces, stews ...
You can probably use this base yourself, without the plastic attachments, but I have no idea why.

Quote: djemma

And someone else has such a nozzle AT 512?
Is it better and than the Flexy tips?
Quote: Dr.NO

I have.
It is not rubber / silicone like flexi. It is made of plastic.
It is used when adding flour to whipped egg whites. Biscuits, macaroon, etc. Mixes very well and gently with minimal protein settling.
Quote: Vei

And yesterday I finally tried the Flexy attachment for soft cream mixtures. She whipped butter for sour cream custard, and then the cream itself. Everything turned out well, otherwise the oil got stuck in the whisk, I barely picked it out

Disassembled a nozzle here recently AT 970 (rolling) to the screw, it was just interesting. How many byaki (dried dough and flour) are there on the gears. Apparently periodically you will have to do this otherwise the gears will end.
The manufacturer does not recommend disassembling or washing this attachment.
I have AT 641... I am not very happy. I rarely use it.
The cake is quite wet, when I am not lazy I squeeze out the remaining juice through cheesecloth.
Tends to splatter when it flows into the jug. I soiled the carpet with beet juice, we have a carpet in our kitchen. (The child is small, the floor is tiled, and the heating does not work)


I have such a question called: how long can you high speed nozzle use without interruption? I'm here cabbage fermented, shredded three heads of cabbage in 10 minutes, then removed the shredder, and the metal base, where it is attached, became so hot that I literally almost burned my hand !!! it was impossible to touch! I understand that she can't chop for too long? and what is the point then? if it is not particularly suitable for blanks ((or is it just me having such a problem? what to do?

Lilyanna, this attachment helped me a lot during the preparation.
And she chopped cabbage with basins, and rubbed quince - no problem,
and specifically checked for heat ...
Quote: Musenovna
Who has instructions for the dough sheeter electronic?! Please share.
Instructions AT970A, AT971A, AT972A, AT973A, AT974A - nozzle for making Italian pasta


Russian language: pp. 32-34
Now I am with dough sheeter! At first it was not possible to install it there, then I realized that it was necessary to turn the shaft so that everything would fit into the grooves. Installed - everything works fine. I tried to roll out a piece of old unnecessary mastics, all rolls with a bang !!!
Now I think about the dough for Napoleon. What is the best dough to take, so that you can then roll it on a dough roller, and which nozzle is better to knead.
Olga VB
Quote: bukabuza

Girls and somebody has a meat grinder AT 955? how is she to you and how from AT 950 is different.
I have!
It differs in the diameter of the inlet and, accordingly, the outlet. That is, it is more than 950, but not 3.6 kg, as they say in some reviews - it's really lighter.

I somewhere here laid out the weight of this nozzle.
I liked the 955 in operation, but I cannot compare the working properties with the 950, since I did not use the 950.
Spun fish, meat. I haven't twisted the bird yet, but after the meat I have no doubt about the result.
I put the pieces in such that they simply pushed through to the auger, for example, I cut the fish into 2 parts, just once along.
They have the same grilles (hole diameter), it's just that the grille itself is larger in the 950th and, accordingly, there are more holes.
And so the meat grinder is like a meat grinder. It's more convenient for me that I don't have to do small pieces.
I haven't made sausage yet.
And, also: small pieces from the onion remained on the body, but they are pushed through if a small part of the minced meat is pushed again.
Therefore, now I skip onions and something soft (soaked bread, for example) in the middle of the process, so that after it I skip more meat.

L @ ​​stochka
Different attachments
Quote: simfira

Girls, help. We need to decide on the attachments. What can you say about sieve for wiping? Cottage cheese will it grind well? Or, for example, she made ketchup at home and there were small skins left, can a sieve separate them?
I took it mainly for cottage cheese, flour and sugar. powder.
And the cottage cheese is wiped perfectly and sifts too with a bang!
Two discs with different hole diameters go to the sieve. And one side is smooth, the other is rough

Hook copes well with mixing mastics for 1350 gr of sugar. powder. (someone asked, I don't remember)

Is there some more freezer, also really like it! Super! AND bowl from her serves me additionally. I took it in Germany, there was an additional cup as a gift. I got three of them. How glad I am, how glad I am! I can't imagine how someone is missing one

I almost use it every day harvester with teochki. I have 647 model. I like it too!

Less commonly, a meat grinder and blender. It is also necessary to pull them out of the closet)))

Girls how to knead shortbread dough? I once tried it in a food processor with a knife. It was hard for him, but I'm scared for him
What do you use for this?

Quote: Musenovna

I have blender in use almost every day, we often make cocktails and smoothies.
Kitchen harvester a little less often, but I hardly rub anything else with my hands. ))) convenient and very fast.
Mini chopper there is, but not at all happy. Somehow it didn't work out with him. Tried to make sauce, poured kenwood with that sauce I chopped the cinnamon in sticks, be sure to break it first, I am satisfied with the quality of the grinding, but I did not do well with the nuts (almonds). Lots of large pieces. In general, I do not recommend buying.
Recently acquired dough sheeter and 2 cutting attachments... Satisfied incredibly. I loved the process so much. Very fast and most importantly very tasty. Tomorrow I'll post a photo.
There are plans to buy a meat grinder, a wiping sieve and an ice cream maker.
Shortcrust pastry is what I do with frozen butter in a food processor. Copes with a bang. I hold the first seconds a little. With softened in a bowl. Previously, I did it with frozen food in a bowl, I just put smaller pieces of butter right away, but this is much longer than in a food processor.
Quote: Olga VB

Take your time with the attachments, first use this, and only then slowly choose those that are really necessary for those dishes that you often cook, and not for those that you would like to cook or you think that you will cook if there is a corresponding attachment ...
Personally, my initial list of 12 additional attachments, in addition to the 086th configuration, was reduced over time to 3, and now I think that one would be enough. The rest for me personally are clearly redundant: they are not so necessary and so rare that I can do without them completely, they only take up space.

Olga VB
Quote: Pchela Maja
a induction Are you using or would you also just take a 10 or 20 model of a combine?
I will not say that often, but I use induction, so I am grateful to my husband, who insisted on this particular model.

And you analyze your diet, how much you will need cooking in the mode of simultaneous heating and stirring / whipping and whether it is worth the difference in price.
For some, for example, a mixer with heating is more convenient than a mixer-whisk.
I most often need induction in Kesh for baking (dough, creams) and sauces, but it can be useful for other dishes as well.
And milk porridge (semolina, oatmeal, rice, etc.) is just a song: like the most delicate cream!

010 and 020 differ in the power and volume of the bowl, - they do not differ in functions, that is, there are absolutely similar attachments to both.
The prices for Keshi in Ozone, IMHO, are not the sweetest. But there is still a question with delivery.
As for packaging, now, it seems, everything is packed well, mmm, no one complains about this for a long time, either to sellers or to forwarders.

Quote: Matanya

Thank you, but can you tell me, I had a kenwood meat grinder, from it this mouth itself will not fit into the enceincy? Otherwise I should have bought one less
I have meat grinder Kenwood 520and KMM 020everything fits and fits.

Only here are the graters that came with the meat grinder, I have not tried it yet. and lie packed for 1.5 years)))
Matanya, Tanya, I just put in this attachment from my meat grinder again, though there is no meat at home, I ground stale bread for release. It's just that I have had a CM for so long, I haven't minced meat on it yet, but the nozzle fits perfectly into the nest, everything is spinning inside, so I think that everything is fine. I was initially sure that they fit, since the nozzle cube cutter suitable for both KM and meat grinders. You just need to look at their website to see if your meat grinder is included in the list for the cube cutter.

Here is my photo with this attachment:

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

Hello, I brought you a small report on the nozzle AT910 (for cooking curly paste).

The dough was kneaded with a hook in the following proportions of 350 g semolina ("Mistral") and 150 g of ordinary premium flour, it turned out to be a bun. After the dough had stood for an hour, she tore it into small pieces and served it in a tube. The process is very interesting and absolutely uncomplicated. In terms of time (this includes cleaning the matrix), everything took an hour, while I was distracted a couple of times. And if you also have an assistant who will take care of laying out the formed pasta, then things will go even faster.

And now about the unpleasant. After drying, the pasta cracked lengthwise and halved. It's a shame, of course, but it wasn't even this that upset me the most, but the taste - I absolutely did not like it.

Now I'm trying to understand what's the matter. Either in domestic products (I and my family really like flat pasta made from Italian flour), or in flour proportions, or the matrix is ​​unsuccessful

Along the way, I want to ask a question. Does anyone have a spaghetti slicer? Are the spaghetti round or flat and don't stick together?

Quote: Musenovna

Vetiver, I read on some sites that different recipes are used for different types of pasta, that is, a recipe that is suitable for curly pasta is not successful for a flat one and vice versa. Again, the use of flour. I think Italian is still better. And flour differs in the degree of grinding. there is semolina (fine durum wheat flour) and semola (coarse durum wheat flour). And there is also soft wheat flour, but finely ground 00. It is also used in the preparation of pasta.
I don't have spaghetti slicers, but I have for trenette and tagliatelle... It cuts perfectly, nothing sticks together.
Thick, but not horror-horror. Boiled in dried form for 5-6 minutes.
I also have a nozzle for tagliatelle, I like it very much.
I make tagliatelle from 100-150 g of semola di frumento duro and 400-350 g of soft flour type 00. The taste is amazing, in my opinion, Barilla nervously smokes on the sidelines.
And here is an ambush with curly paste. On one forum I read that it is best to prepare dough from one semolina and water. But here I can't even imagine the taste, because I always make egg pasta.
Quote: bukabuza

natali3279, Nataliya, I have matrices 5pcs, not counting the one that was included.
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
I like the first one, especially for soup, I cut them very short.
The second and fourth are very similar, although one is square and the other is round.
The third one looks like such shells, the main thing is not to make it very long.
But I did not understand the fifth one, there it is necessary to select the length.
Well, the main one, which is a flower, it is good for her to do both long and very short.

Question about the nozzle meat grinder AT950A... I tried to twist the meat and onions. The juice dripped quite strongly. I'm even afraid that I might get inside the car (((But I kind of noticed it right away and turned it off. Now I think it’s something I put together incorrectly, or does this happen to everyone?

Quote: Inusya

At the beginning I noticed that it still has decent power, so it is better to twist products like onions and other juicy ones, push without fanaticism, and occasionally look into the hole, and let the juice pour into the nets.
And then at first I had this - through the hole at the end of the auger, onion juice leaked, and when I spun it up, it was wet in the nest. had to soak. Now I'm serving.
Quote: kseniya D

Girls and boys, do you screw the meat grinder with the black plastic wrench that comes with it? At first, I did not use it and the minced meat was a bit heavy, though it was not frayed anyway. And with this key I began to tighten it up properly and everything went like clockwork. The meat scrolls much faster and nothing is chewed. Now I can't find on which page, but I posted a photo of the finished minced meat.
Here, I found ...
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Quote: Olga VB
I have a meat grinder 955, - it grinds normally, does not press.
But here and before, some have complained that not everyone has a good result.
The question is solved.
It is necessary to correctly sharpen the knife and the grate. Or you can even replace the knife with saber.

It seemed to me that this key is not so much for "clamping" as for unscrewing, if it goes tight.
Regarding knives: I also thought that we did not have this.
It turned out that I was not looking right.
I think that in Kiev you can find a saber knife, not the smallest city.
And also a competent grinder.
And you can sharpen it yourself using dock recommendations - dearly!
Quote: Papa [BO]

I will add my own review on the 950 meat grinder, I can compare it with the old separate Bosch for 1300 watts. Objectively, Bosch threshed the meat better, it was somehow better cut, that is, the minced meat did not turn into porridge. But with Kenwood, it is, of course, ground, but somehow it is clear that he cuts it badly, and the minced meat turns out to be somehow transferred, as if it loses its structure.
Quote: win-tat

I also have an AT950A meat grinder, it grinds meat very well. As for the slightly frozen, the instructions even in bold type indicate that the meat must first be defrosted. Here is a photo of minced meat.
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Quote: Papa [BO]

I report on a meat grinder, today I tightened it with a plastic wrench, the result is excellent. So whoever has similar problems, I think you can try. Thanks to those who advised above.

Quote: Musenovna

Irina, if you dare, tell us later. Otherwise, I only store spices in these jars. Well, I didn't like it at all as a nozzle. Doesn't grind anything at all.
And I really like it. I almost bought it for them.

True, there was a moment of disappointment. The last few days I have been making sorbet with frozen berries. Just a portion turns out. One child from one to another from another ... Beauty. We already wrote about grinding coffee. More berry mousses from cottage cheese and berries ... Well, etc., etc. The only thing you need to get used to. And periodically shoot shake at the beginning ... Especially if the ice is inside.

But the whole blender does not have to get dirty for the sake of a portion. The beauty.

Quote: Zhanik

And my daughter eats everything only "homogenized". This can be achieved only with a hand blender. Still, Kesha, though not for an industrial scale, but certainly not for baby food. Especially if for one or two children's portions.
However, mine is with induction. And I make carrot cutlets and other "children's" dishes with its help with great pleasure ... I would like to convince the child that IT'S tasty and healthy
Quote: Inusya

if you buy a multi-chopper only for purees, then it seems to me that a blender is more convenient for this, actually. And the nozzle itself is very good - coffee, dry herbs, powder, nuts ...
I do not think that her characteristics can be limited to purees. And if the harvester floods ... well, forgive me, the inability to twist is not related to the defect of the machine ... it's rather to the hands ... How much I use, for some reason everything works out
Quote: Kara
As for the multi-shredder, you have to get used to it. I did not buy it separately, and now, if it were not for it, I would not have bought it. It is necessary to grind either completely dry ingredients, or completely "wet". For example, I grind an additive to cutlets in it: onions, potatoes and bread with milk. It helps me a lot, because I usually harvest a lot of minced meat at once, fill it in portions and in the freezer. And separately for a small portion of the onion additive to collect and then wash a meat grinder or a combine - a long time. Here's a cartoon and helps me out. You can grind coffee in it for a car, but not for a Turk, it will not work finely.

Olga VB
Yulia, Purees on multi-shredders for children - the most it

Nozzle cube cutter "It will be worth it" if you make a large enough volume of dicing at least once every 2-3 weeks.
The key points here are volume and frequency of use.
I bought it myself, but I don't use it often, that is, I could well have done it. But even on the shelf, it does not bother me.

Recipe book I can drop you if you send your email. address in a personal.

But you will not find any special revelations there.
At least, our forum in this regard is not only not worse, but also much better.
And it will turn out in general - and even more so.

Quote: Li-Ona

Hello everyone,
here you can a book of recipes for kitchen machines Kenwood in Russian, view and download

Where the "Download" button is located is indicated in the pictures (in both cases, in the "Share" section, the "Download" button)
1) If you do not have your issuu account
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

2) If you have an issuu account
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

Quote: zhuchella
I'm interested in freezer, potato and food processor (They said about him about 6 discs):
1. What kind of ice cream is obtained?
2. How well does a potato peeler peel not very fresh potatoes? If possible, then pictures of potatoes after a potato peeler? otherwise I think whether to take this nozzle or not ...
3. By the food processor: what are you doing on it and with what knife?

I did not measure the exact volume of ice cream, but approximately 1.400-1.500l (although it is stated that the bowl is 1l). I grind / mix the ingredients for ice cream in a blender, so I am guided by its scale. When making popsicles, I use less mixture so that the ice cream mixes well and hardens. By the way, I use the ice cream every day) The ice cream is sooooo tasty! I specially bought 5 containers so that there was always a variety of ice cream in the freezer)
With an old (really old and sluggish) potato I had only one experience. Yes, and that one is sad. I read that sluggish potatoes must first be "soaked" in cold water. Nope, it didn't help. I think this experience is not indicative, since the potatoes were really disgusting. The young, of course, cleans not only with "hurray", but with "hurray, hurray, hurray !!!" Even my skeptic husband appreciated) And now peeling potatoes is his favorite holy duty))) I'll take a photo of peeling old potatoes a little later - now we are still buying and eating young ones.
I use the food processor for grating cheese, chocolate and for various chopping of vegetables and fruits. I choose a nozzle "by eye" - it depends on what shape I need and the degree of grinding I need the product.

Quote: vitmosin
Girls, I have a question for the owners wipers AT930... I have dreamed about this attachment for a long time and now I managed to buy it. But I was disappointed, either I had pinned too high hopes, or something was wrong in my Keshik. I tried to wipe apple juice alive after my stepfather, quite a lot of puree with skin, but smear all the puree on the walls and the nozzle does not capture him at all. And after use, the washed sieve in several places became covered with rust ... I thought they were made of stainless steel ... Girls, tell me your experience of using this nozzle, am I doing something wrong?

There is an experience of rubbing bird cherry - as if the bones were "licked"))), but also rubbed the peel. Maybe you need to adjust the nozzle to the sieve more tightly? I washed the sieve several times in the dishwasher - nothing happened to it).

Quote: vitmosin

That's strange, Elvira, but your blades on the sides along the edge of the bowl pass or have a distance. These blades seemed to be smeared on the walls of my puree, but they did not want to wipe it. And I washed the sieve by hand, shook it off, but apparently water remained in the holes, which gave rust. I did not expect such an effect ...
They pass almost to the end (maybe 1-2 mm remains). Or maybe the speed is high, so on the walls? I do not know how according to the instructions, but I turn it on at 2-3 speed.

Good evening everyone. I really hope that tomorrow I will join your ranks. Ordered 010 in basic configuration.
Tell me how check correctly when buying and what to look for. And then they will bring home, and the husband is now away.
Quote: Olga VB
Jesse, carefully look at the complete set, appearance, check the availability of the technical passport, warranty card, receipt, all the necessary marks of purchase in them.
If you really do not rely on yourself, invite a friend, neighbor, relative whom you trust, let them insure you.
Quote: TatianaSa

Girls, help fill sausage... Minced meat does not go. I do not get it. Has anyone stuffed kenwood sausages?
Maybe the nozzle was assembled incorrectly, as I initially forgot to put such a black flat thing (I don't know what to call it) so that the meat grinder screw had a stop.
Quote: leostrog

I often stuff sausages and I can say that only very well-chilled minced meat is best stuffed, and "room" comes out from everywhere, just not into the shell ...
when rolling out the dough on the dough. at 7th thickness the dough is breaking and holes and cracks are formed. What could be the reason?
Quote: Masinen

Flour must be added. Dust them with flour all the time, and then roll them out.
Food processor
Quote: jessie
The bowl is removed together with the stem, which is attached to the machine. You can't turn it off by hand
Turn the bowl counterclockwise directly on the machine, a little effort is needed. The description is.
Pchela maja
Nozzles for KMM 080

We bought the 84th cash today.
I photographed a box and instructions for the topic, maybe .. a lot of questions about the numbering of attachments to the cooking chef

Flat pasta dish AT970A
Additional attachments AT971A - tagliotti, AT972A - tagliolini, AT973A-trenette, AT974A - spaghetti
Pasta dish AT910 comes with a rigatti attachment
Rotary knife AT643 comes with 5 blades
Fruit juicer AT644
Universal shredder AT950A is supplied with grids for fine, medium and coarse cutting, with port. sausage attachments for small and large sausages and a kebe attachment
Shredder AT955 is supplied with grids for fine, medium and coarse cuts, with port. sausage attachments for small and large sausages and a kebe attachment
Bean mill AT941A
Food processor AT647 includes 6 cutting discs and one knife
AT340 grater includes 7 cutting discs
Citrus juicer AT312
Blender AT337 - 1.5L, AT358 - 1.6L heat-resistant glass, AT339 - 1.5L stainless steel.
Mini chopper AT320A comes with 4 glasses. jars and 4 storage lids
Professional juicer (continued operation) AT641,
Ice cream attachment AT957A
Potato peeler AT445
Colander with sieve AT930A
Scale AT850B
Stainless steel bowl 36386A
Splash guard 34445A
Cover 606397

🔗 🔗 🔗

🔗 🔗

Olga VB
Finally bought saber knife for his meat grinder.

Well, what can I say ... My staff is very good, sharp, fits perfectly to the lattice.
But this new one is just a hurricane even compared to a good regular one.
It is called, Feel the Difference.
And I doubted when they told me that even a manual meat grinder becomes reactive with such a knife. Now I believe.

Quote: Pchela Maja
Tell me, do you have a 955 grinder?

Quote: Pchela Maja
Where did you buy such a knife?
Quote: Masinen
And I'm wondering where such a knife is sold?
I already wrote about this knife:
Quote: Olga VB

A saber knife is the same knife for a meat grinder, in which the cutting edges are not straight, but have a saber shape, due to this they do not chop, but rather cut the meat, which is much more effective, all other things being equal.
Compare when you work with a knife: you can press perpendicularly with the blade on the meat, or you can cut with sliding movements. What is more efficient?
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachmentsSuch knives can be selected for any meat grinder - in the shape and size of the central hole and in the outer diameter.
Quote: philia

Olga VB,
Thank you very much for such a detailed answer. One question. Where are they sold? In the household?
Quote: Olga VB

In the households too, but I would search the Internet.
And before that, I would have consulted with the dock, which manufacturers to give preference to, since the result also depends on this (quality, metal).
For example, Nevaprom has proven itself well in this sense in terms of price / quality ratio, but it is not the only one.
When I was looking for myself, I first found for which meat grinders a knife with the parameters I needed was made.
Most often this is not a regular knife for some models, but an additional one. This is usually called a sickle knife or saber knife.
In its designation, as a rule, there are 2 numbers, - dimensions in mm: inner (side of the square) and outer (diameter)
And then, on these grounds, I searched through the tyrnet.
For example, you can look at the site
This is for domestic meat grinders. But some of them are also suitable for imported ones.
There is also a separate section for imported spare parts.

For example, this knife should be suitable for the 950th attachment for Kesha:

And for the 955th, this one:

But you can also find cheaper deals.
The only addition: this link is really the cheapest offer (of the quality) that I have found. I bought it there.
There are similar knives for all types of meat grinders, including meat grinder attachments.
Well, grates, augers, etc., all different for meat grinders.
And also mixers for bread makers and other spare parts.

I brought myself corn meal home. It was very coarse and I didn’t like pastries from it. The flatbread worked well, but the muffin was not.
And then I remembered about mill his)

And yesterday I decided to grind flour with this attachment.
I put it on the finest grind and the mill immediately clogged. I cleaned it, but it clogged again.
I realized that fine grind was not suitable for corn and started adjusting the grind in the process.
When I found the best option, the mill coped with a bang and no longer clogged!
I can say that it is a very necessary hassle, if only a word!
I prayed perfectly, how I love! I don’t like dust and I don’t like it very much, but then it turned out as it should!
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

Quote: Kara
A mill (such a white one, put on in a nest for a meat grinder) is a very useful and necessary attachment. I use it to make flour from everything and from buckwheat, and from rice, and from millet, and many other things. Of course, the process is not fast, you need to start with the coarsest grinding, gradually moving on to the one you need. But it's worth it. For example, buns with buckwheat flour

Quote: Violin
Girls what kind of flour do you make pasta? After all, you need from durum wheat .. which one do you buy? I have not met this
And in general, is it troublesome to make pasta with Kesha?
I make from different varieties.

Sometimes I mix the usual white with spelled 50/50, but more often as Musenovna I do it from 00 Italian flour. I don't even add butter always. If I make egg noodles, then yolks (or eggs) with flour, if you want a white paste, then water with flour, the basic rule: for 1 egg (or 50 g of water, or 2 yolks) about 100 g of flour (it all depends on the type of eggs ). From the moment of kneading to eating (not counting resting in the refrigerator), a maximum of 30 minutes pass. Homemade pasta is cooked for no more than 3 minutes. In general, I already forgot when they ate the store

Quote: Musenovna

Violin, I buy this
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments and suchKenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
But the girls did from the usual Macfa, too, are happy with the result.
I also really love the "correct" pasta (pasta) and perfectly cooked. I studied many recipes and it turned out that it is homemade Italian pasta that is made from soft wheat flour, or with the addition of durum wheat flour. I buy exactly Italian. And you know fresh, slightly dried and properly cooked (fresh pasta is cooked for just a couple of minutes) you can eat just like that without sauce, just pouring it with olive oil. And the taste is comparable to expensive purchased Italian pasta.
Tasty still black, with cuttlefish ink.
Quote: bukabuza

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
There is also a black package, they are 500g. packaging.

Wash high speed grater it's really not difficult, you can rinse everything under running water, and if you need to wash it more thoroughly, it is also convenient, since all the parts are large - you can easily get it everywhere with a sponge. And it can also be washed in the dishwasher, only without a gearbox (it does not need to be washed - it does not get dirty).
The low-speed grater cannot be washed in the dishwasher - the chemicals in the dishwasher detergent lead to oxidation of the metal body of the nozzle and the appearance is lost.
Same thing with meat grinder, it is also not necessary to wash the case in the dishwasher, although discs and drums from nozzles are possible.
Quote: Latta

Girls, tell me what I'm doing wrong: I bought kenwood km 355, with three attachments, whisk butter cream (condensed milk and butter) is all worn out, the oil gets stuck inside the whisk, remains on the edges of the bowl, you have to constantly stop and pull the cream out of the whisk and scrape off the bowl, in short, my nerves are at the limit, maybe I'm not whipping it up? In the kit there was also a hook and a nozzle such as a shovel, full of holes

Quote: #Zhenechka #

Latta, do not whisk the butter cream with a whisk, for this the flexi bit nozzle comes with a rubber band, it is just designed for soft creams and soufflés! True, I don't know if there is such a nozzle in your typewriter.
Tatyana, we had to start with this. Nozzle AT 502 only suitable for class cars Major... I didn't find 350th kenwood at all. Maybe 353? or 355? or 357? In any case, all these models are of the class Chef, and nozzles Flexi beater for them does not exist. The entire list of attachments suitable for your model can be found on the website of. representative of Kenwood in Russia 🔗
Quote: Latta
And the series 355, 357 and 353 are one to one with mine. The manual says that all attachments for major and classik are suitable
Tatyana, the major attachments (whisk) cannot fit your car in any way for one simple reason - the height of the bowl. Your bowl is 4.6 liters, and all major's are 6.7 liters. There are no attachments for Classic, there are attachments for Chef and Major, and they are really universal, but not whips, since the height of the bowls for these models is different.
A K-shka for butter cream certainly fits.
Quote: Vei

Latta, I'm looking for a K-nozzle myself, but with a silicone rubber band around the edge, so far I haven't found anything, since I have Major, and these are everywhere for chefs, so you're lucky in this sense. Now I have to make buttercream with a whisk, K-shka for creams does not suit me at all, as well as Flexy-bitter, due to the fact that it is empty inside, the butter does not whip, but only smears and collects from the walls. So I work with a whisk, although I can't whisk small volumes of butter with a whisk, it gets inside the rods and that's it, there is nothing to whip further.
So, at the first opportunity, I will buy a K-shka with a silicone edge. Previously, they were exactly like that, but now they released a new empty inside, for me - one disorder ((
Hmm, Liz, that's weird. My butter cream is whipped with flexi-bitter perfectly - it turns out a smooth, homogeneous cream even from butter, which is not so hot. And the cream is just a whisk.
Quote: Vei

Ira, I don’t know, she tried to whip something out of different butter, nothing works, only half with K-shkoy, the rest is not whipped on the walls. And Flexy doesn't work, crawls it for 30 minutes. As a result, if I beat a lot of oil with a whisk, if not enough, then with a hand mixer.
Quote: Masinen

I tried flexi beater.
He creaks at third speed. At the first, it does not creak, but as I start to increase, the creak appears.
Is it because he rubs against the walls?
I wanted to whip butter for a cake.
Then I moved it to the K-nozzle and it went better and without any creak.
Quote: kseniya D

I also creak. It is he rubbing against the walls. I watched a video with an Italian cook, when she made custard, her also creaked.
Quote: Masinen

Liz, where have you seen such a nozzle? I went to the Kenwood website and there is nothing like it.
Quote: Irina_Smith

Mash, but it is about this that they say the coolest butter creams to beat. Major Sized Flexible Beater 44002 I am looking for where to buy

Pchela maja
Quote: kseniya D
It turns out that until the machine cools down to 60 degrees, all nozzles will work at minimum speed. So you need to prepare everything before heating.
In this case, it works pulse button P, you can try.
Olga VB
Quote: kseniya D
Could have done on the machine itself on / off button... Do you have to pull from the outlet all the time or do you leave it plugged in?
Quote: Pchela Maja
And I turn it off from the outlet, we periodically have power surges,

Girls, in these cases, a surge protector with a switch for each outlet is very convenient.
See sven surge protectors for example.
They come in different shapes, colors, for a different number of outlets.
In addition, they can be attached to the wall so that they do not get in the way of the countertop.
for example
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
The line filters have load limits. If it is exceeded, a trip is triggered.
The mechanism itself is rather delicate inside.
And any device in which there is heating (such as a kettle) can be powerful enough - so much so that the other has nothing to do next to it.
In this case, I found a way out of the situation as follows: in this particular filter, I divided it into 2 lines, - I energized the upper row of sockets on one line, and the lower one on another. Moreover, the lower one is fed from the line to the electric stove (it comes with a good margin for the load, since it must withstand the operation of 5 heaters, - 4 burners and ovens).
But at the same time, the circuits themselves inside the filter greatly limit its load capabilities.
Therefore, my energy-intensive appliances are included in different lines, for example, a kettle at the top, and a multicooker, a KM with induction and a roaster below (in the line from the stove).
And 1 free socket in each row.

Quote: Valya

Good day. Girls who have a nozzle berry press AT 644. Tomato juice did? And what it turns out. Thank you!!!
I have. Tomato juice is fine, but the nozzle clogs up quickly. I made a tomato from 5 kg for the winter and in the end I was already tired of disassembling and assembling the attachment to clean. Well, it clogs up very quickly. More I like to make a nozzlesieve", there are dry cake and thicker juice.

Already adapted. I do this:

I close the banks, and when I need to take it out and like this:

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