Cheesecakes with cottage cheese and raisins

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Cheesecakes with cottage cheese and raisins


For the test:
Dry yeast 4-5 g
Egg 1 PC.
Milk 270 ml
Sugar 2 tbsp. l.
Wheat flour
(approximately, according to the situation, you can add to the desired dough consistency)
500 g
Butter 50 g
Salt 0.5 tsp
For filling:
Cottage cheese 500 g
Egg 1 PC.
Sugar 4 tbsp. l.

Cooking method

  • We heat the milk to about 40-45 degrees, dissolve sugar and yeast in it. Leave for 10 minutes, until a "cap" appears on the milk. Add melted butter, egg, salt to the yeast mixture and sift the flour. Knead a smooth elastic dough.
  • We put it in a warm place to come up - the dough should double. When it comes up, we crush it and let it come up again. Crumple again, divide into balls, put on a baking sheet covered with parchment and let come up.
  • While the balls are coming up, prepare the filling. To do this, mix cottage cheese with sugar,. egg, and add the raisins. As a result, you should get a thick mass.
  • In the center of each ball with the bottom of the glass we push a depression so that it looks like a basket with a bottom and edges.
  • Lubricate the edges with yolk mixed with milk, fill the middle with filling.

Time for preparing:

20-30 minutes (depending on the oven)

Cooking program:

We bake cheesecakes at a temperature of 200 degrees

Thank you, it turned out very well, and also pleased with the fairly accurate ratio of cottage cheese and dough, nothing superfluous remained.
I want to try your cheesecake recipe, but if dry yeast is transferred to live, how much is needed? I already got used to translating from teaspoons, but somehow it did not happen with grammes.
I made these cheesecakes today! Awesome recipe! The only departure from the recipe - there was no ordinary cottage cheese, I took grained cottage cheese with cream - a kind of airy curd mass turned out. It turned out a little watery, but a very delicate filling I dragged myself into the hole
tried the cheesecakes, awesomely delicious
ate sooooo fast
thank you very much
only I made the dough in a bread maker
in dough mode
turned out great
Thanks to the author for the recipe. I made cheesecakes for the first time)) I started the dough in a bread maker, it rose well. Funky cheesecakes turned out, however, I decided not to add raisins.Cheesecakes with cottage cheese and raisins
Thank you very much for the recipe! I wanted to write tomorrow, but the cheesecakes turned out to be so delicious that I immediately write with delight - the last baking sheet is still in the oven)
For the second time I bake these gorgeous cheesecakes !!!

Cheesecakes with cottage cheese and raisins

This time I covered it with sour cream. An egg is still better, there is more gloss and blush.
and here are mine, thanks! we will do more !!!!

Cheesecakes with cottage cheese and raisins
who will tell you how many cheesecakes come out of a given amount of dough? Or how many grams of dough per cheesecake?
Cheesecakes of extraordinary deliciousness!
Here is a photo Cheesecakes with cottage cheese and raisins
I added 1 tbsp to the filling. l. flour, raisins were not added
From 500g of flour, I got two baking sheets of cheesecakes. I made them small, the dough pieces are a little larger than a walnut. They then pouted so well
Thank you very much for the cheesecakes, they turned out very tasty. Some I froze, after defrosting they remained just as tasty.
Thank you very much for the recipe. I make the dough in a bread maker.
Great cheesecakes, delicious! Special thanks for the simplest way to cut!
And here is my sample. I counted it for 300 g of flour, it turned out 12 cheesecakes. And the middle - a crush for potatoes.
Cheesecakes with cottage cheese and raisins
The dough is delicious and sweet enough for me. Thank you!
Byaka zakalyaka
Thank you very much, a very successful recipe for cheesecakes, baked in Princesk
I will definitely repeat
Byaka zakalyaka, tell me, how many servings are enough? How many bookmarks did you make and how long did you keep? : oops: I also want to do it, just have cottage cheese. ?.
Byaka zakalyaka
I made half a portion of the dough (I don't like yesterday's pastries), 9 cheesecakes came out for 2 bookmarks. I rolled the balls at 50 grams, plus a couple of grams for minutes, made the middle with an ordinary glass. The cheesecakes came out about 10 cm in diameter.
And I somehow did not detect it, until it was ruddy. I put the first batch in a cold one, the second batch in a hot one, they were baked for about 10 minutes
Byaka zakalyaka, Thank you! 9 cheesecakes for warm-up are enough for us too
Is it possible to make this dough in HP? Maybe someone tried it? I have a Panasonic.
Quote: WhiteAngel
Is it possible to make this dough in HP?

Need to !!!
Quote: Krosh
Need to !!!
Then the question is, what is the sequence? I usually have yeast. then flour, then salt-sugar and then liquid. How about? Take the "dough" mode or can you take "pizza" (it is 45 minutes)?
WhiteAngel, Well, usually each HP has its own bookmark order, it is better to follow it. If there is a dough program, then do it on it, make HP and proofing, and knead.
Quote: Summer
Well, usually each HP has its own bookmark order, it is better to follow it

But what about the recipe then? If you are told to make a dough with milk and yeast and sugar? Well, then it may be a completely different result ...
Yulia Yulka
Quote: WhiteAngel
But what about the recipe then?
I have HB Panasonic, I made the entire bookmark according to the instructions for it, on the "main" dough mode, after the signal, I took it out, kneaded it and in the cartoon for the "Yogurt" mode, for about half an hour, everything worked out)))
Andrey5757, thanks for the recipe.
The result is very tasty cheesecakes. Thanks for the recipe. They were clumsy, but I did everything in a hurry. A baby gives little to do.Cheesecakes with cottage cheese and raisins
I baked cheesecakes according to your recipe, it turned out very tasty. Thanks for the recipe. I thought it wouldn’t work, since I was baking baking for the first time, but everything went very well
How many good reviews! We must do it too!
Andrey5757, good day!
Yesterday I prepared cheesecakes with cottage cheese according to your recipe. He is wonderful, the buns turned out to be weightless, resilient, tasty.
I put the dough for 300 grams of flour in the HP on the "Pizza" mode, rose above the roof. Divided 70 grams per bun.
Thanks for the recipe, I immediately wrote it down in a notebook))

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