Blancmange curd

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Blancmange curd


cottage cheese 2 packs or 400 g
cream 20% 400 g
chocolate bar 100 g
gelatin 2 tbsp. l.
granulated sugar 1/2 stkn

Cooking method

  • Blancmange sounds complicated and aristocratic ... In reality, this is a very simple dessert made from any dairy products - cream, milk, sour cream with gelatin and your favorite fillings - fruits, nuts, etc. I have it with cottage cheese and chocolate. Whipped cottage cheese with half of the total amount of cream and sugar in a blender. In the rest of the cream, I soaked it until it swelled, and then, warming it up (not to a boil), dissolved the gelatin and added it to the curd-creamy mass. Whipped again. I poured it in half into two containers and added chocolate dissolved in a water bath to one of them. The form was filled, as in the manufacture of the well-known "Zebra" - a white spoon, a brown spoon. We send it to the refrigerator until it solidifies.

The dish is designed for

6 servings

Time for preparing:

with solidification - 1.5 hours


BLANMANGE is a generic name for opaque (non-fruit) jellies made with cream, milk, eggs, cereals (semolina) or flour on gelatin with added sugar, spices or flavors. The products that make up blancmange contain adhesives (milk casein, flour paste and cereals), so a little gelatin is added, which results in a more delicate texture than regular jelly.

Quote: nakapustina

dopleta , and what kind of form?

The mold is very old, made of food-grade plastic, not silicone, but I made it in silicone molds and in aluminum ones.
Quote: Tinka_tinka

Well, is it really possible to tease such a yummy? ..... I will definitely do it .... but I'll try it with agar suddenly ...

Do not translate agar in vain, I tried to shove it in blancmange, but it comes in lumps from contact with cold. Maybe I don't know how to work with agar?

And I left my recipe somewhere here.
Why do you need to work with the cold? All products should be at room temperature, pour over the agar with hot, almost boiling water in an amount of 50 ml for each gram (take 1 gram for every 250 g of mass), bring to a boil, stirring over low heat and simmer for 1 minute. Allow to cool to a warm (40C) state and add curd mass on a spoon to the agar

I made various cakes and tartlets with cottage cheese cream on agar ...
reason for editing: highlighting informative text
Alexandra, exactly. Agar sets very quickly. Therefore, in order for you to have more time to work with the soufflé, you need to keep all the ingredients as warm as possible. Went in lumps - it means that the agar has already frozen, and you continued to knead, so the soufflé "broke" ...
Larissa, my report) I was looking for sour cream blancmange on the forum, I saw your recipe, I designed it a little differently, judging by the small piece that fell off-yummyoooo) thanks!
Blancmange curd
Lena, I'm in awe - what a splendor! Immediately again, I wanted to blame it! Is there something to stir up with cedar milk?
Blancmange curdCottage cheese-chocolate blancmange with cedar milk

Actually, I have a lot of cream and ice-cream berries ... That's it, I went to the refrigerator, thank you, Helen, for the seduction!
just remembered ...
Everyone immediately remembers this Sens !
Sens, I like this film! Thank you for reminding)
Larissa, and again I am with the next report) the whole photo could not be taken, so the photo is only the side that is not torn yet. To the pink layer, I added syrup from homemade red currant jelly, to the chocolate layer, about half a bar of melted bitter Babaev's chocolate. I didn't wait for the white to harden well, so the pink mixed with the white. Everyone liked it, it seemed sweet, but without flour. She took the form by Khorsovskaya, put tangerines along a slice of tangerines into the recesses of the form, but they surfaced; pre-form greased 2 tbsp. l. water and 1 tbsp. l. vegetable oil, before serving for 15 seconds. immersed the mold in a container of hot water.
Blancmange curd
Blancmange curd
Lenochka, I'm delighted! The fact that pink and white mixed, even added beauty! And it glitters so deliciously! Of course, I also often do it, and also in different forms, and I also diversify the recipe - now I’m even ashamed of this terrible photo from the last decade.
Larissa, and I'm delighted with your photo, on the contrary, I want to try to make this kind, very beautiful stains, and they remind me of serving cheesecakes in modern cafes.
Thanks for your reaction, Merry Christmas! Light and kind!
PS Please write, how else can you diversify the color, without the use of artificial colors? And then I have nothing but pink and chocolate in my head.
Lena, natural dyes: beets, carrots, spinach, turmeric, saffron ...
dopleta, Elfa, Girls, what beauty have you created. Happy holiday to you.
And why haven't I seen this recipe before. The main eater flew to St. Petersburg in the morning.

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