Cookies "Curd Roses" with jam

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Cookies Cheese Roses with jam


Cottage cheese 200 g
(1 pack)
Margarine or butter 250 g
(1 pack)
Eggs 2 pcs.
1 tea spoon of baking soda + 1 tablespoon of vinegar
Flour 3 tbsp.
Vanilla sugar 1 sachet
Fruit jam, jam, confiture

Cooking method

  • Mix flour with softened butter or margarine, stir in eggs, soda with vinegar, cottage cheese and, if desired, vanilla sugar. You can add flour during kneading - the dough should be soft enough and not sticky to the hands and table.
  • Roll out a cake 0.5 cm thick from the resulting dough and brush with fruit jam, jam, confiture (which is at hand). It took me 1.5 half-liter jars of thick quince jam.
  • Roll up the roll and cut it across at a distance of about 2-2.5 cm.
  • Cover the heated baking sheet with baking paper. Lay out the "roses" and bake until tender.

The dish is designed for

14 pcs.

Today I tried this recipe, I was very interested in the idea with the filling ...
Several questions arose along the way. First, is sugar really not needed? Just in case, I poured in half a glass, but in the end it turned out, as for me, not sweet. Secondly, there is a lot of dough, 16 pieces - what is the size (in the photo, half have already been credited)? Jem took only half a half-liter can, and then when folding it was necessary to remove the extra. When slicing "roll" also appears. In general, you need a very thick filling IMHO. The result is not particularly photogenic, but still decided to expose it.
Cookies Cheese Roses with jam
Jefry, I am glad to answer all questions:
firstly: I really did not add sugar to the dough, but if you like it sweeter, then you can add it, you won't spoil it with sugar;
secondly: the size of my roses was ... impressive (I don't like to mess around for a long time). In the description I also wanted to write that 14 giant pieces.
At the expense of the filling - in front of me, too, stood at the beginning a half-liter jar of jam. I had to open one more, since it was clearly not enough to cover the entire surface. The jam was quince, very well boiled, sweet (that's why I didn't put sugar in the dough).
Well, that's all, perhaps.
Eat to your health!
Fresh with plum jam

Cookies Cheese Roses with jam
Lydia, Thank you! I'll bake tomorrow! You have turned out so delicious!
Bul, Baked? Happened?))

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